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Automate your daily

accounting reconcilation

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Simplify financial operations Manage large number of QR, Cheque, NEFT transactions from multiple branches without a sweat
Invoice level QR Each retailer and invoice gets their own QR code, making payment
Easy Reconciliation Know the name of retailer, retailer code, branch, UTR to reconcile easily
Transparency Easily monitor transactions & payments, ensuring transparency & accountability.
Invoice & Billing Create and share GST compliant invoices and bills, add to ledger, record payment and credit in simple and easy steps.
Inventory Management Create and update items, manage your stock, update inventory with sale and purchase.
Automate Staff collection Auto assignment of bills to delivery staff and collection staff. Our system automates Accounts Receivable (AR) lists, reducing workload from two operators to one.

Realtime collection updates to accountant and owners All payment options like Cash, QR, Cheque, NEFT, Damage, return, replacement etc.

No more waiting in line to record transactions. Your delivery agents and collection team can input data as soon as it happens, ensuring that your records are always up-to-date.
Integrate with your system Import orders from any internal - OkCredit Billing or external systems like Tally, Marg, Excel or brand softwares in 1-click

Auto update payments data in tally or any accounting software

Syncs data automatically with TallyPrime and Tally ERP 9
See Anomaly and Ageing Quickly find retailers who are more than 30 days past due invoices and mark them defaulters.

Find retailers who have more than 2 unpaid bills.

See staff collection performance.

Find & Resolve Money mis-match in real-time. Address issues immediately, ensuring financial accuracy and transparency.
Your business is safe with us