Serenity Beach Bazaar, Pondicherry - Why you should visit?

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Serenity Beach Bazaar, Pondicherry - Why you should visit?

If you get to travel anywhere in India, we're sure the prime market in the destination city shall pop into your must-visit list. When on vacation, who goes back home without shopping, right? And if you're an enthusiastic collector of artifacts, and all things antique, handicraft shops are your travel hotspots. Those beautiful metal pieces, exotic pottery stalls, antique jewellery, etc, sound no less than Alibaba's cave for your inner travel bug.

You would feel a similar excitement while moving around Delhi's Sarojini Nagar markets, Mumbai Crawford's Market or Kolkata's Esplanade, Bangalore's Commercial Market road, or for that matter, the famous Serenity Market or Sunday market located on the beach at Pondicherry.

Have you ever wondered what is so outstanding about these markets? What is it that makes them an attractive visiting area for tourists?

Wondering why Serenity Beach Bazaar is a favourite shopping spot in Pondicherry?

If you're asked about prime markets in Pondicherry, chances are that Serenity Beach Bazaar will cross your mind.

It offers antiquities and traditional items at a unique weekend handicrafts market that is put up between 10 am and 5 pm. The traditional village market that puts up mesmerising creations by local artisans is a prime hotspot for foreigners.

Surrounded by relaxing natural aesthetics, this market is the highlight of the beautiful Beach City Pondicherry (or Puducherry).

The factors that mark Serenity Beach Bazaar as among the best markets in Pondicherry are many. It is a commercial area that sets an ideal example for small business owners on the kinds of products one can consider selling. Handicrafts, jewellery, rustic beach clothes, wall-hangings, and whatnot. Think unique and you'll find your favourite artifact posing on the shelves of one of the stores.

Established when Pondicherry was a French colony, the handicrafts shops, local wine stores, and bakeries located here are show-stoppers Funky clothes, lip-smacking street food joints and much more, this market area is a colourful ensemble of all things exotic.

Why should you pay a visit to Serenity Beach Bazaar out of all markets in Pondicherry?

These are a few attractive spots that are present within the Serenity Beach Bazaar Pondicherry. The popularity of this market traces its origin to these vintage shops in this area that make it a favourite shopping spot in the city. When in Pondicherry, you definitely can't miss out on visiting this popular Serenity Beach Bazaar and walk through these locations:

1. Pottery lane:

A lane that features exquisite pottery and stalls by coastal artisans, this is a sport that gets eyeballs rolling. The clay and ceramic items sold at the Serenity Beach Bazaar are irresistible and quite captivating.

2. Book Stores at Serenity Beach Bazaar:

Located in a cosy corner of the Serenity Beach Bazaar, this is a reader's heaven, with a rich assortment of many important non-academic and academic books.

3. Street Food Eateries:

This spot is a popular place for all foodies. From Portuguese and French bistros to lovely coastal seafood restaurants, this bazaar has a plethora of the most lip-smacking food options in the city compared to other different markets in Pondicherry. Travelling without feasting isn't even considered travelling. And these food joints do justice to the entire experience of visiting Pondicherry.

4. Jewellery, clothes, and Antique stall at the Serenity Beach Bazaar:

These few stalls have a very trendy collection of extremely pocket-friendly beach clothes, jewellery, and cool artifacts. It's the best place to collect souvenirs. Some old, some new, you'll find a vibrant stock of all things fancy that you'll crave to shop during your Pondicherry visit.

If you ever get to visit Pondicherry's Serenity Beach Bazaar, you'll be mesmerised at the sight of this colourful stretch of vibrant items. It would be as enchanting as an elaborately themed park. There are very interesting box carts that sell pretty dresses and tops for women. Besides, Serenity Beach Bazaar also has a few outlets of chic jewellery and accessories, making it an ideal stop for shoppers of all kinds. These aspects make this bazaar the best tourist market in Pondicherry.

5. Relaxing spaces at Serenity Beach Bazaar:

Bars, lounges, fancy restaurants that serve drinks, one can find all of these here in Serenity Beach Bazaar. This Beach Bazaar has a lot of the most popular joints for the young crowd that visits Pondicherry. This famous market in Pondicherry mainly caters to all the enthusiastic and young crowd who more often than not look for places where they can sip on their favourite cocktails and beer and chill out with their friends or even alone. Isn't it like the perfect dream beach, dangling fairy lights and offering chilled glasses of your favourite drink to relax? No wonder this place is one of the best markets in Pondicherry.

Suggestions for someone who wants to start a new Small Business at the Serenity market:

If you're someone who's planning to start a new business, you'll need to keep various considerations in mind. Here is a rundown of a few:

  • Capital
  • Locality
  • Presence of resources
  • Customer base
  • Existing market trends
  • Consumers’ demands
  • According to the prevailing customer demand, new business owners can choose the type of product they want to sell. If you observe the various kinds of shops that are located at Serenity Beach Bazaar, new entrepreneurs can gather a lot of Insight regarding the existing market trends and consumer behaviour.
  • Opening a business here in Serenity Beach Bazaar gives you good exposure to tough competition. However, at the same time, it also gives you an equal opportunity to excel and sell the best quality of products.
  • Starting a business at Serenity Beach Bazaar is however a costly affair as this is one of the most prime locations among the commercial sports around Pondicherry. If you manage funds, and work around your other expenses, spending a little extra to grab a spot in this locality would be worth it.
  • The only thing that can be a major challenge is the soaring rent and property prices. Even renting a place for your business can affect your pocket, let alone buying one. Hence you should plan your capital well before renting a shop. The best idea would be to put up a stall as the rent is cheaper and it will be easier for you to shift spots. Having a permanent store may make it difficult to change your location based on the crowd.
handicrafts hanging on front of a shop


Pondicherry is no less than Goa and is considered one of the best beach cities in India. Consequently, a lot of foreign tourists stay here. It hosts a variety of historically significant places of heritage as well as beautiful natural surroundings. Lush green streets and magnificent rock beaches, this is a dream destination for beach and nature lovers. Many factors make Pondicherry a hotspot for flourishing new businesses. The city also exposes them at a global level due to the influx of foreigners and the presence of important ports. The Serenity Beach Bazaar Pondicherry is the most popular among all Pondicherry markets. There are many avenues for new businesses in this locality. One benefit that they'll have is the versatility of customers to cater to. This requires new business owners to carefully study and analyse the demand and consumer behaviour prevailing in the area.

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Q. What types of businesses will be able to flourish at Serenity Beach Bazaar?

Ans. Serenity Beach Bazaar has a lot of exciting opportunities. You can open bookstores, eating joints, clothes, jewellery or accessories shops and much more.

Q. Is Serenity Beach Bazaar a good place to start a business?

Ans. Yes, It is one of the prime locations and is a good place to open new businesses.

Q. How much is the rent of a shop at Serenity Beach Bazaar?

Ans. Being the prime location shop at Pondicherry, the commercial rent here is quite high.

Q. What are the other prime markers in Pondicherry?

Ans. There are other prime market areas in Pondicherry. Nehru Street, beach lane, pottery market, etc are some well-known market areas.

Q. What kind of customers mainly visit Serenity Beach Bazaar?

Ans. Serenity Beach Bazaar hosts most of the young tourist crowd from various cities in India as well as many foreigners.