How To Become A Wedding Photographer In India?

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How To Become A Wedding Photographer In India?

Table of Contents:

1. How To Become A Wedding Photographer- Qualifications!

2. How To Become A Wedding Photographer In India?

1. How To Become A Wedding Photographer- Qualifications!

Looking forward to starting a career in professional wedding photography? Apart from being glamorous, a wedding photographer’s career is profitable as it is part of the industry that has big money attached to it. Every year couples spend thousands on their weddings. This profession is not so difficult to launch yourself into. A total newbie photographer in this industry can also make money if they are well acquainted with the requirements.

This profession does not have a previously established path. It does not require having degrees or experience of apprenticeship. The wedding photographers create their path and their own unique story out of every wedding. Wedding photography is all about taking romantic and cheesy photographs of the couple all day, going hours without food and drink, and dealing with dramatic bridezillas. It is about picturing the bride and groom in their happiest moments of life. The best part of this profession is that there is a market in every city or country.

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2. How To Become A Wedding Photographer In India?

Steps Involved In Becoming A Professional Photographer

Given below are the various steps which the photographer has to follow, that would add value for in becoming a professional wedding photographer:

1- Education

In the early days of photography, the photographer has to educate himself. They have to attend various workshops conducted by local photographers and read as many blogs and articles as possible. Living in the 21st century where technology is evolving at such a fast pace, one always has space for improving their skills through self-education. The rookie wedding photographer must set aside some time of their day and invest some of their monetary resources towards photography education.

2- Networking With Other Photographers

The individual pursuing photography as a profession must never be afraid to reach out to other photographers. Attending gatherings periodically will help in better networking. Contacting successful photographers working in the wedding industry for tips is an important part. Individuals can begin by asking the local photographers around their area for a coffee and talking to them about the profession and the work. They would be startled by how helpful these photographers can prove to be. Sometimes they might help by asking you to second shoot for them or help send referrals, which would help build your business.

3- Be A Second Shooter

The individual must never be afraid to begin. After they have contacted various established wedding photographers around their locality, they can tag along with them to shoot at a wedding. Whether a paid or unpaid project, utilise the opportunity to learn from it. Sometimes the photographer might not be willing to allow the newbie to shooting, but they can still get a chance to assist them and see them working. This will create an understanding of how to approach shooting a wedding on your own.

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How To Become A Wedding Photographer?

4- Reach Out To Acquaintances & Friends Who Are Engaged

When the individual starts reaching out, they will gradually land to at least their first wedding somehow. Gradually after a few shots, they would have gained some experience which will boost their confidence in spreading their word. They can go around asking their friends or close acquaintances who have been engaged recently or are to be engaged if they can click their pictures. Special mention must be made about their prior experience gained while working with other photographers, which will also build up a portfolio of the individual. If the individual can lock in the engagement session, that would be a big step towards landing the wedding.

5- Create Your Website To Showcase Your Portfolio & market it

A budding professional photographer must build a good photography business website and know how their website will be found online. They can advise on what will work and what wouldn't. The individual must create such content on their website, which catches the viewers' attention in the first seven seconds. So the best work must be kept on the very top of the page. Having SEO for wedding photography websites is the most vital task.

The whole business will be meaningless if no one can find it. Proper keywords must be used for content in the blog posts so that the words are highlighted when someone searches for them. The website must be properly marketed so that it can attract new customers. The photographer can market their page on social media handles like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. It would be the best way to attract new customers.

6- Set Up Your Prices

It is one of the hottest topics in the photography community as putting together a whole package is what most photographers struggle with. The photographer must do proper research on certain key areas such as cost-based pricing, competitor pricing, the paradox of choice, and price anchor before fixing the price. If the individual is a novice in the industry, they should not charge high prices.

Once they have established themselves in the market, they can charge them according to the other professional photographers. They must not opt for severe underpricing to favor their friends or cut out the market competition. Prices must be calculated by subtracting the expenses. An accountant can be hired to keep the finances in proper check.

7- Submit Wedding Pictures To Famous Magazines And Blogs

One of the best ways to spread the word about the business is to submit the work to various publishers of magazines and blogs. Proper research must be done to find the magazines and blogs, which would be a nice fit. The individual has to go there with the mindset of getting rejected. When published, those can be used to sell the work to future potential clients.

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How To Become A Wedding Photographer?

8- Never Give Up On The Work

The individual must never lose their morale if they do not get any work. There might be days and even months when they are not getting the work. They must have patience within themselves, and the fruits would reap in the future. Wedding photography, as a profession, is a rewarding and lucrative career. It is a combination of creativity, technical skill, romance, and a dream job for the photographers. But it takes a lot from a person than just passion and a well-equipped camera.

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