Business Ideas For Single Mom [Best Businesses In 2022]

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Business Ideas For Single Mom [Best Businesses In 2022]

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Home Based Business Ideas For Moms In India

Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms 2021

Business Ideas For Moms 2021

Home Based Business Ideas For Moms In India

Every mom is a superwoman. But a single mom is a one-man army. They are the sole provider and the nurturer of the family. They have to be on their toes from dawn to dusk without any moment of respite from this tedious routine. Yet, many single mothers come out winners and even set benchmarks for others to follow. Women have proved their mettle in diverse fields, yet for women who have to rear and nurture kids find it easier if they find an earning avenue that align well with their passion and allows them flexibility of time at the same time.

Being a small business owner during the pandemic has been a challenge, more so for a single mother. If you are a single mother and looking for some profitable business ideas, then this article is for you.

Single moms should attend an incubator crash course where they will learn how to create a business plan, how to test-market products, and most important how to sell them. Home-based businesses are ideal for single moms, because then they get to spend more time in their homes.

Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms 2021

As a single mom, here are some Best Side Business For Moms that you can consider:

1. Run a day-care centre

If you have a big multi-purpose hall in your home, you can run a day-care centre for kids whose parents are working. Though it involves a lot of hard work, the main benefit is that you will be at home with your child.  You can turn the hall into a play-room, paint the walls in bright colours and get some kids friendly furniture. Make sure to make the area absolutely safe for kids with low level furniture, soft and smooth edges, doors stoppers et al.

The timing for a day-care centre usually is from 8 A.M. in the morning to 6 P.M. in the evening. You have to provide the children with lunch and afternoon snacks, and you might have to keep a few helpers for that. You can also hire a private tutor to help the children in their home-work or studies, and charge extra for that.

You have to keep the carpets and floors scrupulously clean. You can keep a small table and chairs in your dining room for the little ones to have lunch. It is a good idea to teach them proper table manners like how to use a fork or a spoon for eating. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, you can place swings and slide there.

2. Freelance Writing

There are lots of small business ideas that will appeal to a creative person. Freelance writing is one such idea. As a freelance writer, you have to write for the web or for offline publications, and still be your own boss. Publishers of magazines, websites, newspapers and books, all employ freelance writers. Clients will give you the topics for the content with guidelines, and you have to write following their guidelines. The payment usually depends on the length of the article.

Blogs and content marketers employ the largest number of writers online. Freelance content writers also write sales copies, e-books, and text for graphics or podcasts.

Before you look for work, try to find out what genre would you like to write about. Is it a feature article that appeals to you? Or, is it an investigative news story that you will like most to write about? Also, identify a niche that pays well for example technical writing, B2B writing etc. Only after deciding your niche, should you pitch for work.

How much does a freelance content writer earn in India? Though it varies from person to person, the average monthly salary is usually between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 to begin with. However, if you amp up your writing skills and learn some marketing strategies, then sky is the limit for freelance writers.

3. Fashion Design

As a fashion designer you can choose between designing clothes and lifestyle accessories such as bracelets and necklaces.  First, you have to research about what will appeal to your target customers, and create a mood board. Then, you will have to make sketches of the garments that you would like to make and do some prototypes. You have to source the fabric and get it dyed or printed as per the requirement.

You can do the cutting and sewing yourself. You can have your designs screen-printed on the garments, and you can get your labels with your brand name attached to them. You can work as a freelance designer and work on a project-to-project basis for a variety of companies.

4. Pet Services Business

There are lots of new business ideas for animal lovers. There is a growing need for pet related products and services including pet-sitting, doggie day care, pet grooming, etc. If your children are old enough, they can help you in many of the tasks involved in running a pet-related service, such as walking or feeding dogs.

If you are deciding to board animals in your home, you may have to take some permits. If you have enough space in your garden or backyard, you can put kennels there and start a dog-boarding facility. People can come and drop their dogs at your place, and you can care for them for a certain period.

You have to ensure that the dogs are healthy and happy. You can provide pet day-care facilities for those owners who go for work, leaving their cuddly ones with you. You can provide a swimming pool to attract those customers who are looking for recreational activities for their pets.

5. Business of Home-baking

You have a penchant for baking, why not make a business out of it? You can focus on a specific type of baked goods such as cookies or cupcakes, or offer a personalised cakes and dessert table for special occasions. You can make sales directly out of your home to family and friends.

Since you already have a kitchen and knowledge of baking, this business is quite easy to start. There is always a market for good baked goods. There may be more demand than you can supply, and you may have to hire a help for that. To save money you should buy your ingredients like sugar in bulk from a supermarket, rather than from your neighbourhood grocery.

Make sure that you price your products efficiently. To get the pricing for your cupcakes right, you have to find exactly how much it costs to make one and then you can decide how much margin you want to keep. This is a kind of business that gains customers through word of mouth publicity. But once, you create your brand recall, you will have orders pouring in. and soon you might have to think about getting a full-fledged team to run your business.

6. Tutor or Instructor

Do you like teaching? There are business ideas for you also. As an academic tutor, you can teach one or more subjects to students. You can go to the homes of your students to teach, or they can come to your home. But with video-conferencing you can teach students anywhere around the world. For example, you can teach English to students of foreign countries.

Tutoring is a very satisfying profession because you will be helping students to improve their grades, or understand a difficult concept. You can start by giving home tuition to kids in the neighbourhood, along with maybe your own child. Later on, as your name spreads, you can start a coaching center business.  

If you are specialised in a specific skill like dance or swimming, you can be an instructor. If you are musically inclined, you can be a music instructor. Or, if you have qualifications or experience in computers, you can be a computer trainer and teach basic computer literacy to advanced concepts.

7. Ecommerce Business

During the lockdown when most of the retail outlets were closed down, online retail platforms cam as a respite for the customers as well as the sellers. According industry reports, the ecommerce industry in India is expected double in size by 2021. Thousands of local manufacturers and retailers have found the ecommerce platforms to be helpful in escalating their revenues. You have to research how suitable is the online platform where you want to sell your product. Whichever platform you choose, should have a strong goodwill and brand recall alongside ethical trade practices and ease of doing business.

The above ideas are doable and effective for the following reasons:

  • They can be managed by sitting at home.
  • They require minimum investment.
  • You don’t have to spend too much time on them.
Home Based Business Ideas For Moms In India

Business Ideas For Moms 2021

Nothing is impossible for a person who has a penchant for serving the customers. Yet for a woman who has to balance between work and parenting responsibilities single handedly, having a home-based business comes with some amount of respite along with financial independence and contentment. Here is more power to all mothers and a little more to the ones who are nurturing a business alongside their kids!

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