Best Reseller Apps In India [Free]

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Best Reseller Apps In India [Free]

The reseller apps have captured the attention of the masses for some time now. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and with it, the situation of lockdown has further accelerated its popularity. These reselling apps are quite popular amongst students followed by housewives.  In this article, we will be looking into some of the best free reseller apps. But before that, let's understand what reselling really means.

What are reseller apps?

Have you ever wondered, “How to make money through the phone?” This is indeed one frequently asked question. It turns out that the reseller apps provide a solution to it.  The reseller apps make it possible for people to sell products listed on the app to others. It even allows people to sell any unused product in their house to someone in need of that product. Thus, it has proved to be one effective way of converting unwanted things to cash. And most importantly, with the help of just a few clicks.

How to make money on reseller apps?

The success of reseller apps in India can be attributed to the simple fact that it allows people to make money with zero investment while staying in the comfort of their homes. It has turned out to be a simple yet quite lucrative opportunity for many. In order to resell a product, all you need to do is simply download an app and get yourself registered on it. Once registered, you can sell any product listed on the app to another person after adding a certain margin to the price. This margin is the money that you earn.

Over the course of time, a plethora of websites in this domain has come up. However, in this article, we will be discussing the top 9 reselling apps that you can access absolutely free of cost.

Top 9 Reseller apps:

  1. OLX India

  1. eBay

  1. Meesho

  1. Shop101 

  1. Quikr 

  1. Glowroad

  1. Amazon seller 

  1. Poshmark

  1. Yaari

1. OLX India

Rating: 4.2/5

Downloads: 100M+

OLX is one of the most successful and fast-growing platforms to buy and sell products online across a plethora of categories including household goods, electronics, cars, furniture. The app provides over 3 million listings to choose from. OLX is a life-saver because it provides a ground to list and sell almost anything and everything in just a few clicks. The app is simple to use and highly intuitive at the same time. It allows people to look for something in particular or discover items for sale locally.

Top features of the app:

  • List or locate any product easily
  • Lighter app with fast page load time
  • Wide product listings across multiple categories
  • Personalised notifications and suggestions
  • Customer support all around the clock

2. eBay

Rating: 4.6/5

Downloads: 100M+

eBay was founded in the year 1995 and is one of the oldest and highly reputed reseller websites. It is a platform that connects millions of buyers and sellers worldwide. At present, over 19 million sellers are registered on the eBay marketplace. It deals in thousands of categories (Fashion, Tech, cars, homes, and more) and millions of product listings.

Top features of the app:

  • Seamless payment
  • Authentic and quality products
  • Offers money-back guarantee

3. Meesho

Rating: 4.3/5

Downloads: 100M+

Meesho has grown to be the best reseller apps to shop or resell products in categories of clothes, home, kitchen, and a lot more. It covers over 50 lakhs products from 650+ categories. Interestingly, this app was founded in the year 2015 by two graduates of IIT Delhi, Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey. In 2021, Meesho got the title of “India’s most downloaded app”.

Top features of the app:

  • Huge variety of quality products at affordable prices
  • Offers delivery free of cost
  • Exclusive first purchase discounts
  • Allows cash on delivery facility
  • Free return policy

4. Shop101

Rating: 4.4/5

Downloads: 10M+

Shop101 is a platform that got huge recognition in a short stretch of time. Today, the app has over 90 lakh registered resellers and is classified as the #1 trusted reselling app. It has empowered millions of people and even small businesses to start their online stores and earn from home.

Top features of the app:

  • Sell products easily, just select, add margins, and share
  • Product listing from over 30+ categories
  • Offers cash benefits, exciting discounts & offers on a regular basis
  • Provides multi-language option
  • Issues prompt updates for every order
  • Issues payment alerts on a weekly basis

5. Quikr

Rating: 4.1/5

Downloads: 10M+

Quikr App is a user-friendly platform that’s quite easy to understand even by a beginner. It offers a one-stop solution to buy/sell mobile phones, homes, cars, electronics, and furniture. You will be able to find almost all categories of products that you can think of on this one platform.

Top features of the app:

  • Simple user interface
  • Fast means to sell almost anything
  • 24*7 Customer support
RESELLER word made with wooden blocks

6. GlowRoad

Rating: 4.4/5

Downloads: 10M+

GlowRoad is an app that is springing to be well-liked by people with its distinguishing features. The app has a 4.4 rating on Playstore and is downloaded by more than 10 million people to date. It is quite a reliable platform and offers more than 1000 high-quality product listings across 100+ categories. Even the return policy on this platform is quite trouble-free.

Top features of the app:

  • High-quality products
  • Guarantees lowest price
  • Offers free shipping
  • Provides cash on delivery facility
  • 100% return policy

7. Amazon seller marketplace

Rating: 4.1/5

Downloads: 10M+

Amazon seller marketplace is also one of the top-most successful platforms to sell anything ranging from clothes to electronics. It is a well-known name for delivering quality products on time and enjoys a high reputation among people. The striking attribute of this app is that it provides a multi-language option. Thus, while browsing this app, you can select the language you’re most comfortable in. The app comes with a simple to run interface along with some amazing features which are discussed in detail below.

Top features of the app:

  • Available in 5 regional languages
  • Assures timely and secure payments
  • Hassle-free registration process

8. Poshmark

Rating: 4/5

Downloads: 10M+

Poshmark is another leading marketplace with over 200 million new as well as second-hand items across various categories including home décor, fashion, beauty. It is a platform with over 9000+ brands including Louis Vuitton, Nike, Brandy Melville, and many more top brands. Poshmark also has a special feature wherein sellers can upload the pictures of the item they wish to sell and buyers can explore the entire collection in real-time.

Top features of the app:

  • Create product listings easily within seconds
  • Fast delivery within 3 working days
  • List deals with up to 70% off the retail price
  • Discover thousands of listings every day

9. Yaari

Rating: 4.1/5

Downloads: 1M+

Much like the apps discussed above, Yaari also lets you buy and sell items across a broad range of categories ranging from fashion to home décor.

Top features of the app:

  • Quality products at affordable prices
  • Offers easy delivery with order tracking feature
  • Provides good margins
  • Gives prompt reply to queries

So, here you go! These are the top 9 free reseller apps to get you going. You may first try a few of them before finally settling at one.

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Q. Is online reselling growing?

Ans. Yes, The improved technology and greater access to phones and the internet serve as an indication that the business of reselling is growing and will continue to grow in the future as well. In fact, nowadays many people prefer buying products online and moreover from people they know. Thus, it gives an opportunity to many to set up their online businesses and make money from the comforts of their home. Many people are seeking ways to make money online, while on the other hand, a huge chunk of the population is looking for ways to buy online from home. Thus, this congruence is the driving wheel of the reselling business in India.

Q. How much money can I make through reselling online?

Ans. The reselling business gives an opportunity to people to make money with zero investment from the comfort of their homes. Typically, a reseller can expect to earn up to Rs. 25,000/pm. However, the earnings can further be accelerated depending on the time you invest and a number of people you reach.

Q. What are some important things to know as a beginner in the reselling domain?

Ans. As a beginner, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Such as:

  • Be active and prompt to customer queries
  • You must first resell products to your friends and relatives. This will help you understand the process and figure out which selling strategy works the best.
  • Avoid sharing too many product listings. Instead, share a few products that people in your reach are most likely to buy.
  • It's advisable to keep commissions low at the beginning stage. However, once you have established your presence, then you can increase the margins with time.

Q. What are some top products to sell online?

Ans. These days, products like electronics, home appliances, beauty products, fitness products, and watches are in high demand.

Q. What are the top 3 reseller apps in India?

Ans. Apps like Meesho, eBay, Shop101 are the top most rated by the users and thus are counted amongst the best reseller apps in India.