How To Open A Play Arena For Kids? Indoor Play Area For Kids.

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How To Open A Play Arena For Kids? Indoor Play Area For Kids.

Table of Contents:

1. How Much Does It Cost To Start An Indoor Playground In India?

2. Indoor Play Area For Kids

FAQs On Kids Play Arena

1. How Much Does It Cost To Start An Indoor Playground In India?

Are you looking to join the growing kid’s indoor playground business?  Indoor playgrounds are very popular among parents who have young children. In an indoor play area, kids can have fun-filled activities like climbing, jumping, running around, and sliding.

Experts say that a kid needs an hour of play a day. Increased disposable income and growing awareness about fitness and holistic development have made indoor playgrounds very popular among the middle and upper-middle class. The advantage of these play areas is that you can visit at any time of the year-hot summer, rainy season, or the winter cold. Since these are climate-controlled, you and your children will be comfortable.

In a fun centre, people pay for the entrance and get to play a lot of games and activities. This is a great business opportunity for those who love to play with children and also make money. In this article, we will show you how to start a business indoor playground.

Step #1 Make a business plan

Starting a fun centre for kids requires careful planning. Visit a few play centres and get an idea of how the business operates. Take notes, and find out what are the things you could do better.

Write about your proposed business and the age group of children you wish to target. Give details about the activities that you wish to engage them with. Think about the total size of the play area with smaller subsections for individual games.

Your indoor play area business plan should include a mission statement, budget, and operation procedures like cleaning and maintenance.

Step #2 Take a look at the market

The play arena market in the metro cities is quite crowded. Find out the customer base and get an idea of the number of children in the area. This business would do well in an affluent area where there are many children, and the parents have disposable income.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the number of kids that you want to cater to in your indoor play area?
  • What will be the location? Will it be in the heart of a residential block, or near a shopping centre?
  • How are you going to meet the financial obligations for starting this business?

Once you are clear about these things, only then you should proceed.

Step #3 Study the competition

Your business plan should analyse the competitors and the steps that you would take to overcome that. Try to set yourself apart from competitors in terms of equipment, facilities, and design. Maybe you can install some interactive skill games that your competitors don’t have. You can visit your competitor’s social network profiles and websites to know what they are doing.

Step #4 Choose a niche

Indoor play areas can have a variety of options for kids and their parents. Your play-zone can be built around different themes like a jungle, space, desert, or underwater. You can cater to different age groups, from toddlers to school-going kids, extending to adults as well. You can have a large-scale playground with go-karts and bowling alleys to smaller-scale ones with some slides and games.

We will tell you about two themes that will be widely popular with your audience.

  • Start a trampoline park

Both children and adults enjoy bouncing around and playing games on the trampoline and are willing to spend money on this activity. Jumping on a trampoline is a fun way of exercising. Research shows that jumping for 10 minutes on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular activity than 30 minutes of jogging.

  • Water Park

Nothing compares to the magic of water. Kids just love thrilling water rides and wave pools. Your water park can be an incredible outing for both parents and children, and give them a respite from the heat.

Step #5 Do the Registration

Think of a name, get it registered, and design a logo. For business security, it is better to form a Limited Liability Corporation, to get protection if the business is ever sued.  Get a GST registration done. Find out about all the permits, rules, and regulations of the government regarding running a playground.

Invest in branding so that people know who you are. Try to incorporate your logo and colours in the décor of the playground.

Step #6 Investment

Some small business ideas like the children’s playground business can be franchised or independently owned. This business requires considerable investments. You can invest your savings in this new venture, or look for other funding options. You can speak to a bank to get a loan to start the business or reach out to potential investors.

Are you a woman entrepreneur? We have some investment tips just for you. There are some government schemes for women entrepreneurs like the Bharatiya Mahila Bank Scheme. You can take their help to start the play centre.

Remember that the cost of the play arena will depend largely on the activities that you include.

Step #7 Location

Major shopping malls, hypermarkets, and supermarkets are becoming ideal sites to build a children’s play arena. You can also start an indoor playground in a retail centre or a restaurant. Another option is to start a family entertainment centre.

Your indoor play area should be a well-ventilated space and large enough to accommodate many kids. Since real estate is expensive, you should utilize the space judiciously. It can also be used as a birthday party venue.

Vacant industrial units can be a good option. Having adequate parking space is a must.

Step #8 Select the right equipment

The playground should have toys and other activities and recreational games that children love. These may include bumper cars, mazes, trampolines, and a laser tag arena. The purpose is to see that all the kids have a fun and happy time.

The toys must be appropriate to the age of the children whom you will admit to the playground.

Step #9 Provide a safe environment

You should put up a notice board giving a list of safety precautions for the children. For example, before entering, the kids should take off their shoes and put them in a shoe cabinet. Prohibit visitors to bring sharp objects or outside food.

The play area should be clean and soft padded to make them safe for toddlers. You should hire professionals to keep the kids safe at all times. The whole area should be sanitised daily due to the Covid threat and strict cleanliness and hygiene maintained at all times.

Regularly check the safety of the equipment to see if everything is in place and in proper order.

Earth glass globe and butterfly with yellow wings in human hand on green grass background
Play Arena For Kids

2. Indoor Play Area For Kids

Happy kids result in happy parents. Children and their families would like to visit businesses that are fun and bring back happy memories. For example, in a car showroom, an in-house play centre will ensure that the salesperson can have the parents’ full attention while their children play. In a restaurant with a play area, families are more likely to linger and spend, because everyone will be having a good time.

So, you can talk to the owners of these establishments to operate a play arena inside their premises, maybe on a revenue-sharing model. Indoor play areas are a great place to unwind, both for the kids and the parents. The children have fun and also get some healthy exercise. We hope that this article will answer a lot of your questions on how to start a business in an indoor play arena.

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FAQs On Kids Play Arena

Q. What precautions do I need to take for babies and toddlers?

Ans. Check that the toys do not have any long strings attached to them. Try to avoid small toys as much as possible.

Q. How can I study customers for market research?

Ans. You can research what customers are willing to spend their money on through interviews or online polls.

Q. What demographic information is important for me to know while making my business plan?

Ans. The key data that you must have are the customer’s age, income, and lifestyle.

Q. I wish to draw high footfall to my indoor playground business. Can you suggest a suitable location?

Ans. Picking a location near a high traffic area like a mall, shopping centre, or school will surely draw in customers.