A Guide to Opening a Children’s Play/Adventure Area

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A Guide to Opening a Children’s Play/Adventure Area

Are you planning to open an indoor children's playground? Honestly, finding a kid who does not love to play is like expecting hell to freeze over means next to impossible. In today's world, where it is not safe for children to play outdoors, most parents rely on children's play areas.

It is not as easy as many people think to open a children's adventure/play area. As the demand for this service increases exponentially in metro areas, the competition in this field is growing every day. Before you invest in this type of business, take time to read this article completely to learn about all the steps you'll need to take.

What are the benefits of Play/Adventure areas?

Most parents wish to keep their children away from electronic gadgets like television, smartphones, computers, and the list goes on and on. The majority of children spend more than five hours daily interacting with virtual machines. The amount of time spent on screens reduces physical activity, decreases sleep quality, and increases concentration problems. An indoor playground business is a great idea because kids need to get away from screens and be healthy. This allows them to have a better sleep and a much better grasp of things, which is helpful for their academic skills.

Keeping your children in a clean, bright, safe, and active environment is easy with indoor playground areas. In cases where kids are playing outside, unexpected poor weather can throw a wrench in the works. Whether it is unsafe or simply unpleasant, all of these factors discourage young people from playing outside. In these cases, play areas can be a great alternative to the outdoors when the weather isn't ideal.

As such, indoor playground equipment needs to be well-designed, with ball pods, slides, adventure zones, bridges, tunnels, and other soft play equipment that will keep kids entertained for hours.

Investments While Starting An Indoor Children's Playground

The concept of indoor play space isn't new, but its setup has changed over the years. Indoor playgrounds are part of a business sector called "family entertainment centers," which includes bouncy castles, arcade machines, climbing walls, and climbing structures. The indoor possibilities offered today provide a non-weather-dependent activity. Still, they are also becoming more popular with parents as they are progressively offering food, beverages, wi-fi, and all kinds of amenities in one place.

To start up an indoor play area business, you must purchase several items and organise them. If you do not prepare for all of this, you may wind up paying a great deal. Consider the equipment you'd like to have in your child's play space.

You may not be able to make ends meet if you do not set a budget for your play area and other areas of your business separately. Understanding what you'll need for this business can help you plan carefully and make the most of your budget. To start an adventure play area for children, around Rs 3lac 50 thousand investment is typically required at the outset, with the budget growing as more equipment and activities are added.

Steps To Consider Once You Have Planned To Start Your Indoor Playground Business

1. You need to have a proper grasp of the market statistics

It is not as easy as it first appears to set up an indoor playground. A large number of people and businesses in the market already have loyal customers in this business. You must take a deeper look to make it to the market.

You must comprehend the problem statement and determine what the clients want and how you can improve their experience. Determine the problem statement or reasons for establishing an indoor playground and consider the various solutions while keeping the consumers' and company's best interests in mind.

Modern children indoor playground

2. Who's your completion in the field

As previously said, there will be many players in the market that have already started their companies. You must examine the market and gain a deeper understanding of it, what sort of service each of these firms gives, and what you can provide your consumer regarding a comparable business with their goods or services.

Only by understanding what alternative premium you would supply to your clients will you be able to make a stronger pitch to investors. You can also market your services to your customers.

3. Analyse what you wish to offer

An indoor playground can be designed in a variety of ways. Massive play areas take up more space and necessitate a lot of machinery and equipment. As a result, you must decide on the type of play space you are prepared to invest in.

What kind of consumers do you plan to serve, what kind of play equipment do you plan to have, how many kids can you accommodate at any given time, and so on? You may easily set a budget for launching a playroom area business if you have your objective specified.

4. Selection of the correct location

Business owners must choose the right location for their operations as it is a very crucial step. You would not like to start a business in an area with limited foot traffic. That would only hurt your business and result in a lack of revenue.

5. To get through the industry, you'll need to buy the commodities

You've already prepared your company plan; all you need to do now is buy or rent the property at the greatest price and make sure it's precisely how you want it. It's a good idea to buy the premises ahead of time so that you can arrange the rest of your business around it.

6. Propose to potential sponsors and Get The Documentation Done

Next, if you think you'll need some outside financial assistance to expand your firm further into new areas, you'll need to find sponsors who are prepared to join you in the effort. You might look for people with comparable credentials or companies eager to invest in startups like yours. In the case of any business, paperwork is really important.

You'll need a valid business license or a DBA (Doing Business As) license, depending on your needs. Register your trademark and logo so that no one can accuse you of stealing their idea. You can employ a lawyer to take care of the legal aspect of things to have the paperwork for your business done appropriately.

Little girl on the playground with coloured plastic balls


Getting any business off the ground is not like being handed an ice cream. It would require proper planning, deciding your budget for investment, and of course, your dedication. When it comes to opening an indoor children's playground, more caution must be exercised. This ensures that everything is completed correctly and that the children have a good time while their parents are away or even when they are with them. The safety of children should be the top priority when it comes to these indoor play areas.

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Q. What are the most suitable locations to open a children’s play area?

Ans. Let's start by saying that play areas for children are best suited for metro areas where most parents are employed in tech companies where they spend the majority of their time. In this case, they rely on these businesses to learn, play, and socialise with other children while remaining safe.

Apart from that, one can also plan to open a play area for children in big shopping centers, restaurants, and other heavily crowded areas.

Q. How can I ensure maximum safety for the children in this business?

Ans. You should hire at least two trained professionals with vast experience and knowledge in this field. In this case, you can rely on these professionals to take the maximum care and ensure safety inside the play area so that you can avoid any major incident as small children are usually more prone to getting injuries.

Q. What other things can I add to the play area to make my business unique and profitable at the same time?

Ans. The best possible thing you can add to this business will make sense by adding learning activities to your business. This way, parents will be more attracted to your business as their children will undergo some learning sessions while playing. As a result, your business will gain more trust among parents, and at the same time, it will make your business more demanding in that area.