Famous Street Food of Andhra Pradesh [Must Try Dishes of Andhra Pradesh]

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Famous Street Food of Andhra Pradesh [Must Try Dishes of Andhra Pradesh]

How You Can Start its Business Anywhere?

Andhra Pradesh is known for not only its visual treats but also vast and rich cuisines. It is home to some of India’s amazing beaches. The local people as well as tourists love spending time on these beaches and munching on street foods. From fries to kebabs all of these are among the most famous street foods that are not only a hit among the local people but loved by foodies all over the country.

You will not only find succulent seafood but multiple gourmet restaurants at a stretch. The mouth-watering street food of the state is enough to make you a fan. Moreover, if you need to invest in a food business and include the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh, you need to know which street foods will make you the most money. Check out the top street foods to add to your restaurants or food stalls menu –

Street food of Andhra Pradesh

1. Liver Kebab

No matter in which corner of the nation you reside in, kebabs are something that can tickle your tastebuds. At Vizag, you will get the delicious liver kebabs served with roti or paratha and a soothing glass of lemon soda. These kebabs are a favourite among the locals as well as the tourists. Hence, no matter where your business will be situated you can easily add this one to the list.

2. Punugulu

Whether you are starting your business in Andhra Pradesh or any other part of the nation you can blindly add Punugulu to your menu and witness its massive sales. It is a hit among gastronomers. A deep-fried snack made with the batter of urad dal and rice served with ginger and coconut chutney, it is best served piping hot. This is an amazing light snack to serve after dawn.

3. Masala Batani

Whether you live in the north or south of the country you must be familiar with the idea of chaats. Every state has its own set of variation in chaats that instantly becomes a favourite among other states. This chaat is among the most reasonably priced foods that is served at the beach road of Andhra Pradesh. It is made with boiled peas, chopped onions, tomatoes, and a few drops of lemon to add a tangy taste. It is served in a paper cone with a small wooden spoon.

4. Muri Mixture

The muri mix or puffed rice mix is among the best snacks to have. It is regarded as a compulsory inclusion to indulge yourself in muri mix whenever you are at a beach. The muri mix is made with peanuts, puffed rice, chilies, tomatoes, spices, coconut slices, and chopped onions. Many even add boiled potato cubes and a few drops of lime to add the tanginess.

Whether your stall is big or small, you can add this to the menu to attract foodies who are not willing to have a heavy snack. You can keep the price of this food item at an affordable rate for every sort of customer who can afford it.

sweet corn served in bowl on green background

5. Sweet Corn

When you are at Visakhapatnam or merely researching which street foods sell best in the state you are sure to come across sweet corn. This street food is always seen at the beachside or the beach roadside. The sweet corn is steamed, mixed with salt, spices, and a pinch of lemon. The variation of spices adds to the variation of the flavour of the sweet corn. You can serve the sweet corn as your customers want it.

6. Tomato Bajji

One of the top-selling street foods in Andhra Pradesh is the tomato bajji. It is an instant favourite among food-lovers and customers who love to munch on it. It is sold on the beaches of the state. The tomatoes are coated with gram flour and then deep-fried. Ensure that the tomatoes are chopped when cutting them from the middle. These tomato cups are stuffed with muri mix served with crunchy peanuts.

7. Bangu Chicken

Bangu Chicken is better known as bamboo chicken and is a famous delicacy of the state. It is known to be served in a hill station called Araku valley. This dish is made by stuffing some marinated chicken in a hollow and well-cleaned bamboo stick. It is then prepared on coal that adds to the smokey flavour of the dish. The fact that it is prepared inside hollow bamboo and cooked on coal draws foodies to try it.

8. Egg Bonda

Egg Bonda is among the very famous street foods of the state. The amazing blend of different spices adds to its popularity among food lovers. The eggs are boiled, dipped in the gram flour batter, green or red chilies are added along with salt and powdered pepper. It is then deep-fried. The dish is served with tangy chutney. You can easily add this one to your food stall's menu.

How to Start a Business with the Famous Street Foods of Andhra Pradesh?

1. A realistic Business Plan

Having a constructive plan for your business is the foremost step that helps you get on track. Be sure to include the right location in the plan to find Andhra Street Food customers.

The right kitchen equipment is also necessary for the business to run smoothly. Make a practical list of the total cost estimation.

2. Right Equipment

Select kitchen equipment like frying pans, grills, and more depending on the food items you include.

3. Rely on a trusted team

No business works independently. Gather partners who have your back on good or bad days at work.

Quick tips written on black coloured cloud

Quick Tips to earn more profit and attract more customers to your business selling street food.

  • Try to keep the price of the dish as affordable as possible, so that students and young people can munch on it with little resources. Serving it with tasty accompaniment gives an edge over the competitors of your business. Selling the  dish in crowded areas will guarantee you better sales.
  • If you are willing to open your food business at any place where people come to take an evening stroll or spend some time with their loved ones or friends, you must include the favourites from the local cuisine in your list. A pocket-friendly price always ensures huge sales.
  • You can enlist multiple flavours and choices you can serve to let your customers choose from it. Keep options that cater to every age and every wallet.
  • Serve the delicious snacks in a paper plate or banana leaves or wooden container with a wooden spoon. This will save you a lot of money and you can make a good amount of profit. At the same time it will also represent your consciousness towards the environment being eco-friendly.
  • Choose dishes that are easy to make, with easily available ingredients. This will not cost you much and hence you can keep the rate of the dish quite reasonable.

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FAQs on street food of Andhra Pradesh

Q. What is the most famous of the above-listed street foods in Andhra?

Ans. If you are looking for the famous street food of Andhra to add to your menu then it has to be Punugulu and Bangu Chicken.

Q. Will keeping the rates reasonable ensure good business?

Ans. Yes, provided the quality and the taste of the food is at par. Ensure that customers can claim you have compromised on the quality of the food for keeping its rates affordable.

Q. Can anyone start a small business just with Andhra's street food on the menu?

Ans. Well, this is possible if you indulge yourself in learning about every street food of Andhra. It is sure to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Q. Can anyone start a food delivery business with Andhra‘s street food?

Ans. This is indeed a brilliant idea. You can start a food delivery business with the famous street foods of Andhra Pradesh.

Q. Is it possible to start a business with limited capital?

Ans. Yes, you can start a food business with a small amount of capital.

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