Famous Street Food of Delhi [Must Try Cuisines of Delhi]

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Famous Street Food of Delhi [Must Try Cuisines of Delhi]

How You Can Start its Business Anywhere?

The national capital of India has a lot to offer in terms of its culinary heritage. Every foodie’s paradise, be it in India or the world, the street food in Delhi has been around since Independence and still enjoys its popularity today. Moreover, with the increasing population from across India, its culinary delight has anything but expanded to suit its visitors’ taste!

The street food of Delhi is as rich and distinct as its history. The combined influences of European and Persian roots, the food filled with cuisines across India have led to a transformative palette of its own. No one particular spice or street food ingredient is similar to another, making every street food choice a surprise of its own!

Are you excited to find out the best street food choices of Delhiites? Let’s find out!

Street food of Delhi

1. Chole Bhature

One of the best street food of Delhi is the fluffy Bhatura, which is world-famous, is served with spicy small chickpeas, onion, and chutney on the sides.  It is a meal you must never miss if you are in Delhi. It’s the go-to food at any festival or a Sunday brunch!

2. Aloo and Puri

Served as a meal for street hawkers, bankers, and business people alike, nothing like the puffed-up maida Puri served alongside spicy Dum Aloo and chillies.

3. Chaat

Steamed chickpeas served with lemon, chopped tomatoes, onions, pudina, and dry spices is something you would not want to miss. This mouth-watering delicacy is sweet, tangy, and spicy is customisable per your taste and truly a street food lovers delight.

4. Mughlai Parathas

This wheat-based roti stuffed generously with chicken or mutton keema or paneer is similar to Kolkata Moghlai Parathas. The onions and mint chutney are usually the sides served alongside.

5. Momos

No one enjoys their momos as Delhiites. What’s more interesting is the variety of options offered like steamed, fried, pan-fried. The stuffings have also become innovative with time, like butter chicken or chilli paneer. You can easily also find options like afghani or malai momos! This will make you wonder if the dumplings originated in some country or in Delhi itself!

6. Kulfi Faluda

Kulfi Faluda is the most delicious ice-cream that you can find! Made from milk and saffron and served alongside cold noodles and syrup, it’s a must to beat the bickering hot Delhi summers!

7. Pakoras

You can never miss fried vegetable snacks, no matter what place in India you end up going to. But the Delhi Pakoras are tasty with their spices, and chutney adds to its deliciousness.

8. Parathas

Sunday morning stop at the paratha junction is every foodie’s delight. Buttered with various ingredients like onion, cheese, masala, and paneer, you will probably find a hand load of paratha shops running across the city.

9. Kebabs

The kebabs are the go-to food of every person in Delhi. This beautiful and delicious food is made up of chicken, and mutton keema served as skewers on a plate. The hot oil is drizzled on top and served alongside lemon and onions, enhancing its flavours and making it a  hearty delight.

10. Shawarma

Drawing its Persian roots in India, the Shawarma is a delicacy made up of minced meat on a rumali roti and served with mayonnaise and mint on the sides. It is soft, cheap and fills your stomachs, making it a fan-favourite.

Why Establish a Delhi Street Food Business?

1. Popularity: Because of its popularity and wide range of choices, Delhi street food is the real deal. It appeals to almost all taste buds owing to its insane culinary infusions. Moreover, as consumers are always looking for vibrant and dynamic flavours, Delhi famous food, with its wide sweet and savoury compilations, serves such delights!

2. Suits everyone’s taste: Today, food empires are expanding; Delhi food offers success, as it easily appeals to people’s preferences. Moreover, if a food option appeals to people's taste, they are more likely to buy the food than any other.

3. Returns on Investments: The cuisine is innovative and has already drawn credibility for itself. Setting a business that already is known and serves its customers’ tastes will only bring a better return on investments. Therefore, investing in the Delhi street food business yields great profit.

steamed momos is served with tomato chutney and schezwan sauce

How to Establish a Delhi Street Food Business?

1. Find your Location of Operation: You need first formally to understand where to set up your street food business. This will help you find the customer’s choices and preferences. For example, - you will need to evaluate whether the location is to be in a crowded place or set up in a small area with less visibility and better ambience.

2. The Setup: You also need to find the kind of street food business to set up, whether it’s a vehicle, food truck, or a small-sized shop. This will invariably affect investments. For example: while a food truck can be a one-time investment, small-sized shops can have monthly or quarterly rents based on the commercial area.

3. Look out for Competitions: You do not want to do the same thing as your competitors, as then it will take the customers from your business. Therefore innovate your ideas for a better menu and set up a name in the market.

4. Apply for licenses and permits: Many food carts need certain fire or road permits. Similarly, you might need software like POS systems to help you smoothly run your affairs.

5. Requisite Employees: Every small street food establishment needs either 1 or 2 employees. Therefore you need not have too many people to work with and drain your cash reserves.

6. Equipment and Ingredients: You need to set up a business with easily accessible resources and equipment for multi-purposes. Therefore, it will depend on the kind of setup of business you have. For example, food trucks can have stoves or spaces for utensils. You might have to design the rent out commercial space according to your budget.

7. Financing your Business: Based on the above criteria, it will help you find your business’s investment needs. You can rely on digital platforms to generate funds or apply for credit facilities. Many investors are also keen on establishing a business in this sector, so you can easily raise investments as well!

30% of profits are bound to arise within 6 months to a year, so try to establish your name in the market by setting up a street food business!

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FAQs on street food of Delhi

Q. Why are the Famous Delhi Street Food with Locals?

Ans. From the crunchy chaat to the spicy Chole Bhature, whether it be the Lachha Paratha, Kebabs or Shawarma, these street foods are an absolute delight to the Delhi Locals.

Q. What is special about Delhi Street Food?

Ans. The origin of street foods in Delhi is from a diverse amalgamation of Indian-Persian culture. Its unique flavours appeal to the taste buds. Moreover, the limited investment makes it lucrative for business owners to invest in Delhi Street Food.

Q. What could the investment in Delhi Street Food look like?

Ans. The best part of Delhi street food is that you can innovate any recipe while retaining some original elements. It makes it appealing to every consumer, be it in India or Abroad. Moreover, food ingredients are easily accessible everywhere.

Q. What could the projected profits look like?

Ans. The limited investments and easily accessible resources lead to high profit for business owners and make it easier for earning better profits. The return on investments in the Delhi Street food business can range anywhere between 30-50% within a year.

So with all this information, be ready to rack in investments for your street food business by filling the consumers Delhi Belly!