What are some business ideas for Women in Maharashtra?

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What are some business ideas for Women in Maharashtra?

The contribution of women entrepreneurs to the country's GDP is 18%. Today, women have come at par with males in every aspect. However, the fact can't be ignored that the rise of women's business in India is comparatively lower than in other nations. Fortunately, business ideas for ladies are bringing a change and contributing to building a progressive society.

Everyone has a unique set of talents or skills. The need is to identify one's potential and convert it into a business opportunity. A business idea for a woman can be life-changing and help them attain financial freedom and boost their confidence.

This article highlights various potential entrepreneurial ideas that can help women make it big in the business world.

1. Crèche/Day Care Services

Opening Crèche or Daycare is one of the best business ideas in Maharashtra, indeed. The state is home to several companies, and hence there are large numbers of working mothers needing daycare services for their kids. Seize the opportunity and start this business right from your home.

Skills required – Decision-making skills, excellent communication skills, monitoring skills, creative thinking, and leadership skills.

How to get started –  You may start by obtaining a daycare centre license and then create a business plan. Next, find a good location for your business and buy the things required to set up the business, such as play equipment, art supplies, child care supplies, toys, food (snacks/meals for kids), and cleaning supplies. If you have a restricted budget, deck up space with toys and other playful elements as you would do for your kids.

various perfume bottles

2. Perfume Selling Business

Starting a fragrance business is lucrative and the best business in Maharashtra. To build a profitable perfume business, you need to have both business and artistic approaches. Plus, you should have a passion for experimenting with different scents and essential oils required for creating perfumes.

Skills required – Strong knowledge of various fragrance ingredients, good sense of scents, laboratory skills, teamwork, time management, and teamwork skills.

How to get started - Get started to learn skills about investing in new perfumes, with searching lifestyle magazines, forum sites, social networks, and online communities to collect information about the different materials required for perfume making, wholesale suppliers offering those materials, and target audience.

After collecting the required information, shortlist the perfume varieties you'll put up for sale. Next, create your e-commerce site where you can set up your online store. Plus, create profiles of your target customers and market your product according to their choice and preferences.

You may spread the word about your new venture among your friends, family, and other contacts. Focus on both online and offline advertising for the speedy growth of your perfume business.

3. Image Consultant

If you have the talent to present yourself well, you can consider building a career in Image Consultancy. If yes, then it's time to earn using this talent as many other women and men looking for experts can be guided with various aspects of self-presentation.

As an image consultant, your job would be to help your clients shop and give them a trendy makeover and personality development tips. You'll have to help them in dressing according to their taste and body type. It is one of those small business ideas for women that require zero initial investment.

Skills required – You need outstanding communication skills, public speaking skills, and confidence-building skills, knowledge of the latest fashion trends, body language expertise, and interpersonal skills.

How to get started – You can get started with a nominal investment of INR 30,000- INR 40,000. The main things that you would require initially are mirrors, colour swatches, makeup, magazines, and fashion books.

Besides, you need to actively research the latest fashion trends, women's/men's preferences, and the market. Network in civic and professional organisations and introduce yourself and your business to event planners, wedding consultants, and others who can lead potential clients.

4. Urban Gardening Expert

It is one of the most popular and promising side business ideas for ladies. With more and more people starting to acknowledge the importance of indoor green spaces and gardens, the demand for professional Gardeners has increased extensively.

It counts among the highly profitable business ideas in Maharashtra, where professionals work on installing planters in the homes. In other words, as an Urban Gardening professional, you'll be responsible for beautifying the properties of the clients.

Skills required – To execute a business idea for a woman, you need to know organic products, natural pesticides, organic gardening, and pest management. Strong knowledge of horticulture and plants is important.

How to get started – It is a profitable business for ladies sitting at home but to be successful at it, you will have to do proper market research and get details of the local plant suppliers. They can help you in sourcing different plant varieties. Besides, you'll need a leaf blower, power mower, seed spreader, edger, fertiliser spreader, sprayer, rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools.

You'll also need to arrange a pick-up truck or a small trailer for carrying things to the project site. Initially, you can get leads from architects, commercial customers, contractors, and real estate developers involved in building new homes or renovating the old ones.

group of people doing yoga

5. Meditation and Yoga Instructor

People have started prioritising exercise and a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and active. Activities like daily exercise, yoga, dance, and aerobics have gained prominence among individuals. If you are an expert in any of these, you can consider this home business for ladies, and you're your mark in the healthcare industry.

Skills required – Yoga Certification, First Aid/CPR certification, knowledge in fitness, health, meditation, Chakra System, and Pranayama, administration skills, and business skills.

How to get started - Women who have little or no knowledge of the field may sign up for professional meditation and yoga and make money as yoga gurus and meditation trainers. It is the best business in Maharashtra as you can open meditation or yoga at your home and start training sessions for the individuals living in your locality.

Concluding Word

So this was all about feasible and innovative business ideas for women in Maharashtra. Choosing any of the above will help you build a prosperous and successful career. Aspiring Indian women entrepreneurs entering the male-dominated business world seek financial independence and look forward to living their passion and dream.

Small-scale business for ladies empowers them to make a mark in the industry of their choice, be it machinery, software development, or any other. The key is to play smart and use advanced technology to attain success in your field. For example, you can reduce your manual work by using a mobile sourced solution like OkCredit for maintaining a digital record of payment or credit transactions. Handy applications like these lessen the burden of accounts maintenance and make business management more efficient and easier.

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Q. What basic skills do I need to start my business in Maharashtra?

Ans. To become a successful businesswoman, you should possess planning skills, money management capability, industry knowledge/experience, team management, and leadership skills. Plus, you should also have the capability of determining the unique requirements of your target audience.

Q. Is it necessary to build a business plan when starting a business in Maharashtra?

Ans. It is important to create a business plan and list your objectives and goals before starting your business. Besides, list down your marketing goals, financial needs, and methodologies to check the feasibility of your plans.

Q. How easy is it to do business in Maharashtra?

Ans. Maharashtra offers endless opportunities to small businesses for both men and women because of the state's vastness. You can consider either sole proprietorship or partnership for the business. Fortunately, it is easy to start a business here. However, you need to be dedicated and passionate about the business you choose to establish in the state, irrespective of the city/area you choose to start. Determine your target audience, market competition, initial investment value, and other important factors relevant to the business.

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