What are the Best Productivity Hacks of Startup CEOs?

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What are the Best Productivity Hacks of Startup CEOs?

India has become a home to startups, especially after the Make In India movement initiated by the Government. A serious drift of professionals has been seen from jobs to businesses. This has been equally good and bad in terms of the economic stability of the country. But before we dive deeper into the subject, let’s first understand what productivity exactly means.

What is Productivity?

In simple words, productivity means the scale on which we can measure one’s efficiency with the help of capital and efforts put into work and output obtained. In other words, it is a measure of efficiency obtained by production. It means that a productive CEO will be able to finish a fair amount of work in a stipulated time. Now that we know the meaning of productivity, let’s focus on startups.

What does a Startup mean?

It is a newly established business found by entrepreneurs to launch an innovative idea or unique product or service in the market. Usually, a project can begin with a small to medium range of funding. This funding is managed from savings, family, or friends many times.

Present Day Scenario

Given the current situation, many startups open enthusiastically, but they also shut down immediately. It has been found through a recent survey conducted worldwide that around 90% of startups do not flourish. A CEO is burdened with numerous responsibilities of building the product or service, raising funds, looking at sales, customer care, marketing, handling the business, etc. If one fails to handle all of this effectively, obviously, they may face anxiety, depression, and a feeling of being left behind. This feeling can directly reduce productivity.

But, being CEO of a startup, one need not have to confront so much struggle. To avoid this difficulty, let’s learn more about some productivity hacks that can enable you to get more work done in less time.

1. Short-term and Long-term goals

Goals can be written in 2 categories, i.e. short-term like the next day or the next week and long-term goals like the next quarter or the next year. You can chalk out lists to increase productivity in a structured time frame. The lists help you to focus on smaller things that lead to bigger goals. They help you organise the targets for each day. And the moment you strike off a task, you feel satisfied and energised to complete the other things on the list. It is a good habit to make a to-do list every night when you are free. This way, one shall understand beforehand what has to be done every day.

At the same time, do not make the mistake of writing many unnecessary things on the list. Because a long list will either make you eager in the morning or irritated at the end of the evening, it can happen, as only if some tasks would be ticked off.

So, here’s what one can do for creating an easy-to-do list. Jot down three most important tasks to be completed in a day or the upcoming week. Once done, you will know that your day was productive. And when you complete smaller tasks and meet short-term goals automatically, you pave the way towards achieving long-term goals.

2. Do not try multitasking

Yes, you need to avoid doing multiple things at once. Multitasking is when your mind switches from one task to the next. But you might feel that multitasking is one such quality that every CEO or founder must-have. Unfortunately, that’s not the truth. A recent report says that multitasking slows down the brain and it kills productivity.

Thus we would like to highlight one thing here that you should concentrate on one task at a time and give your complete 100% attention to it. It increases productivity enormously.

3. Prioritise calls and messaging

It is one such hack that shouldn’t be understated. One doesn’t need to answer every call and reply to messages right away. When at work, you can imbibe a habit of prioritising the calls and messages to be answered. If it’s urgent and important only then answer or reply. Suppose it is possible to avoid it. Do it. This shall give you time to use it for more productive work. You must try doing this, and you shall see the difference in work you can complete when you aren’t disturbed.

4. Keep track of time

This trick will help you neutralise the time you spend on a task. Do you use up a lot of time reading online posts or news articles? Or maybe keep checking social media feeds every 20 minutes. Then you need to keep track of how much time you invest in this and try to limit it. If you do not track it the scrolling on news feeds might go on for hours, and you might lose so much quality time.

5. An organised and comfortable workspace

Work becomes more comfortable when your desk or room is well organised. Shuffling between piles of sheets to get the right one will not be the scene if you declutter your workspace. You should invest some quality time and also some money in setting up good and fast computers to speed up your work. Also creating a comfortable and motivating atmosphere at work will keep productivity high. But all of this needs to be done without spending a bomb.

6. Say a ‘NO’, politely

Imbibe the habit in yourselves to say a NO. It seems complicated at the beginning. But you can easily manage. It’s impossible being a CEO to please everyone and finish all your projects in time. You should learn to deny friends and family who seek attention during work hours as this kills your productivity. That does not mean you should stop helping people. You can share their load only when you are done with yours. If you are busy and someone asks for help, refuse politely and take it up when you are free. Apply this trick in your day to day life, and you shall feel the difference.

7. Be fit and sleep well

Regular exercises keep your body fit and flexible. And a sound mind resides only in a fit body. Thus if you wish to increase your productivity levels, go for a run, hit the gym, or do some yoga. Burn those calories and release the anxiety. Also getting sound and undisturbed sleep is essential. As a study proves, one can go without food and water but not without proper sleep and rest. Thus take proper sleep so that you are rejuvenated the next day to work harder.  

Now let’s see what some successful CEOs around the world have got to say on this.

  • Dustin Moskovitz - Co-founder of Facebook and Asana:

Dustin follows a simple rule, i.e. to keep one day of the week meetings free. Even his employees follow the same principle. He utilises this day to scrutinise codes and also check off some other important tasks that give way to productivity.

  • Brain Halligan - CEO and Co-founder of Hubspot:

This is one of Brain’s favourite hacks. He keeps all Wednesdays work from home. This is to give more relaxation to the ever working brain. This relaxation works in increasing productivity by generating new ideas that can be brainstormed with the team.

  • Jeff Bezos - CEO and Founder of Amazon:

Every meeting conducted in Amazon’s office has a chair vacant. Isn’t that surprising? Yes, this is their regular practice. The vacant chair is kept considering that a customer is occupying it. This keeps all your decisions and strategies customer-centric. And this gives a different satisfaction that increases productivity.

Now that you have read and understood the best hacks that we described and also followed by the world’s famous CEOs, you can derive your strategies. And planning these hacks correctly and involving them in your daily routine will make a huge difference in increasing your productivity at work. And we are sure these hacks will come in handy as they are practical and have an easy approach in blending them into a CEO’s life. Thus we feel that by reading this article, all your queries are now sorted.

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Q. How to increase personal productivity?

Ans: It can be increased by focusing on short-term and then long-term goals.

Q. Can sleeping less make me more productive?

Ans: No, sleeping less will make you tired and less productive. Proper sleep will keep your energy levels high and increase productivity.

Q. Does delegation increase productivity?

Ans: Yes, you must delegate work properly to get the job done from the apt person. Everything cannot be managed by you alone.

Q. Is Yoga helpful in increasing productivity?

Ans: Yes, Yoga is an acceptable form of workout that keeps your mind and body relaxed, thus, increasing productivity.