How To Choose A Near By Vegetable Shop Location? Vegetable Retail Business Model.

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How To Choose A Near By Vegetable Shop Location? Vegetable Retail Business Model.

Table of Contents:

1. How To Make Vegetable Retail Business Model?

2. Introduction To Vegetable Retail Business Model

3. How To Search Near By Vegetable Shop?

4. Vegetable Retail Business Model- A Full Guide!

5. How To Begin An Online Vegetable Shop Near Me?

1. How To Make Vegetable Retail Business Model?

Fresh and healthy vegetables cater to one of our basic needs. Good food is essential for our survival. And the green grocery is one such ingredient that we simply can't do without. Are you planning to start a vegetable retail store? If yes, then it is a stable source of income as well as a potent way to serve the community. How? A vegetable shop owner supports the local farmers and helps the community to get good nourishment at an affordable rate.

2. Introduction To Vegetable Retail Business Model

One of the most significant roles that a small entrepreneur can play as a vegetable shop owner is the connection that he can create between farmers and end-consumers. Moreover, in a country like India that has a temperate climate, selling farm-fresh vegetables keeps your business rolling all year round. Here the offerings change with the change of seasons. India is one of the largest agricultural markets in the world.

The vegetable industry is performing well due to an increase in health-consciousness, and a desire to consume fresh food among people. The aim of your business should be to procure from the farmers at a fair price and retail to the end-consumers at a reasonable rate. Between 2015 to 2020, the vegetable retail business has grown to $ 7.1 billion at an annual growth of 5.2%. Since the business is booming, it is the right time to enter it by starting a vegetable shop.

3. How To Search Near By Vegetable Shop?

Before starting a vegetable stand business, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What will be your vegetable shop location and Vegetable Retail Business Model?
  2. Do you have product knowledge?
  3. Have you figured out the total cost?
  4. Do you have a Business Model?
  5. What about Market Survey?
  6. How will you source fresh vegetables and at what price?
  7. Do you have a Marketing plan?
Vegetable Shop Near Me

4. Vegetable Retail Business Model- A Full Guide!

All of these comprise the vegetable retail business model, which we discuss in detail below:

1- Location

Choosing the vegetable shop location is the most important start-up decision for you to take. Because the location can make or break a store. Getting a good location is very important for the success of your greengrocer enterprise. When choosing a location for a small vegetable shop, businessmen have to keep in mind the following factors:

- Proximity to customers and the source

The nearness of your shop to the market is an important factor. Remember that for your business to succeed, customers should find your shop easily. It is a good idea to partner with Google, so that when someone searches for ‘vegetable shop near me’, your shop appears at the top of the search results. An average customer doesn’t want to walk more than half a kilometre to buy his vegetables. You have to keep this in mind while deciding on the location of your shop. It is better to find a space near residential areas like housing societies. Your shop should also be located close to the wholesale markets or ‘sabzi mandis’. If it is too far, then your transportation costs will increase.

- Roadside vegetable stand

If you want to operate a part-time vegetable business, then opening a roadside vegetable stall near your house will be a good idea. Your initial costs will be low and you can run it yourself, or with just one labor. You can sell to neighbours and passer-by and earn reasonable profits.

- Demographics

Demographics can have a big influence on the location of the shop. The chances of your shop doing well in a densely populated area are greater than in a sparsely populated one. Our metro cities have a large population, and you could choose one that is convenient for you. Also, it would be good to find out a place where a large number of vegetarians live because then you will have a large customer base.

- Visibility

Locate your place in a high-traffic area that is easily visible to people. If your store is in a garage or basement, you have to put signs outside to inform potential customers.

- Availability of basic infrastructure

You should check out the supplies of basic utilities like power and water supply before you make a move.

- Mobile stand

A mobile stand is also a good idea, and you can go from door-to-door selling vegetables.

2- Product Knowledge

One of the basics is that a business owner should know his product well. As a vegetable vendor, you must learn about the different types of vegetables, their availability in different seasons, shelf life, prices, etc. before you go about the business.

Vegetable Shop Near Me

3- Cost

Before you start a Near By Vegetable Shop business, you have to factor in the following costs:

  1. Rent of the retail space.
  2. One year salary for two-three labor, like cashier, cleaner, etc., plus your expenses.
  3. Cost to set-up the boxes, vegetable carts, counter, interior, and racks to keep the vegetables.
  4. Equipment to preserve the produce like Freezers.
  5. Computerised billing and electronic weighing machines.
  6. Budget for advertising, infrastructure, etc. Use signs to attract people to your fresh produce.
  7. Borrowing costs, including interest payments.
  8. Waste Allowances.
  9. A specially designed vehicle for transporting goods.

If you don’t have the required money, you can borrow it from family or friends. Or, you can approach a bank to get a small business loan.

4- Vegetable Retail Business Model

You have to plan about the nature of the business, like whether you will be doing personalised home delivery, and also take orders through WhatsApp, etc. You also have to take into account the prospects of future growth-what can start as a small shop, can expand into a supermarket, and later into a chain. It is a good idea if you can also take orders by phone or email.

Before starting the vegetable shop, you have to complete certain licenses and registration procedures like GST registration, Shop License, etc. Besides retail customers, you can also tap into the nearby hotels or restaurants to get bulk business. You can take orders over the phone, and the minimum order for Rs 200, and a maximum distance covered 4 km., should cover your delivery costs. You also have to find a good delivery boy who is trustworthy and knows the area really well.

5- Market Survey

Before the product selection, you can do a door-to-door market survey in the neighbourhood where you would like to sell. Find out from your target customers, what kind of vegetables do they normally buy, and in what quantities.

6- Sourcing Vegetables

The easy availability of raw materials is a crucial factor in this business. You can have a contract with local farmers to buy fresh produce at wholesale prices. You can also offer a range of organic vegetables, and source them from certified organic farms across India. Organic food is free from synthetic and toxic agrochemicals and is more nourishing and free from health hazards.

The common vegetables which you must stock are potatoes, onions, tomatoes, brinjals, chilly, ginger, capsicum, cucumbers, etc. Apart from these, you can also stock some exotic vegetables like broccoli, mushroom, etc. You can set up collection centres in the different vegetable growing hubs in your state. Exotic vegetables have growing demand, but they are found mostly on the shelves of frozen food stores, or in supermarkets.

Vegetable Shop Near Me

7- Marketing

Marketing can be done digitally, along with the traditional methods of fliers and pamphlets. You can advertise your products on the WhatsApp groups of local resident’s associations.

5. How To Begin An Online Vegetable Shop Near Me?

Due to the pandemic scare, many people are ordering vegetables online. So, now it is a good idea to start a hyperlocal online vegetable business. It can be a franchise business also of a large supermarket chain.

An online store makes it easy for a retailer to reach out to a wider market. For this, you have to create a functional website with easy to use features like drag-and-drop tools. You also have to include multiple payment options like Cash on Delivery, and E-Wallets.

By applying digital technology to the business, you can show the customers the veggies of the day. You also have to employ a delivery boy, so that your buyers can get the items delivered within a few hours after ordering. A smart way to give access to customers via their smartphones is to develop a vegetable shop location app.

Vegetable Shop Near Me

An app for your vegetable store can pump up your sales. Nowadays, in nuclear families, both couples often work and don’t have the time to go to the market to buy fresh vegetables every day. So, an app at their fingertips will be really convenient for them.

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