How To Create A Tagline?

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How To Create A Tagline?

How Do You Make A Catchy Tagline?

  • Coming up with a catchy and powerful tagline can be a struggle for many people.
  • More often than not, rather than conveying a precise point in what they offer, the purpose goes off track by solely focusing on the product or service.
  • When it comes to branding for your business, your brand logo and tagline are of paramount value.
  • They are responsible for creating an image for your brand and echoing your business mantra.
  • Tag-lines  should be concise and perfectly summarise your brand’s message, capturing the essence of your mission, your promise, and your brand, and thereby giving a glimpse into who you are as a brand.
  • Tag-lines do not always have to be part of your logo. Instead, they can help create the message you are after throughout your branding.
  • Tag-lines can do wonders if you know to put the right words in the right phrase to capture the essence of the value you provide to customers.
  • Read on to know-how.

Research and Define your ‘Why’

  1. R&D is the most integral part of building a brand or any business for that matter.
  2. It is no different for creating a tagline.
  3. Before developing your tagline:
  • Research to see what’s already out there.
  • Take a look at the taglines of companies you admire or that resonate with you to gain a much clearer understanding of your vision, mission, purpose and what you want to accomplish with your tagline.
  • Take a moment to delineate the core of your business: why you do what you do.
  • Take ideas from famous and successful brands and analyse the changes in their taglines over time to get a clearer understanding of the self-image of their brand.
  • It's not copying but being smart.

So, do your research, and once you have a clear understanding of your way ahead, you can better create a strong brand and tagline for your business.

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Understand Your Audience

  1. Before creating a tagline for your brand, you must take efforts to understand who your target audience is.
  2. Your tagline must evoke certain emotions to connect with your audience.
  3. Statistics show that customers are more likely to have an emotional connection to a brand than a materialistic one.
  4. Accordingly, customers with an emotional bond are considered more valuable than those who are only highly satisfied with your offerings.
  5. Choose an emotion you want your audience to associate with your brand and have your tagline stand for this in as many ways as possible.
  6. For instance, Nike's tagline ‘Just Do It’ resonates with confidence and empowerment to go forth and achieve goals.
  7. With regard to your target audience, if it primarily comprises working parents, for example, a vexing issue they might face would be a lack of time.
  8. Your tagline can hit the jackpot if it can elucidate how your products can ease their problems.

Address Different Questions

  • Set aside time to contemplate a few essential questions to help you create the perfect tagline.
  • The key points to craft an impeccable and memorable tagline are:
  1. Knowing what your brand is all about and its core values
  2. What expectations do you want to accomplish as a brand?
  3. How do you want your potential customers to remember you and your brand?
  4. What emotions do you want to call to mind?
  5. How and what is it that distinguishes you from the rest?
  • The answers you will come up with are the benefits a potential customer receives from your brand or a visitor gets from staying on and browsing your site.
  • People always want something in return for their investment.
  • By integrating the benefits of your offerings subtly in your tagline, you’re exemplifying what customers get by buying your products or services.

Put Yourself in Customers’ Shoes

  1. A brand’s success depends mostly on what it can offer to its customers.
  2. Never shift your focus from your customers to describing your business’ products and services.
  3. An impactful tagline should focus on prospective patrons, not the business.
  4. As enticing as it may be, stay away from boasting about your products’ features.
  5. Instead, focus on how your products and services aim to make people’s lives better.
  6. Your customers are merely interested in gaining from your business.
  7. So, strive for a more problem-solving and less boastful tone in your tagline to accomplish your purpose.

Choose The Correct Tone Or Voice

  • When deciding on the overall tone of your tagline, ensure that it broadly matches your brand’s voice.
  • Whether you want to sound funny, get serious and educate your audience on an issue, be informative, or want to provide some motivational vision– that is up to you.
  • You can also style your tagline’s tone to be more balanced and welcoming or stable and corporate, depending on your brand’s mission and intended message.

Brainstorm With Lines

  1. Now that you have researched, addressed, and decided the elements of your tagline, you can get creative.
  2. Pen down anything that crosses your mind – words, phrases, favorite things about the brand.
  3. Look out for repeated keywords, if any.
  4. Edit through and find the crucial parts that stand out and are a direct representation of your brand.
  5. Rephrase and put the lines together as a paragraph or sentence if needed.
  6. Then, narrow it down and make it concise, but without losing the clarity of your message.
  7. Don’t try to make tag-lines perfect on your first try; they are hardly ever at first.
  8. But, with enough attempts and revisions, you will eventually arrive at a perfect creation.

Re-Evaluate Your Competitors’ Approach

  • A tagline is your wild card to outshine your competitors.
  • It would be highly disadvantageous for your brand if your tagline ends up being uncannily alike to one already in use.
  • Analyse the tag-lines your competitors use to ensure you don’t inadvertently create a similar tagline.

Keep It Short, Sweet and Simple

  1. It can be easy to get sucked into using jargon when creating a tagline.
  2. You might feel like writing a long-phrase or a sentence to bring your thoughts together.
  3. But is it going to help grab attention?
  4. It only takes people a fraction of a second to decide whether to stay with an offering or leave.
  5. Customers generally have a short attention span, so ensure that your tagline is precise and easy to understand without having to analyse and study it.

Give Your Brand A Meaning

  • A tagline is not something you create just because every company has one.
  • When you’re devoting time and energy to craft your business mantra and money to market your products and services, it should bring and add meaning to your brand.

Clarity Is A Deciding Factor

  1. Branding is all about precision and clarity.
  2. Your tagline should provide a picture of who you are as a brand and what you do.
  3. There should be no confusion regarding what your tagline implies and represents to the masses.
  4. In addition to being crisp and concise, it should clearly state your company’s mission or purpose without leading to any conjecture.

Convey A Story

  • You can’t do without storytelling in marketing and business. Every successful brand has a hidden story.
  • The stronger your story, the easier it is to convey your message, and this in turn will ensure higher sales.
  • Think of those key factors and what gets you emotional when you think about what you do – these refer to the brand’s positioning.
  • Both your logo and tagline should precisely communicate that feeling.

Create a Unique and Memorable Tagline

  1. The hardest part of creating a tagline is to avoid sounding boring or redundant.
  2. Be creative and make up a unique and memorable tagline injecting a bit of your personality into it.
  3. The best tag-lines portray your business’s persona accurately and naturally.
  4. The key here is not to go overboard, as your words should make sense immediately.
  5. There’s a fine line between a boring and totally professional tagline and an overly creative one, so be sure to weave your ideas together neatly.
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  • Crafting the perfect tagline is undoubtedly challenging and it may take multiple attempts to nail it.
  • However, the role of tag-lines in shaping your identity as a brand is immensely undeniable.
  • Creating a tagline for your business or your website compels you to think about the value and benefits you provide to your potential clients and how to express these clearly and stand out in a competitive market.
  • Remember, the secret in creating a good tagline lies in giving rather than receiving and emphasising your customers rather than your business.

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