7 Most Profitable & Best Small Rural Business Ideas for Village Youths

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7 Most Profitable & Best Small Rural Business Ideas for Village Youths

Living in a small town or village might be hard for people migrating from cities. However, when it comes to starting a business, small towns and villages have an abundance of opportunities for people. You can start various businesses in villages depending on your interests. The best part about village business ideas is that you can start these businesses with a small amount of money.  

Many youngsters have settled in villages to start their own businesses. Some of the businesses are only suitable for rural areas like agriculture and farming. Let us look at some of the best business ideas for a village that youngsters can start.

Best village business ideas for youngsters

Some of the business ideas for a small village are listed as follows:

1. Poultry farm

Poultry farms can be considered as the best business in village areas as it doesn't require a large piece of land. You can start this business single-handedly without any employees. You can start a poultry farm on a contractual basis with a vendor initially to understand the business. You would have to rear the chicken and sell them off to wholesalers to retailers in the village area.

It is essential to know the breed, weight, food, and behaviour of the chickens to sell them systematically. So, starting this business on a contractual basis will help you save money as it doesn’t require much capital and also get to experience the shortcomings and advantages of the business.

2. Milk centre

Another small business idea that you can start in a village is a milking centre. It is very common in villages or small towns. Milk centres have high market demand. Many milk centres in urban areas purchase milk from the villages. So, it is a good market opportunity to start a milk business in your villages as it can be a highly profitable business. To start this business, you need a proper place, finance plan, budget, clean environment, and accounting setup.

organic various raw vegetables, looks so colourful on the wooden rustic table

3. Organic vegetables

Many youngsters start the production of organic vegetables in the villages and sell them to the urban cities at a high profit margin. It is one of the best business ideas to start in small towns or villages. Many people in urban cities use vaccines to produce a large number of vegetables because of the small land area available to them. In villages, you can use a large area of land to produce a large number of vegetables.

The demand for organic vegetables has increased tremendously. Many people prefer organic food rather than vaccinated vegetables and fruits making it one of the most fulfilling and best businesses for youngsters.

4. Flour mill

The flour mill is another option that you can start in villages. It is one of the most profitable businesses as it is in high demand. The production of flour increases every day, and so does the demand. Don't use the mill only for flour; use it for corn, turmeric, coriander, chilis, and other spices. To start a flour mill, you need a business plan, registration, licenses, machinery, and other official requirements.

5. Freelance writer

If you have a knack for creativity and active thinking, freelance writing is a good option for you. Many youngsters prefer writing business as it aligns with their interest. The cost of living is generally low in villages compared to cities, so it is a good way to utilise your time. There are many freelance writing opportunities in villages. You can write for newspaper columns, local magazines, and publications for small traditional businesses.

6. Tutoring service

There are many students and children in the village. So, you can grab this opportunity and start a tutoring business. It will be a highly profitable business because many parents send their children off to tutors to gain more knowledge. Once you establish your business, you can create an online website and sell your educational courses to earn more money.

To start a tutoring business, you need to create a list of the services and subjects that will teach and list all the students and permits required to start this business. Make a business plan to advertise your services.

7. Retail shops

You can also consider starting a retail shop in the village.  It is one of the necessities of a village or small town. There are various types of retail stores that you can start. First, you can do market research and figure out what type of shop is not easily accessible in your village.

The retail shops include tailoring shops, clothing shop, automobile shops, IT stores, hardware stores, Kirana shops, etc. You can pick a shop according to your interests.

Customers and staff in a busy clothes shop


To conclude, we can say that there are several small business ideas that youngsters can start in villages or small towns. Villages have many business opportunities for young people. If you are looking to start a business in your village, you can consider the business ideas mentioned in the article. All these ideas are low-budget and pocket-friendly business ideas that you can start in a village. Once you establish your business, you can expand it as per your capital and budget.

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Q. What businesses can I start with INR 20,000?

Ans. There are many businesses that you can do with only INR 20,000. These business ideas include handmade and handicrafts business, designer lace business, cotton buds, papad business, tuition business, breakfast shop, grocery business, pickle business, jute bags business, handmade chocolates, bakery business, etc. All these businesses can be started between INR 10,000 to INR 20,000, or even less.

Q. Are general shops profitable in a village?

Ans. Yes, general shops can be highly profitable in villages. If you have a good shop in a good location and is accessible to most of the village, it can be extremely profitable. The profit margin of a general store ranges between 20 to 35%. It is often considered as one of the best business ideas for youngsters.

Q. How can I start my own shop or retail business?

Ans. The steps for starting a shop are as follows:

  • Make a business plan
  • Validate your business idea
  • Find a name and location for your business
  • Make a financial plan
  • Develop your products and services
  • Pick a business structure
  • Create a website
  • Advertise and promote your business.