10 Best Business Ideas for a Village Resident in India

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10 Best Business Ideas for a Village Resident in India

Starting a business in today’s world is no longer a big deal. One can present their brand freely on social media and get the attention of the customers. So, coming from a small town or a village does not limit your business options in this era of the internet and globalisation.  Here are some profitable small business ideas for small towns and villages that you can start in 2021.

In 2020, the Indian government ran some campaigns to support small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs. The government financing bodies also offer several conducive low interest small business loan schemes to the potential entrepreneurs. This indeed looks like the best time to hit off your small business. Here we have listed down some profitable business ideas for village residents that you can check below.

10 Best Business Ideas for a Village Resident in India

1. Sell Your Farm Produced Vegetables and Crops

Indian villages are mostly reliant on farm production. If you are a village resident looking to start your business, dealing in farm produce can be the best business idea for a village. If your family is into farming, you can start this business with minimum investments. You can produce and ship it to different cities and states, which will give you a much higher return.

In India, Uttar Pradesh is the highest producer of crops and vegetables like rice, wheat, maize, potato, sugarcane, green peas, onion, etc. Several Indian states specialise in several farm produce. All you have to do is to chart out the production value of your state’s farming community and leverage it for setting up your business of farm produce.

2. Extract Milk And Market

Keeping cows and buffaloes for milk is a common practice in Indian small towns and villages. So if you own several cows, then you can actually start a business by just extracting the milk and selling it in and around your locality. However, you may have to maintain the animal’s health, food, and medicine, but that will not cost too much. India ranks no.1 in the world for milk production, so if you’re willing to implement this “best small business idea” in your village, then go for it.

various spices in steel bowls

3. Start your Kirana Store

Starting a Kirana store comes in the most successful business ideas in the village, as you store only the FMCG products that customers need for their daily usage. One cannot produce everything at their farm, so you need a grocery store to purchase other items like oil, shampoo, soap, etc. Hence, only if you can invest your capital, then you should start this business. Later on, you can tie up with your neighbours or acquaintances who own their farms and directly buy from them for stocking up your inventory. This will build an ecosystem of growth in the village.

If you feel that you are lacking in managing the expenditure, costs, rent, etc., you can use OkCredit’s bahikhata management app. We help you track your transactions, debt, and employee salary to scale your business at the next level with minimum investments.

4. Clothes Manufacturing

If you’re a housewife or a woman looking for part-time small business ideas for a village or small town, then you must relate to this business idea. You can simply work from your home and earn a living if you possess the necessary skills of weaving or stitching.

So start tailoring clothes for your friends, neighbours, relatives, etc., initially to get a few clients, and afterwards, you can target a wider audience. Did you know that Ahmedabad, Surat, and Bhilwara rank among the popular cities in the textile industry? So if you are stationed in any of the villages in these places, you can easily start your clothes manufacturing business with fabrics at a cheaper rate from these places.

5. Tutoring

Are you a college graduate or a higher secondary school graduate? If yes, then this business idea is accurately designed for you. You can tutor kids or your juniors in your free time and earn hands-off money by just spending 2-3 hours a day.

You can charge them per subject or session. In the future, you can have your own coaching classes and teach hundreds of students. Once established, this business will easily fetch you a monthly income of around 1 lakh rupees. The best part of this business is, you don’t need any initial investment to start it.

6. Wedding Planner

We all know that people love to get married in their culture with all the rituals. So if you wish, you can serve as a wedding planner and make couples happy by arranging their wedding items successfully.

Be a creative person to stand out from the crowd and also become the no.1 in this business. Initially, you have to connect with caterers, cake decorators, marriage halls, etc., to divide your workload and focus on your key skills.

Note: This business idea needs time-management and multi-tasking skills to get excellent reviews and repeated customer requests.

7. Mobile Repairing Shops

Today, there are over 760 million internet users in India, and it is going to reach its peak by 2025. People living in small towns and villages are also going digital; this creates an opportunity to thrive in the mobile repairing shop business. You have to work under an expert and learn the skills to fix all smartphone users' phone-related problems. Later on, you can expand with mobile accessories, recharge and other services.

8. Offer Digital Marketing Services

With digital marketing services, you can help other businesses to grow online with low-cost marketing tools like UberSuggest, Website, Blog, Google My Business, SEO, etc. Digital marketing is the future, so you can offer digital services and help businesses expand their client base.

Suppose you are reaching out to a North Indian audience through your website, you must display all the content in Hindi and make your UI appealing to feed the untapped market. This will easily convert your visitors to buyers.

9.  Fertilisers for Food Crops

As discussed from the first business idea for village residents, you can help farmers by offering them the best quality fertilisers and help them protect their farm from birds and insects. Each crop has its needs, so offer them different fertilisers, educate them about their application, show them the difference, benefits, and explain the logic behind using these fertilisers. This business idea does not require much capital but has a huge potential and profit margin.

interior of modern hair salon

10. Hair Salon

Start your hair salon business with a minimum investment of 30,000-40,000 INR, and grow it to the next level. If you offer haircuts to men, try cross-selling them through massage or shaving service to increase their ticket size and increase your profit.

Create your brand image in your customer’s mind and position your business as an expert in solving their grooming problems. In grooming services, the ambience has a significant role to play. Create a pleasant environment by spraying room freshener, arranging for an AC, playing good music, etc.


Starting any business idea needs courage, willpower, discipline, and persistent effort to create something better every day. You may feel demotivated, but you can create a fortune if you are dedicated to your work.

If you feel you are lacking in managing your business expenses, profits, rent, etc., you can trust the bahi-khata app of OkCredit to have your back.

This completes our list of 10 best small business ideas for village residents that one can start in 2021; we hope you make the best use of these to start your entrepreneurial journey in your small town or village.

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Q. Which is the best idea for students and women living in the village?

Ans. College students can start businesses of Digital marketing services, wedding planning, mobile repairs, and Tutoring.

Q. How to make any business idea successful in a village?

Ans. To make any business idea successful, you must start working from a ground level. Initially, you need to gather resources, earn experience, grow your network and then think to scale it up.

Q. How can I bring products for my Kirana store in a village?

Ans. You need to partner with other local distributors in your area for locally used products. Ask the distributors about the products they sell and will give you much return. You can also tie up with the local farmers, if any, to strike a profitable deal for both the parties.