OkCredit Guide 101: A digital Bahi Khata For Your Kirana Store

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OkCredit Guide 101: A digital Bahi Khata For Your Kirana Store

This article will make it easy for you to operate the OkCredit application so that every function of the app is made more simple for you. As your business gets more growth in revenue and experience, the need to maintain all the financial records becomes more important. But, traditional paper bookkeeping has been a headache for most businesses, as there are a lot of disadvantages attached to the traditional form of bahi khata.

But after reading this article, you will gain knowledge about the usability of the OkCredit app, and you can manage your transactions & ledger like a professional.

What is OkCredit App?

OkCredit was first launched back in the year 2017 by three young & passionate college friends who saw the problem of small business merchants in managing their ledger account.

In order to run a successful business and make profits out of your work, it becomes very important to maintain all the day-to-day transactions. To counter this problem, the OkCredit application came as a saviour for businessmen struggling to maintain their ledgers due to its complexity.

Who Can Use The OkCredit App?

OkCredit is a widely accepted application that is used by businesses that range from a small Kirana store in your locality, to big-scale industries. Any person who runs a business and conducts transactions on a regular basis can use the OkCredit application to ease their way of keeping hisab kitab digitally without the fear of losing any record.

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Why Should You Use The OkCredit App?

The OkCredit application helps small businesses to keep a digital check on their daily transactions. It has been developed in such a way that most business owners find it comfortable to operate their financials in the clean & simple UI of the OkCredit application.

Some of the features of OkCredit App

  • Fast settlement of received payments directly into your bank account
  • Backing up of all the data
  • Hassle-free and seamless
  • Whatsapp and SMS reminder
  • Safe & Secure

The biggest advantage that OkCredit users have is they get to enjoy all those features without paying even a single rupee. OkCredit is a completely free platform for all businesses looking to shift their traditional way of hisab kitab into digital bahi khata.

How To Use OkCredit App For Kirana Store Management?

The first step towards using this app is to get it downloaded from the Google Play Store. After that, you are required to fill in all the necessary details mentioned on the home page to get started, and then select your preferred language for using the app ( 9 different Indian languages are available to choose from). After completing all the necessary steps, you have to verify your mobile number to make your account secure and make your account accessible from any device and any location.

The moment you complete all the requirements, you will enter into the world of digital bahi khata, along with a lot of other businesses who are accelerating their business through our service.

Now comes “How to use the OkCredit application?”

Firstly, create an account for all of your regular customers who make a transaction with your business. If you give your service or goods in credit (udhaar) to the customer, you can add that transaction to the application. After that, whenever the time comes to get your money back, you can then simply open that customer’s account, and hold the “Send” button below for 3 seconds. After doing this, two options will be available on the screen that will ask you whether to send the due reminder through WhatsApp or SMS. Next, you will choose your preferred way of sending the reminders, and the customers will be able to pay your dues directly from that reminder. Whenever a customer pays you the due amount, you will be instantly notified, and the payment will be credited to your bank account during the settlement period.

For instance, let’s assume you run a small Kirana store in your locality, and there are a lot of customers who buy goods from you on credit. Here, the OkCredit application comes to your rescue and helps you with your Kirana shop management. Whenever someone comes to your shop and buys goods from you on a credit basis and promises you to repay it at month-end, you can add that credit transaction on the OkCredit application and send him payment reminders through Whatsapp or SMS. After that, if they pay you through that reminder, you will receive the amount directly into your bank account. Look how smart a move you have taken to run your business through the OkCredit Kirana store management software. Any business person can avail of the same benefits of hassle-free transactions, and also keep a track of all those records for future-proofing and charting their growth.

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After reading the whole article you have most probably made up your mind for making the OkCredit application your daily business companion, haven't you? You definitely don't want to miss this opportunity to benefit from a free application like OkCredit to maintain all your business-related payments and transactions seamlessly.

So without any second thoughts, if you are a business person struggling to maintain a record of your transactions, go to the Google Play Store and download the app to get started today.

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Q. From where can I download the OkCredit application?

Ans. OkCredit Application is available on the Google Play Store. You can easily download this app without paying a single penny from your pocket, and skyrocket your business with the help of its innovative features.

Q. How can I trust the OkCredit application?

Ans. OkCredit has been in the market since 2017, and a lot of small businesses have immensely benefited from this app. To date, the app has been downloaded by more than 10 million users from all over India, and it has been rated 4.7 on the Google Play Store.

Q. I run a small paan-shop across the highway. Can I use the OkCredit application for maintaining payment records?

Ans. As we said before, any business that either provides services or sells goods, irrespective of their business capital, can download the app from the Google Play Store and start availing its benefit without any cost.

Q. Will the OkCredit application work as a Kirana store management software that is available on the market?

Ans. Of course, the OkCredit application is designed in such a way that it can blend with any sort of business, scaling from small businesses to large industries.

Q. Will, I lose all the data regarding pending and completed payments by customers if my device gets lost or stolen?

Ans. Your data is completely safe in our servers, and in specific cases like this, you can always log in to your account through the verified mobile number and get access to all of your data.

Q. What are payment reminders, and how will I send payment reminders to my customers?

Ans. Whenever your customers have a pending due for any goods purchase or service, you can send them payment reminders through Whatsapp or SMS.

You simply have to open that customer’s account and hold the “Send” button below for 3 seconds. By doing this, two options will be available on the screen that will ask you whether to send the due reminder through WhatsApp or SMS. Then, click on your preferred option for sending the reminders, and the message will reach your customer immediately.

Q. What if the customer pays the dues from the reminders? Where will the money be credited?

Ans. The moment a customer pays your pending dues, you will immediately be notified about it, and receive the payment directly to your registered bank account during the settlement period.

Q. What if I forget to push reminders to the customers about pending dues? Can I automate the process?

Ans. Yes, you can set a due date in that customer’s profile, and then the payment reminder will be automatically sent to the specific customer.