How to Start a Tempered Glass Business? [Investment Details]

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How to Start a Tempered Glass Business? [Investment Details]

Accessories for smartphones, such as tempered glass, are quite high in demand. These are manufactured in high-temperature machines that rapidly heat and cool glass. Hardness tests, breaking tests, and dimension checks must all be passed before the tempered glass can be used. Silicon, extra safety, and glue are also used in the tempered glass. The glue that binds the tempered glass to the smartphone screen is an essential part of the manufacturing process.

Of course, a tempered glass manufacturing company is one of many businesses that can be started in any part of the world, and the business owner can still tap into the global market by simply exporting the goods. There is no need to rent an office. Tempered glass production generates about Rs 3 to 4 lakh in monthly revenue, which makes it one of the best innovative business ideas.

The safety and strength of tempered glass make it easier to use in a variety of demanding applications. It is very simple to start a mobile Tempered Glass company. You can start a Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business from the comfort of your own home.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of tempering glass, the investment requirements, and so on.

What is tempered glass?

Toughened or tempered glass is a form of safety glass that has been strengthened by regulated thermal or chemical treatments in comparison to ordinary glass. When tempered glass is broken, the tempering causes controlled internal pressures, making the glass crumble into small granular fragments rather than splintering into jagged shards. The granular chunks have a lower chance of causing damage.

Glass is a naturally brittle material. It goes through a tempering phase to improve its functional properties and operational protection. Tempering, also known as toughening, is a process that involves heating glass to extremely high temperatures to reinforce it and make it more resistant to breakage.

After toughening, the bit becomes extremely heat and shock-resistant. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than annealed glass when it comes to breaking resistance.

Process of tempering glass

This unique business idea has a specific process through which it undergoes. The process is specified as under:

Step 1: Float glass is the starting point for all toughened glass. The glass is checked for imperfections before it is tempered. Float glass can break during toughening due to bubbles, inclusions, and cracks. As a result, if any signs of these defects are discovered, the glass cannot be tempered.

Step 2: Before toughening, it must first be cut to the desired form, as cutting or etching the finished product in its toughened state is impossible. The edges are smoothed after cutting, and any burrs formed during etching or cutting are removed.

Step 3: The float glass is thoroughly cleaned to extract all of the glass grains accumulated during the sanding process. This also means that dirt and other taints are kept at bay so they do not interfere in the process.

Step 4: The surface of the float glass is heated to over 600 degrees Celsius as it passes through a furnace during the tempering process. Some manufacturers heat the glass above 720 degrees Celsius, which is its annealing stage.

Step 5: After quenching with a high-pressure blast of air for three to ten seconds at different angles, the scorching glass is rapidly cooled. Tensile stresses build up temporarily in the internal zone of the glass as it cools and shrinks, while surface stresses grow as a result. These compressive stresses gradually increase the glass's strength, making it more difficult to crack.

Steps to start a tempered glass manufacturing business in India

This business is considered to be one of the unique business ideas for small towns because of its simple manufacturing processes. The following steps need to be undertaken:

  • Find out how much money you'll need to start a tempered glass manufacturing company in India.
  • You must understand how to choose the right tempered glass production unit.
  • After that, you must decide where the tempered glass manufacturing machine will be located.
  • Then you'll need to figure out how to get the cheapest desktop with tempered glass-making tools.
  • You should also know where you can get tempered glass sheets for your tempered glass manufacturing company.
  • You must also know how much it costs to print one sheet in the tempered glass manufacturing industry.
  • Finally, you must determine how much profit you can make from your tempered glass manufacturing business.

Investment requirements

The materials required for the tempered glass manufacturing business are:

  • The tempered glass manufacturing machine.
  • Nano flexible glass for screen protection.
  • Packaging materials.
  • Laptop/ Electronic gadget.

The total investment comes from INR.2.5 - 3 Lakhs. Let us work out the total calculation in detail as follows:

  • The cost of generating one unit from start to finish is INR 10.
  • You can sell it for somewhere around INR 40 - 110.
  • Earnings per unit range from INR 30 - 100.
  • Assume that you can sell 150-200 units a day, both online and offline.
  • The total daily earnings for 150-200 units range from INR 4,800 - 18,500.
  • Total monthly earnings range from INR 1,45,000 - 5,00,000.

How to select the right location for your tempered glass business?

This unique business can be started from the comfort of your home too. You do not need to rent an office or lease some space. But, if you are looking for operating the business on a large scale, you must consider the following factors:

  • Raw Material Supply.
  • Business Proximity.
  • Infrastructure Facilities.
  • Government policy and norms.
  • Competitors.
  • Manpower Availability.
  • Demand for the services.
  • Local rules, legislation, and taxes.

After studying all these factors, you can select the right location for your tempered glass manufacturing business.

License for manufacturing tempered glass

This company does not require a license. However, to operate, you must get your company registered with the government.

In most cases, people do not report their companies to save money on taxes. However, if you gain in the millions, you are far more likely to be taxed. In the beginning, a sole proprietorship is the best choice for business registration (incorporation).

Documentation for a Sole Proprietorship is required:

1. Applicant's KYC: Pan Card and Aadhar Card, Driver's License, Passport, Voter ID card, etc.

2. Company Address Proof: Electric bills, gas bills, phone bills, and so on. (It's fine if it's under different names.)

It will take between 2 and 6 days.

To obtain GST, follow these steps:

A passport-sized photo of the applicant is needed.

Anyone who has a passbook front page or a personal bank account can cancel a cheque or get a bank statement.

tempered glasses, phone cases, earphone laying on the table with pot and some cables

What should a business plan consist of?

The tempered glass business plan must include these points that will help to easily launch your business.

  • The industry tempered glass belongs to.
  • Executive summary.
  • The products and services you will offer.
  • Vision and mission statement.
  • Goals, objectives, and milestones to be achieved.
  • The business structure.
  • Roles, responsibilities, and duties of various personnel, which include CEO, Admin manager, HR manager, Production Manager, Marketing and sales manager, Technologists and engineers if associated, accountant, client service executive or front desk manager.
  • SWOT Analysis of the business model.
  • Market analysis.
  • Studying and analysing the target market.
  • Sales and marketing strategy.
  • Sales forecasting.
  • Advertising strategy.
  • Pricing strategy.
  • Budgeting and Funding.
  • Expansion and sustainability strategy.


The first step in the simple steps of how to start a tempered glass manufacturing company in India is to figure out how much money you'll need. This move needs about INR 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 in investments for any small-scale company.

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Q. What are the steps for manufacturing the tempered glass?

Ans. The process of manufacturing the tempered glass involves three major steps like toughening process, washing and drying, and the testing stage.

Q. Give some details of the tempered glass machine.

  • In 8 to 12 hours, you can make 1500 glasses per day.
  • 1 Tempered glass costs between INR 10 - 12 to make.
  • The machine has a 10-year life expectancy.
  • Tempered glass can be made for any mobile model, form, or brand.
  • The computer comes with free software.

Q. Does the machine have any added benefits?

Ans. The tempered glass manufacturing machine comes with free training and free service facilities for up to 1 year.