Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees And Customers [Useful Gifts]

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Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees And Customers [Useful Gifts]

Table of Contents:

Diwali Gifts For Employees

Useful Diwali Gifts

Best Diwali Gift For Employees

Diwali Gift Ideas For Office Staff

Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

Key Takeaways

FAQs On Diwali Gift For Office Staff

Diwali Gifts For Employees

Diwali is plausibly the greatest festival in India as far as festivities are concerned. Also known as the festival of lights it's celebrated across India in full zest. Also, Diwali is a pretty big occasion for various Corporate Companies and Organisations to build an emotional connection and bond with their staff, employees, clients and other such stakeholders with the help of Corporate Diwali Gifts. The choices for Diwali gift ideas for office staff are quite diverse.

In this blog, we will discuss about the ample amount of options available in the market that are best suited for various Corporate Diwali Gifts ideas & potential options for employees, clients, customers.

Useful Diwali Gifts

As we know, the festival of Diwali is almost here which means it’s time to get started with your Diwali gift for office staff. We often end up messing gifts as there are so many relatives, families, and friends to be included in the yearly gifting list. Speaking of which, our colleagues, clients, vendors, & acquaintances are mostly the ones with whom we spend most days in the year.

While most companies choose to gift their employees just for the sake of it and not because they ordinarily wish to, that's what shows the reality when they end up gifting anything useless in the name of something meaningful or useful Diwali gifts. But any company that genuinely cares for their bunch of staff, will surely gift them something that's not just for keepsakes but can be termed as the best Diwali gift for employees. But being an employer, if you're having a hard time deciding what gifts belong to the category of useful Diwali gifts for staff, then we've got you covered.

Best Diwali Gift For Employees

Let us begin our list with the top 10 Best Diwali gift for employees, that will guarantee a good impression:

1- Dry Fruits Assortments

Nothing says lavish like an assorted box of dry fruits. Apart from being healthy, their value in the market is excellent. A good basket consists of cashews, almonds, raisins, walnuts, pistachios, and many more.

2- Gift Cards or Gift Vouchers

Putting this on the second position as it has become one of the most popular corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees. It is not just thoughtful but useful to the employees and their families respectively.

3- Home Decor Item

Home Decorations Items and Feng-Sui hold a very special place in the heart of many employers as a thought and useful Diwali gift. Decor items based on Vastu indicate good luck, fortune, happiness, and health amongst numerous other benefits.

4- Indian Sweets

Even though this tops every other gift list, Indian sweets are the safest option one can go with. May it be Ladoos or Kaju Katli, every Indian has a weakness for these delicacies.

5- Handcrafted Chocolates

Chocolates are a way to almost everyone's heart, and homemade or handmade ones are a win-win situation in corporate Diwali gifting.

6- Work From Home Furniture

Since the Pandemic hit India in 2020, most companies have taken up the Work from Home policy permanently. Gifting ergonomic pieces of furniture like- chairs, tables, laptop stands, etc. are a thoughtful and useful Diwali gift.

7- Sanitiser and Mask Kit

A total need for the hour style gift would be the COVID Precaution kit. With so many homegrown companies preparing custom reusable masks and flavoured sanitisers, this gift is something you can't go wrong with.

8- Home Appliances

An economical home utility appliance will get your employees household chores done quicker, and in a way, better way than your employee could've gotten it done. Hence, a microwave, electric kettle, coffee maker, iron plus ironing board, etc. would make the best Diwali gift for employees.

9- Cutlery or Cookware

Since the work from home started, many people have learnt the art of cooking, hence, making them more acquainted with fancy cooking or baking pieces of equipment could be an amazing Diwali gift for employees.

10- Executive Gift Combos

Most of these combos include corporate daily use gifts like- a watch, wallet, stylish tie, cuff links, keychain, etc. This could be the perfect corporate diwali gift ideas for employees.

Diwali Gift Ideas For Office Staff

Let us check out some other Diwali gift ideas for office staff that can make that impression-

  • Luggage Bags- A delightful and useful Diwali gift that will serve as a long term product for all your employees.
  • Fancy Glassware- Glasses are fancy, classy, sophisticated, and a priced possession for every Indian family. May it be wine or family style glass set, this impressive gift is a go-getter.
  • Company Watches- Who doesn't love watches? And a company logo-engraved or customised watch goes a long way as a sweet reminder and a useful Diwali gift.
  • Electronic Gadgets- Tech accessories have expanded their market heavily in the corporate area. From smartwatches to ear buds, endless Diwali gifting options can be explored in gadgets and gizmos.
  • Scented Candles- A fancy and fragrant gift that takes all your stress could be a favourite of many of your employees. You can gift a set or mix and match with their flavours ranging from Vanilla to Lavender.

Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

Apart from our top list here are some other things that can definitely make their place in your Diwali Gifts For Employees:

  1. Online Streaming Platform Subscription- Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Zee5, etc.
  2. Lucky Plants- These include Bonsais, succulents, Bamboos and many more.
  3. Comforters- Blankets, quilts, or Dohars make an amazing gift since Winter hits real fast after Diwali.
  4. Kitchen Utilities- Microwave Utensils, Serve ware, Tableware, Dinner Sets, and more are valuable options for Diwali gifting.
  5. Gift Hampers- Mix and match with dry fruits, chocolates, cookies, alcoholic beverages, cocktails and more with exclusive Diwali Hampers.

Perfumes, Home fresheners, Diffusers are some of the other Diwali gift ideas for office staff that can be comfortably experimented with.

Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

Key Takeaways

Although, if you are gifting for the first time our advice would be to stick to the basics and don't go overboard with such Diwali gifts for employees, that might have no meaning or lose their worth sooner or later. A Diwali gift can be either useful or fun, but to beat the middle ground try going for the food-based options stated above. Especially sweets, dry fruits, and chocolates are the most loved Diwali gift by Indian people.

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FAQs On Diwali Gift For Office Staff

Q. What do you give employees for Diwali?

Ans- These are some of the top-rated Useful Diwali Gifts for Employees:

  1. Executive Combo Gifts
  2. Chocolates/ Indian Sweets Box
  3. Crockery/Cutlery or Cookware
  4. Home Utility Appliances
  5. Watches
  6. Travelling Items
  7. Gift Cards or Gift Vouchers
  8. Latest Gadgets and gizmos
  9. Dry fruits Gift Basket
  10. Home Decor Items
  11. Scented Candles
  12. Grooming Kit

Q. What kinds of gifts are appropriate for businesses to give clients and customers during the holiday season?

Ans- Some of the best gifts that are appropriate for businesses to give include Assorted coffees or tea kits, gift baskets, chocolates, calendars, and gift cards like- Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, etc.

Q. Which gift is best for customer?

Ans- Some of the best Diwali gift for employees in 2021 are:

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Dry fruits Assortment
  • Chocolates Box
  • Luggage Bags
  • Earphones/ Earbuds, etc.
  • Home Appliances
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Power Banks

Q. What are the best ideas for corporate gifting?

Ans- Some of the best corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees are:

  1. Copper Water Bottle or Insulated Thermos
  2. Office Bags
  3. Grooming and Wellness Gift set
  4. Coffee Mugs
  5. E-Vouchers

Q. What is a professional gift for Diwali?

Ans- The top 5 professional Diwali gift ideas for office staff are:

  • Diwali Sweets like- Dry fruits and Chocolate Boxes
  • Corporate Plants like Bamboo
  • God Idols
  • Personalised Corporate Gifts like- Mugs, T-shirts, Sippers, Keychains, etc.
  • Gift Cards- Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Q. What gifts can be given to employees?

Ans- These are some of the ideal Diwali gifts for employees- E-Gift Vouchers, Care Package, Festive Gift Hampers, Earphones, Books, Card Games, Customised Mugs, etc.

Q. Which are the best corporate gifts to provide to client?

Ans- Some of the top corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees include:

  1. Professional Notebooks
  2. Toiletry Pouch
  3. Exotic Gift Baskets
  4. Tea Blends or Coffee Box
  5. Power Banks
  6. Kindle
  7. Bluetooth Speakers
  8. Bar Kit
  9. Baked Goods
  10. Self-Heating Mug

Q. Can an employer give a gift card to an employee?

Ans- In general gift cards for employees are considered cash equivalent objects. Like cash, you have to include gift cards in every employee's taxable income, regardless of how little the value of the gift card is. You can exclude gift cards you give your employees for a specific item of minimal value.

Q. How much can you gift an employee without paying taxes?

Ans- Generally Indian companies make it a policy for useful Diwali gifts whose limits generally remain around Rs. 5000 for the majority of the employees, but the limit occasionally expands for employers who are in a senior position. Even gifts between vendors and clients are never exceptionally priced within a small or specific price range.

Q. Are small gifts to employees taxable?

Ans- Employee gifts have to be taxed and included on the company's year-end tax forms unless they qualify as de minimis benefits, are presented as performance awards, or are given with no business objective.