Can you Start a Business on Twitter or Social Media?

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Can you Start a Business on Twitter or Social Media?

All about Starting a Business on Social Media

No, you cannot start a new business on Twitter or Social medium, but you can promote your new business over there. Nowadays, the importance of social media has increased to a great extent. Everyone must create a strong social media presence for their brand. Out of 7 billion people in the world, almost 2 billion people are using the social media platform for expanding their business. It has been proved that if you are starting a new business first on powerful social media platforms like Twitter, it will work wonders both for your brand and business.

How are Social media platforms helpful for starting a new business?

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • The importance of Social media has increased to a great extent that even customers want all their issues addressed at that platform only.
  • Easy to measure ROIs and frequently also due to the availability of social media metrics tools.
  • You can set up Mention Alerts related to your business keywords or brand. It helps you in knowing what people are talking about your brand.

Ways that you should follow while starting a new business using Social media or Twitter:

1. Start with a proper marketing plan

Always start promoting your business via organic post, but after drafting a proper marketing plan. If you are using social media platforms without any plan or clear objective, you will not be able to measure your goals. Take your time creating a good social media plan to ensure that all social efforts put in by you make you achieve the desired goals.

These are the tips to keep in mind while designing the plan.

  • Always create goals that follow the SMART framework. It means it should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.
  • Research properly about your competition. You should be aware of the strategies used by your competitor for creating brand awareness. It is the best way to work on your learning curve.
  • Always go for social media audits for evaluating your existing marketing efforts to improve the visibility of your business. Easy to access social media templates available are available at the social media platforms.
  • Make a social media calendar as it will be a great help to post the right content on the right social media platform. Your calendar consists of a plan related to your content mix. Follow the 80-20 rule. Always make 80% of content to inform, entertain, and educate your target audience and 20% of content to promote your brand.

2. Choose Social Media Platforms wisely

Don't work on assumptions; proceed with proper market research. You might feel that if your target audience is millennials, you should focus more on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram and skip Facebook. But it is not reality; Facebook is the preferred choice of millennials.

3. Know who your target audience is

The most important reason for using social media for business is that you can even micro-target your potential customers if you know who you are targeting for your business promotion. To find the right audience, you are required to compile data or your current customers. After that, go for social media analytics to get a real picture of your traffic audiences.

4. Engage with more audience

When you know about your target audience, you need to look back at your existing social media plan. Now it is time to find more ways to engage with new audiences. Using Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, you can drive new traffic to your website and increase the sale of your business.

5. Try to build strong relationships

Using social media platforms, you can connect with your followers and customers directly. It will strengthen your relationship with the customers over time and will indirectly add to the credibility of your newly established business. Most of the digital consumers search for information regarding new brands or products using social media platforms only.

6. Go for organic content or ads

When people are using the social media platform, they come across your organic content or advertisements. This helps in building trust and form loyal followers who will show interest in your brand by sharing and giving likes to your content. It will make your business rise in terms of social algorithms and gain free or new exposure.

7. Prefer to share compelling visuals

It has been observed that most of the millennials get attracted by visual content rather than text. Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram are the best platforms to create a strong impact through visual content. They are the visual first networks. Even if you Tweet anything using good graphics, it will help you in engaging with your audience. Twitter believes that the simplest way to gain the attention of your audience towards your Tweet is using GIF or image that matches well with the nature of your business.

8. Respond positively to all social media conversations

When you start a new business, it's quite natural your new followers or who are wanting to follow you have loads of queries in their mind. So, you must respond well to all the conversations on social media platforms on your business account. This process is known as social listening.

9. Track your business performance on Social media

To do successful marketing, all the strategies you are implementing are essential to be checked, whether it is fine-tuned with your efforts or not. So, every social media has its analytic tool to measure business performance. For Facebook, you can use Insight Tab. If you are using Twitter, then you get an option for Twitter analytics. If we talk about Pinterest and Instagram, you are required to have a business account to get that data. Using these tools will help you in getting a clearer position of your brand.

Ways in which you can use Social media platforms to sell your products:

There is no need to struggle now to sell your product or services, especially for a start-up. Apart from using the your-commerce platform to do product selling, here is one of the best ways in which you can use the social media platform to increase the sale of your product or services by targeting your fan and followers to gain their attraction and build revenues. This process is known as social selling.

1. Facebook Marketplace

It is one of the best places for buying or selling products and services. Here you can post a picture of the product which you are willing to sell with the name, description, and cost of the item on it for a better understanding of your target audiences. After that, put your product in a specific category and specify the location.

2. Buyable Pins (Pinterest)

Another useful visual platform for buying and selling of products is Pinterest. This feature of 'Buyable Pins' was introduced last year. By using certain pins, consumer visits directly on the website that deals with purchasing of products.

3. Yotpo (Instagram)

If you are targeting Instagram to increase your product sales, you can sign up with Yotpo that is a part of Instagram. You can add a link in your bio that you have mentioned on Instagram. Whenever any person clicks on the link mentioned, they can see the visuals of products that you have uploaded on Instagram.

With the increasing importance of social media platforms, social selling has witnessed a lot of change. Now it becomes easier to make your product or new business get noticed in front of your prospective buyers. The Social media platform plays a major role in boosting your conversions at a faster pace.


The marketing tips mentioned above will help you start a new business through your desired social media platform and will also help in drawing the PRISM framework at the same time. But you make sure that your business will adopt a focused approach. It means when you start a new business, target initially only one or two key-networks and work on building your other social media marketing efforts over time.

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Q. How to find a content specific audience?

Ans. Online there are many content curation tools available that can help you to find out the content specific audiences. One of the most popular tools is Buzzmo; here you will get the list of highly shared articles to make it of the past week, month, year, or more.

Q. How to expand the reach of my Tweet?

Ans. If you are ok with paying it to expand your tweet beyond your audience, you can go with the Twitter advertisements. When you pay for the tweet expansion, your tweet will start appearing on the timeline of other folks. It will increase your user engagement and boost up your followers. If you do not want to pay, make sure that you tweet from your business account using the most popular hashtags.

Q. How to increase retweets on Twitter?

Ans. Try to Tweet using good images. It has been proved that using images for tweets will make you receive retweets by 150 per cent more. Secondly, your tweet should not exceed 100 characters so that others get a space to retweet. Increase traffic to your website

1. The importance of Social media has increased to a great extent that even customers want all their issues addressed at that platform only.
2. Easy to measure ROIs and frequently also due to the availability of social media metrics tools.
3. You can set up Mention Alerts related to your business keywords or brand. It helps you in knowing what people are talking about your brand.