What are some business ideas for Women in Sikkim?

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What are some business ideas for Women in Sikkim?

Lush green pastures, ice-clad mountain peaks, clear blue skies, and tiny, little friendly inhabitants make Sikkim a subtropical, bio diversified, and ravishing place to be.

Sikkim is a tiny landlocked picturesque state of North-Eastern India that resides in the gigantic Himalayas. It is the second smallest after Goa and the least populous state in the country. Sikkim and its kingdom were founded by the Namgyal dynasty in the 17th century. But the modern-day’s Sikkim is multi-lingual and multi-ethnic. The citizens here speak English, Sikkimese, Nepali, and Lepcha. The ethnic groups that unify Sikkim are Lepchas, Nepales, and Bhutias.

Its fertile land supports largely to be an agrarian state that yields Cardamom, Tea, and Rice.

The sex ratio of this state is 889 females per 1000 males, making it dynamic and important for women to work and shoulder equal responsibility to upscale a family. We shall be shortly discussing business ideas for a woman that can empower them personally and professionally too.

With increased tourism in place, it is transforming itself into a smarter, wiser, and developing state of the country. The culture, traditions, biodiversity, and natural scenic beauty invites thousands of travellers to plan a trip and savour its splendid magnificence. But it’s equally true that Sikkim is the third-smallest GDP among the other states of India. Thus, to increase the GDP and create a stable economy, let’s delve into some unique, simple, and helpful best business in Sikkim. The organic landscape of Sikkim can definitely brew some brilliant ideas that can lead to small business ideas for housewives.

1. Tea on the Go

A state that cultivates and harvests its own leaves of fresh, fragrant, and strong tea can turn it into a profitable business for ladies sitting at home. Every woman in India knows how to brew the best tea and can add her own variations. So why not transform this simple idea into a small-scale business. Women in Sikkim are well-versed with the tea that is hand-picked by themselves at times. Thus, starting a tea corner near a busy and famous tourist spot can be an affordable small scale business for ladies. Needless to say, adding variants to it can attract many travellers on the go, starting with cardamom tea, masala tea, black tea, lemon tea, etc. An Indian traveller can never say a no to a steaming hot cup of tea infused with naturally grown tea leaves and magical herbs.

2. Food for Soul

The cuisine of Sikkim is quite luring as the flavours linger on from Nepal and Tibet. The dishes are a perfect blend of the ethnic communities of Sikkim, i.e. the Lepcha, Bhutias, and Tibetan. The food that Sikkimese relishes is mostly made from rice and organic ingredients from the deep forests like Nakima(wild lily), Ningro(Fern), and Bass ko Tusa(bamboo-shoots). Their finger-licking delicacies like Sel Roti, Sha Phaley, Sishnu ko Soup, and of course Momo are healthy, rich, and famous too. Cooking these dishes can be perfect homemade business ideas for women. A person visiting for work or leisure will surely look for delicious homemade food served with an aroma of pure love. Venturing into an eatery, cafe, or restaurant that can offer authentic Sikkimese cuisines can become a unique business idea for women.

3. Crafted Bamboos

A state that springs up with no less than 23 varieties of Bamboo trees can create wonders out of it. A deep-rooted culture of handcrafting simply intricate pieces of home decor with bamboo can be transformed into unique side business ideas for ladies in Sikkim.

Baskets, pots, vases, pen-stands, wall hangings, home-decors, etc are a few of those endless items that can be crafted from bamboo or cane. These decorative items can surely add beauty to the homes of travellers that visit Sikkim. Let’s bid them adieu with a piece of Sikkim in their memories and hearts forever.

4. Flowering Beauties

The serene Sikkim is home to 5000 species of flowering shrubs, 515 unique orchids, and 362 types of ferns. When the land nurtures such amazing fragrant flowers, it’s time for the women to either start cultivating these flowers in small nurseries or purchase the beauties from the farmers and sell them in a flower shop. The conducive climate of Sikkim makes these flowers healthy and of high value. Thus, selling exquisite handmade bouquets, picking up contracts for flower decorations, etc can be innovative small business ideas for women living in Sikkim.

5. Majestic Souvenirs and Curios

Where intricacy and royalness are in the air and soil of a state, the women born there are bound to have outstanding art and craft skills. Putting this talent to use can be a good home business for ladies. They can revolutionise their art into something creative and magical. Weaving beautiful pure wool carpets has been into the culture of Sikkim, turning it into a business that can be profitable. Colourful Prayer flags are seen all over this place, at mountain peaks, near waterfalls, on paths leading to lakes, and literally everywhere. Spreading positivism in the air, these flags can be added to your product list at the Souvenir shop. The Singing bowl is also picking up fame these days, and it is a perfect buddy for a relaxing meditation time that can be sold to travellers coming to visit Sikkim. Not to forget the Thangka paintings, a rainbow of shades depicting Buddha’s life in short snippets over cotton silk sheets. They attract every tourists’ attention. Thus, it can be handmade and sold at your shop.

6. Fun-learn at Home

Every state, big or small, needs education, but many kids dread the faces of schools. Thus, a fun-learn option is to start your fun-learn academy or activity centre. Women are good at multitasking, and when it comes to kids, it is extremely handy. Altering and modifying a boring math subject into an interesting story can spike up kids’ ears for sure. Every child shows keen interest when taught in a sportive and entertaining way. Thus women can open up activity centres for kids of Sikkim and motivate them to learn more and eventually understand better.

7. Caring Creche

When the women of Sikkim transform themselves into entrepreneurs with these business ideas, they will have to leave their kids at home with no one to keep a watch over them. Thus, another brilliant home business for ladies is starting a creche service. A mother wants her child to be safe, fed and watered, and taken care of when she cannot give her time. Hence, opening up a creche in a residential locality would work wonders for working women worrying over their children. Stock up your homes with good home-cooked food, games, books, and a few other women for help if need be, and you are good to go.


A state like Sikkim is small and approachable. Thus it becomes fertile for any and every business to flourish. When you have less at stake, you can experiment, learn, and enjoy the benefits too. Opening up a venture in your own soil can be helpful, as you are aware of the whereabouts, climate, people, and other important aspects needed.

A woman has the special talent to manage her home chores and the business at hand efficiently. Thus, it’s time for womanhood to pull up their socks and get going. The world of opportunities and learning awaits with arms wide open.

As it is rightly said, ‘A learned man does it for his own good, but when a woman is educated, she passes on the knowledge to her family, neighbourhood, and society.

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Q. What is the main business of Sikkim?

Ans. Sikkim is one of the top producers of cardamom, thus cultivating, harvesting, selling, packaging them can be a good business for women living in the state.

Q. What makes Sikkim special?

Ans. The natural beauty, biodiversity, and availability of abundant natural resources make it special. Also, the cuisines of Sikkim are interesting as they are borrowed from Tibet and Nepal.

Q. Is Sikkim a rich state?

Ans. Yes, Sikkim is the 3rd richest state in India after Delhi and Chandigarh. The state has all-around progress, with minimal suicidal rates and maximum education amongst the population.

Q. Which business is best for a housewife?

Ans. A homemaker can take up candle making, carpet weaving, flower or spices re-selling as a business idea for a good living.