Best YouTube Channel Ideas In 2022 [YouTube Niche Ideas]

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Best YouTube Channel Ideas In 2022 [YouTube Niche Ideas]

Youtube is the second most visited website in the world. YouTube was launched in the year 2005, and since then, it has taken over the internet. YouTube is the thing now. This open platform gives a voice to everyone to showcase the world.

The popularity of YouTube is astonishing.  Every minute there are approximately 300 hours of videos uploading, and every day 5 billion videos are watched. With the popularity of YouTube, now people are turning it into full-time jobs. You earn handsome money as Youtubers. Earlier it was a myth to make money by making videos, but now people are doing it for real. YouTube Pays a handsome amount for the content you create.

Doesn't it sound amazing that you can earn through your video content? The process seems simple. You make the video, edit it and post it on the YouTube channel, but the task doesn’t end here. It is important to know your niche to make the best youtube channel. A lot depends on choosing the right niche. You don’t know what works on YouTube, so thorough research is essential before you start your YouTube channel. Most importantly, knowing the right niche is very important to make the best youtube channel.

Let’s take the example of some famous YouTubers. Ryan, a 7-year-old kid, has 18 million subscribers, His channel is The Ryan Toys review channel, and his niche is toys review. His reviews turned into the best youtube business ideas for him.  You will be shocked to know that he owned a revenue of $22 Million in 2018. He chose his niche as a toy review channel, and it worked for him. Similarly, American Youtuber, entrepreneur, and singer Jeffree Star chose his niche as makeup and had a revenue of $17 million.

Choosing the right niche depends a lot on the success of your YouTube channel. While some of you already know your niche. Say, for example, you are a dancer, and you select your niche as dance or are good in DIYs and go forward with that. But then there are some of you who are confused as to which youtube channel idea to choose:

Choosing the right niche depends on the following:

1. Your interest

Of course, your interest depends a lot on selecting the right niche. You have to choose a topic that you are keen to turn your youtube business idea into the most popular youtube channel. Also, you have to go forward with it for a very long duration once you take it. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you select your niche, and when time goes by, you tend to get bored with it. It shouldn’t happen. You need to work on the categories you are fond of and select the one that rightly suits you. If you are not interested in your niche, then your audience will never be interested in your content.

2. Knowledge

Next important point while selecting the right niche is your knowledge on the topic. There are hundreds of similar youtube business ideas. You need to come up with new business ideas. That will happen when you have a thorough knowledge of the topic. The audience is no fool. They easily make out which is original and which is copied. So, choose your niche on which you have some real knowledge, and by sharing it, the audience will gain some benefit too.

3. Demand

Without demand, there is no use of supply. You need to know the demand for your youtube business idea. This is important if you want to make money out of it and make it the most popular youtube channel. Your hobby can be your niche, but you need to know the market value and your unique way to present to the audience. There are online portals to check the rank of the niches. You can check them and select yours.

4. Competition

Knowing your competition is important. This happens in every business. You always need to keep an eye on your competition. Same in the case of selecting your niche, you need to know who your competition is. If the topic is oversaturated, it will be challenging to rank yourself. Niches that have high demand and little competition work better so as to make the best youtube channels.

In case you are still figuring out which niche to pick, below are the most profitable top 10 YouTube Channel niches:

1. Gadget review

We tend to go for reviews before purchasing an electronic device. Watching and reading articles on review helps to make an informed decision. If you are sound in explaining complex features to your viewers, this is great for your youtube business idea.

2. Unboxing

This is one of the most preferred and one of the best niches. The audience also loves to watch this kind of video. You can simply unpackage the item and keep on sharing the details of what’s in store. Based on the skills of your sharing details, you can get views to your channel.

3. Gaming

Gaming channels are very popular. Be it assemblages of gaming minutes, live streams on gaming or surveys on gaming- this youtube business idea is really a good one. Gaming channels are one of the best youtube channels nowadays.  Whether it is about assisting an individual gamer beating a complex level in a game- this can be your niche for your youtube business idea.

4. Food/Cooking

Food is a relishing item. And it looks tempting when seen on screen. If you are good with food, then this can be your niche. You can provide expertise in this Youtube business idea. Right from cooking, eating, and tasting bizarre foreign foods – it’s all very entertaining. Even food reaction videos have very good viewership.

5. Travel

If you are a travel enthusiast, then this can be your niche. Not all people can travel everywhere and anywhere. But you can make them through your travel stories and make your best youtube channels. You can pick this niche and show them the side of the world which they haven’t seen or imagined about. Although to choose this niche, you also need some good cash in your pocket. But no need to worry once your channel gets a wing; you can make your travel expenses on your sponsors.

6. Life hacks

This is one of the most popular youtube channels. These videos are so interesting that you can go on watching them for hours. Life hacks videos show such simple and appealing ways to mender things that you don't want to skip. It is one of the best for youtube business ideas.

7. Fitness/Health

Not everyone hits the gym. Some of us click Youtube as an alternative to exercise at home. It is one of the best niches to make the best youtube channel. Almost everyone prefers youtube for any fitness tip. So, if you are a fitness trainer or a nutritionist, you can open your channel and share some healthy living tips. This niche shares all about good health, exercise, and nutrition.

Video content with woman doing makeup tutorial

8. Makeup / Beauty/ Fashion

This is one of the largest youtube communities and one of the most popular youtube channel ideas. There are thousands of creators showcasing their talent. Right from beauty, fashion, style, haircare, everything related to fashion and lifestyle includes here. Beau-tubers are some of the primary online influencers today and are celebrities by their excellence.

9. Humour

Do you have the knack to make people laugh. If yes, then here you go. If you have the ability to turn everything into humour, then this can be one best Youtube business idea. Humour can be in any form, an act, a parody drama; if you are someone who can make anyone laugh, pick it as your niche and start creating your content.

10. Entertainment

This niche entirely depends on your talent. If you are a struggling artist, chefs, entertainers, you should pick this as your youtube business idea and start your channel. This can also be one of the most popular Youtube channels because people love entertainment. You may showcase your entertainment abilities and connect the audience with you. You never know your channel may become the next best youtube channels.

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FAQs on YouTube Channel Ideas

Q. Which are the top 3 channels in YouTube that make the most money?

Ans. According to Forbes, these three channels were the top on YouTube from June 2017 to June 2018:

  • Ryan's World, $22 million (22.4 million subscribers)
  • Jake Paul, $21.5 million (19.7 million subscribers)
  • Dude Perfect, $20 million (47.1 million subscribers)

Q. How many subscribers are required to get paid on YouTube?

Ans. As per the YouTube Partner Program requirements, you need to have 1000 subscribers to monetise your YouTube account.

Q. What youtube niche ideas have the maximum CPM?

Ans. Insurance, trading, Real estate, stock market, and hosting providers commonly have maximum CPM.