Can you set up a Zara franchise in India?

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Can you set up a Zara franchise in India?

Zara, the Spanish clothing and accessory brand, was started by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Meta in 1975. Continuously focussed on beauty, functionality, simplicity, and sustainability, it has transformed the fashion industry by giving people a new world of unique clothing. Currently, Zara has more than 2200 stores in over 90+ countries across the globe. Such stats are enough to showcase the immense popularity of this brand.

Besides clothing for men, women, and children, the company also focuses on accessories such as shoes, bags, perfumes, and more. If you want to start this business and wonder how much the Zara Franchise costs in India, you are at the right place.

Here we will let you know everything you need to know about the Zara Franchise cost in India. Continue reading this article to learn more.

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About Zara

Zara has established its name in the industry by introducing some unique trends of apparel and accessories to the world. The company comes under its parent company - Inditex, which has other popular brands such as Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Stradivarius, and others.

Zara pays a lot of attention to its customers’ interests when designing, producing, distributing, and selling its products through its expansive retail network.

Before we get towards Zara Franchise Cost In India, let’s look at a few things you need to know about the Zara franchise:

1. Brand Reputation

From 1975, Zara worked continuously in setting up some notable fashion trends. It served its customers with care and got a massive portion of loyal customers across the world.

At present, Zara is one of the most reputed brands and takes profound importance in fulfilling the demands of its customers.

2. Unique Selling Point

Zara has always been known for its unique clothes that never repeated ever. More importantly, the clothes have a feel of comfortability in them - it can be felt not just by wearing them but also by looking at them.

The fresh, bright, and dim colours are made for people of all ages, be it the young or the older generation. Everyone can find a suitable option for themselves - you just walk into a Zara store!

3. Responsibility and Care

Zara is a special brand because it doesn’t rely on third-party development and logistics support. Instead, they carry the whole process by themselves, right from design to development. Then, the team moves forward with the logistics and sales from their retail stores as well as on eCommerce websites. Zara takes care of everything, which makes it unique.

4. Provides Value to the Customers

Zara understands the value of propositions that are exchanged with its customers. Their products are available in the correct quantity and delivered at the right time - It together contributes to a great value.

Rather than pushing their product marketing out into the open, Zara pulls people, making them its brand influencers to spread their message. These loyal customers are not afraid to share their message, which is why Zara has immense followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The company has an excellent data infrastructure that relies on improvement and introducing product ideas as per their customer’s responses.

Zara’s Long List of Products

Zara offers a never-ending range of clothing for men, women, and kids. You can also find cosmetics, fashion accessories, bags, perfumes, shoes, and more. A fascinating aspect of their business model is their continuous control in the supply chain - from design to manufacturing as well as distribution.

In India, many people see this brand with the eye of luxury while the price is certainly of no problem among its loyal customers. The cost of Zara’s clothing segment varies significantly. Here is the price range of some Zara items:


Price Range in USD

Price in INR


$25 to $70

₹1850 to ₹5500


$100 to $220

₹7500 to ₹17000

Zara is quite popular for its high-quality coats, T-shirts, trousers, blazers, sweatshirts, and more.

The brand has extended to Zara Home as well as Zara Home Kids retail, which has some unique styles of furniture and textiles for your home.

Setting up Zara Franchise In India

Zara doesn’t provide franchises in India. The company does not offer any expansion of its franchises. The sole right to open a Zara retail store in India is reserved by Trent Limited - a retail company owned by Tata Group.

Trent Limited and Zara came into an agreement in 2009 under which they decided to set up a joint venture and run 16 stores through India. But, it has now expanded to a lot more. Therefore, an individual can’t own a Zara franchise in India as of yet.

However, if you want to know more information about the business and Zara franchise cost in India, you can directly talk to the company’s business representatives.

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Franchises Alternative to Zara

Even though Zara doesn’t offer its franchise to individuals in India, there are still some fascinating opportunities for you. You can think about the alternatives to Zara, such as Tommy Hilfiger, GAP, Numero Uno, Arrow, US Polo Assn, Louis Phillipe, and many others. These fashion companies are some top-level competitors of Zara and are in massive demand in India.

Therefore, it will be a profitable affair for you if you start these Zara alternative franchises. You can research and go through the details of these franchises. After that, you can decide which one to go for. There are special organisations that can do the work for you and help determine your investment into a specific franchise business.


Under the sole rights of owning a Zara franchise in India comes under Tata Group; therefore, you cannot set up this business franchise here. Consequently, it’s better to look for alternatives that are high in demand. You can research or consult some experienced consultancy services.

We hope you have got the answers to all your questions about the Zara franchise cost in India. If you have any other questions, feel free to send your queries to us, and we will surely assist you with an answer. We’ll be back with some exciting blogs; till then, have a great time!

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Here we have answered some of the frequently asked questions on starting a Zara franchise in India. The motive of such an FAQ segment is to find the answers to any additional queries if you have them in your mind.

Q: Can I open a Zara franchise in India and what is its cost?

Ans: No, you cannot open a Zara franchise in India. The rights of opening a Zara retail store are held by Trent Limited, owned by Tata Group. Internationally, the approximate cost of buying this franchise is approximately $80,000. But, you are not allowed to set up this franchise in India.

Q: What are the requirements of opening a Zara franchise?

Ans: For setting up a Zara franchise, you need an average investment of ₹50 lakhs to ₹1 crore, a highly skilled team, and a minimum of 1000 sq ft of space. But all this doesn’t matter because you cannot start a Zara franchise in India.

Q: What services/products are provided by Zara?

Ans: Zara develops, manufactures, and sells a variety of clothing apparel for men, women, and kids. Zara has extended divisions, including clothing accessories, bags, shoes, perfumes, and furniture and textiles under Zara Home. The company doesn’t rely on third-party support; instead, it manages everything from the start (planning) to finish (selling to their customers).

Q: How can I contact the Zara franchise?

Ans: You can contact their officials at the main headquarters or go to their Contact Us section through their official website. They will provide all the information you need.