Medical Distributors in Bangalore - Detailed List [2022]

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Medical Distributors in Bangalore - Detailed List [2022]

The pharma industry has been witnessing rapid growth in recent years. As a result, there are more manufacturers and distributors in the country.

In the healthcare distribution system, your first contact is a distributor. Whether you are a manufacturer or a seller, a distributor is a critical link in your supply chain. However, finding a suitable pharma distributor is quite challenging.

If you are wondering how to choose the best pharma distributor, worry not. Here is a curated list of top medical distributors in Bangalore for you to select from.

Our Picks of the 6 Best Medical Supplies Distributors in Bangalore

1. Shubh Enterprises

Shubh Enterprises manufacture and supply all pharma and medical-related products. They have a competitive edge over other suppliers, as they manufacture their own range of medical supplies.

They were launched in the early 2000s and focus on customer-centricity. Over the years, they have built a global recognition in supplying world-class quality products at competitive pricing.

Shubh Enterprises is located near IETE. They provide pharma injectables, cream, liquids, and more. Apart from that, they are also a leading supplier of surgical equipment and medical supplies.

Location: No 9, Near IETE, Ganga Nagar Extension, Bangalore, Karnataka 560032.

Contact: +91-7899029911.

2. Praveen Pharma

There is a great history of Praveen Pharma of establishing strong connections with wholesalers. Their major wholesaler chain is in Karnataka. In addition, they also have clients outside the state.

Their supply reaches more than 1000 semi-wholesalers. Further, they have a wide range of quality products to meet all your requirements.

Located in the city's centre, Praveen Pharma has the crucial advantage of efficient sales personnel and fully equipped quality modern infrastructure. Therefore, you can rest assured you will get superior quality products at reasonable rates at Praveen Pharma.

Location: 'Golden Aster Towers,' No. 88, P.B. Bangalore - 560 053.

Contact: 080 2287 2905.

3. Rajsons Pharma Pvt Ltd

Rajsons is the single largest supplier of healthcare and pharma products. They supply over 25,000 medicines to more than 5000 clients.

Their client base is primarily retailers, institutions, and hospitals. Providing 24/7 service, they take additional care of your needs. To meet the promise of timely deliveries, they have an efficient supply chain handled by professionals.

Rajsons understands that the medical industry is unique and thus offers quick supplies during emergencies. As a result, the company scores high in quality and timely service.

Location: #269/2, 4th Floor, Kothari Business Chambers, Kasturba Nagar, Mysore Road, Bangalore - 560 026.

Contact: 080669 99999.

4. Pradeep Distributors

High-quality and quality-assured products are commonplace at Pradeep Distributors. They have reasonable prices. This distributor has a talented and dedicated team who deeply understands the pharma market. It helps them deal with prominent manufacturers and handle several pharma clients.

Their links with top manufacturers help them cater to huge requirements for different agencies. Fine packaging, quality products, domain expertise, and on-time delivery make them an automatic choice.

Location: Sri Manjunatha Krupa, N0-48/4, 1St Floor, Near Raghavendra Swamy Temple, Bangalore - 560018.

Contact: 090190 89175.

5. Sapthagiri Pharma Distributors

Based in Chamarajpet, Sapthagiri Pharma is yet another leading distributor in Bangalore. It has a great network of clientele and uses the latest technologies.

This certified firm has a top-class infrastructure. Its excellent storage facilities and equipped transportation make the firm stand out.

If you are looking for a Bangalore-focused popular distributor, Sapthagiri Pharma is the best fit.

Location: No 76/1, 1st, 2nd & 3rd floor, 4th main road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore - 560018.

Contact: 080 2662 1014.

6. Novalife Healthcare

Novalife Healthcare is a certified and quality verified top pharmaceutical firm in Bangalore. They manufacture, supply and export an array of products.

Their product line ranges from antibiotics and antacids to proteins and other nutritional supplements. It was awarded the Best Pharma Company in Bangalore in 2017.

They place the customers at the forefront and nurture mutual growth. It has helped them penetrate the system and create an established foundation in the pharmaceutical market in Bangalore.

Over the years, they have built an effective marketing network. Ethical practices and quality service is the hallmark of Novalife.

Location: No 57, 1st floor, 9th cross, 5th main road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore - 560018.

Contact: +91-98866-40075.

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Wrapping Up

If you own a pharma agency, a reputed distributor is your key to ace the pharma sales. Their quality products and timely service will stir your growth and recognition. Similarly, if you are a manufacturer, a proactive distributing agency will help you reach the right clientele.

Connect with suitable distributors in Bangalore from this guide and gear up to establish your strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Q. Why do pharmaceutical companies use distributors?

Ans. Pharmaceutical companies contact distributors to buy a wide range of medicines in bulk. It is because these distributors have a good rapport with a vast network of manufacturers. Hence, they have a wide variety of medical necessities available at all times. So pharmacies and other providers use distributors for buying products.

Q. What is the source of pharmaceutical products for distributors?

Ans. Typically, pharma distributors purchase products from manufacturers across the world. However, some distributors also manufacture products by themselves. So whenever you contact a distributor, ask them about the source of their products.

Q. What are the key factors to look for while selecting a pharma distributor?

Ans. Medicine is an essential aspect of your health. So when you are purchasing pharma products from a distributor, you need to know whether you can trust the distributor.

Always go to a reputed distributor who has proper accreditation. But also keep in mind that they offer a broad range of products at reasonable rates.

Q. What products do medical distributors in Bangalore sell?

Ans. Medical distributors based in Bangalore offer a wide variety of health care products across all categories. Their product list includes antibiotics, anti-allergic, analgesics, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements.

You can also buy medicines for diabetes, ortho, cardiac, gynae & infertility-related conditions. Distributors also have a separate section of covid range medical necessities.

Q. Can we buy medical supplies from Bangalore's medical distributors?

Ans. Yes, you can buy medical supplies from Bangalore's medical distributors. They have high-quality supplies required for any medical emergency. You can purchase surgical tools, physical therapy equipment, health care devices, and other instruments from trusted pharma distributors.

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