Silk Saree Manufacturers in India [Best Manufacturers]

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Silk Saree Manufacturers in India [Best Manufacturers]

Silk is a symbol of beauty. A silk saree enhances the elegance and beauty of women. It is a rare and precious material used by textile industries to manufacture the most elegant and extravagant pieces-of-clothing, mainly sarees. Silk gets produced to manufacture sarees and sherwanis for Indian men and women, but the most popular amongst all is the sarees. It is a symbol of celebration blended with elegance.  

Wearing a silk saree is a dream for most women in India and if you are wondering where to buy the perfect silk saree from, then take a look at the best silk saree manufacturers of India.

1. The textile market of Surat

The best market to buy silk sarees is the Surat Textile market that provides a different variety of saree designs and is considered the most affordable place to buy these sarees. It is famous for the cotton and silk sarees in India. The wholesalers in Surat offer reasonable and affordable prices to the customers, and the designs are loved by many. Some of the famous silk designs are Tanchoi, Gajee, and Kinkhab.

If you are looking to buy silk sarees for weddings or functions, you should check out Surat. Some of the best saree manufacturers in Surat are Karishma Prints Pvt. Ltd., RS Saree Manufacturers, and Yadu Nandan Fashions.

2. Textile Market of Coimbatore

Silk, in general, is famous in South Indian cities like Tamil Nadu, where it is extremely-popular. Coimbatore is famous for silk production in India. The Kanchipuram and Coimbatore silk are some of the finest silks you can find in India. Many people buy their silk sarees from Coimbatore and cannot stop raving about it. The love for Coimbatore silk sarees designs and patterns is increasing every day. Silk sarees in Coimbatore are famous for the zari border made with intricate handwork and are the customers' favourite. The most well-known manufacturers in Coimbatore are Sirumugai and Ranka silk sarees.

3. Textile Market of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a great city to shop for silk sarees. The manufacturers in Ahmedabad are renowned, trustworthy, and offer some of the best designs in India. The best-design of silk sarees this city is famous for is the Golden Zari work on Banarasi Silk. The best manufacturers of Ahmedabad include Nalli Silk sarees and Deepkala Silk Palace. Nalli Silk saree allows the customer to shop online as well. So, If you are looking to buy silk sarees for a wedding, you can shop sarees online on their website.

4. Textile Market of Chennai

The silk production of the capital city of Tamil Nadu is no less than Coimbatore. The wholesalers sell authentic silk sarees in Chennai for affordable prices. Chennai is famous for its signature South Indian Kanjivaram silk saree weaved with golden thread all over. These sarees come in bold and darker shades with a golden border, and weddings are the perfect occasion to wear these signature silk sarees.

Rolls of fabric and textiles in a store

5. Textile Market of Kolkata

Kolkata was the first port established by the Britishers for import and export and is famous for its silk manufacturers. The city has some of the best wholesalers that sell silk sarees and have exquisite style and handcraft that are not anywhere else. Apart from the south, Kolkata has a major production of silk sarees in India and is famous for cotton tant sarees, baluchari sarees, jamdani sarees, and Kantha embroidered sarees; all depict mythological stories about their creations. You can find the best intricate pieces of silk sarees at wholesale rates.

6. Textile Market of Jaipur

Jaipur is famous for its own Jaipuri designs and offers the same design on the silk sarees with Gota Patti to make the saree look more elegant and traditional. Jaipur is one of the textile hubs of silk sarees in the North. Jaipur is famous for its traditional bandhani gold-bordered silk sarees and has elegance and richness that one cannot see in other Northern states. Jaipur has a historic vibe in its silk sarees, and that makes it more popular and more in demand.

7. Textile Market of Pune

Pune imports the collection of silk sarees from Gujarat and Tamil Nadu and offers the best of both worlds. Pune is the new textile centre in the country because of the high demand.  The silk sarees in Pune offer authentic elegance with Gujarat's influence. This makes the silk sarees in Pune the best, and customers love their collection.

8. Textile Market of Kanpur

Kanpur is the best place to buy silk sarees at lower and more affordable prices. Silk is very expensive, but Kanpur offers them at a wholesale price. The local textile market of Kanpur is emerging as an affordable marketplace to buy silk sarees for weddings and functions. Kanpur is famous for banarasi sarees, and some of the best wholesalers in Kanpur are Dakshinam Sarees and Naina Sarees.

9. Textile Market of Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and is famous for south Indian-inspired silk sarees at a wholesale price.  The city is not a leading textile manufacturer but has emerged immensely over the years. Mumbai is famous for Kanchivaram sarees due to the large south Indian population and comes with intricate details of modernisation. The best silk saree retailers in Mumbai are Nalli Silk Sarees, Elara Sarees, and New Mahalakshmi Store, with the wide variety and designs of silk sarees. Nalli Silk sarees also deliver online sarees to its customers.

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10. Textile Market of Noida

Noida is a great city to find some extravagant silk sarees in the northern region. The prices are generally high as compared to other states, but the quality justifies the prices very well. Noida is famous for Vivaah Patu silk sarees embroidered with Navratna stones and gold. The quality of these silk sarees cannot be compared with any other sarees at the same prices. If you are looking for a rich shopping experience with exquisite quality and rare designs, then Noida is the best place to visit for saree shopping. The best silk saree wholesaler in Noida is Bangalore Saree Emporium.

Thus, to conclude, we can say that India has some of the best silk sarees manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers that offer an extravagant range and saree designs of silk. Some of the most famous textile markets, like textile markets in Noida, Surat, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Kolkata, etc., are mentioned above. These textile markets offer the best silk sarees in India with the historical touch and state's authenticity.

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Q. How do I know if the quality of silk is good or not?

Ans. The quality of silk is easily noticeable by feeling the texture of the saree as it has lots of variations. The texture should be even and smooth. Apart from this, you can perform a burn test to check the authenticity and quality of the thread. Take a small piece of the saree and burn a few silk threads, and the smell would be the same as burnt hair. If the ash produced will be black and crispy, it indicates that the quality is good.

Q. What is the difference between Kanjivaram and Banarasi sarees?

Ans. Banarasi and Kanjivaram sarees look alike at first glance, but they are not the same. The basic difference is the origin of the sarees and their designs. Kanjivaram sarees are weaved with a golden thread all over. On the other hand, Banarasi sarees are weaved with a mix of golden and silver thread to produce Zari work. The difference is hard to spot initially.

Q. What is the average cost of silk sarees in India?

Ans. The cost of silk sarees depends on the thread work. A good and authentic Kanchipuram sari will cost at least Rs. 6,000. However, duplicates are available at around Rs. 600-700. On the other hand, Banarasi sarees of a good quality start from Rs. 2000, and Paithanis range around Rs 10000. A plain silk sari with a border usually costs about INR 6K, while intricate sarees can go up to Rs. 1-2 lakhs. The difference between an average cost saree and an expensive saree is the Zari work. Some sarees have gold work in them that costs higher than Rs. 2 lakhs. These sarees predominantly get purchased for wedding purposes.

Q. What is the name of the most expensive silk saree?

Ans. The most expensive silk saree is Vivaah Patu, and it is famous for Navratna stones; gold embroidery is woven delicately. The cost of Vivaah Patu starts from Rs 40 lakh in Noida or Chennai.

Q. Which silk has the highest quality?

Ans. Mulberry Silk is considered the highest quality of silk. It is made from silkworms for years under the same condition. It is 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic, which makes it expensive and high quality.