How to open a Subway Franchise in India?

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How to open a Subway Franchise in India?

Whenever we think about Subway, we think of their sandwich, its amazing taste, freshness, and more.

But by looking at the amazing reach of Subway chains, their profits, one more thing that comes across our mind is how to start a subway franchise in India.

Want to open your Subway franchise?

There are more than 43,912 Subway outlets throughout the world that are serving their customers daily and make an overall $11 billion sales, which is a large number.

It's not difficult, but there are several steps to carry forward in the process.

The Subway team precisely takes away research on you, your working methods, team, and more before allotting you their franchise.

If they do not look into your working tactics and all, then there are chances that you might not be able to reach up to their work standards. Hence it will work as negative publicity for their brand in that particular area.

Here, we will discuss everything about opening a Subway franchise, Subway franchise costs in India, and much more.

Why choose the Subway franchise?

There are several reasons behind choosing a Subway franchise, but the biggest one is their amazing brand. Some other reasons to choose the Subway franchise are:

  • Offers a unique working environment. Also, Subway is the second-largest restaurant chain in the world, so that it will offer you a lot of profits.
  • Being a Subway franchise owner, you get amazing flexibility with the help of which you can work on your terms and get good results.
  • The Subway team offers comprehensive training programs with the help of offering better services to your customers.
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Is it beneficial?

The brand has created an amazing image throughout the world; there are several Subway franchises worldwide. People love to visit this place and eat their favourite Subway food items.

Also, their customer base is increasing at an exceptional rate, so the customers are looking for more and easily accessible Subway franchises.

One of the best parts of opening a Subway franchise is that you would be able to serve everyone. There is something for everyone, from vegetarians to non-vegetarians.

Hence, we can say yes. Opening a Subway franchise in India is a beneficial investment.

Moreover, Subway franchise cost in India is also low as compared to other places. It means you can take advantage of optimum results by making a minimal investment.

In the coming section, we will look at the steps to open a Subway franchise in India.

Steps to open a Subway franchise in India:

1. Request a franchise brochure:

Although you can directly start with the franchise filling process, if you want to download the brochure and know about everything you would require for the whole process, then you should request a franchise brochure. Once you move to the Subway franchise, you will notice an option to own a franchise; you need to click on that, fill in the requested details, and ask for a franchise brochure.

With the brochure, you would get all the details based on your location, Subway franchise cost in India, and more.

2. Submit franchise application:

Within the Subway franchise application form, you would get all the details linked with the registration. So make sure to fill in all those details completely, and there should not be any wrong information.

If the application is diagnosed with any wrong information, your franchise application will be rejected. Hence you would not be able to open your Subway franchise.

The company will offer you all the guidelines and terms and conditions with the help of which you can easily fill the registration form.

3. Meet the local development agent:

Right after submitting the franchise application correctly, you would have to meet the local development agent. With whose help, you can discuss the further plan of how you can work around setting up your Subway franchise and the development process.

The development agent will help you in the complete process from the starting till the completion of your franchise process.

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4. Disclosure documents:

After you meet with the development agent and based on your project requirements, you would be signing a disclosure document that works as an official document for you being headed forward with the Subway franchise.

You would have to sign that document, and then the development process will start.

5. Research time:

Now you would have to do some research on how you can strategise your work so that the franchise work is put on automation. Under this research, you can find out the workers for your Subway franchise and many more such things.

In some cases, people also try to figure out the right place for setting up their Subway franchise during this research time.

6. Secure your finances:

Till now, you would be able to know everything about the financial requirements you need to start or set up your Subway franchise. So here's a quick tip for you to secure your finances with the help of which you can get started with the work as early as possible.

By securing your finances, you would be able to keep the exact amount used for the Subway franchise in one place. Hence whenever you get the green signal for the payments, you can make the payment.

7. Agreement for the franchise:

The next step you need to carry forward is signing the agreement of your franchise. This is considered the final step for getting the franchise.

8. Training process:

Once all the documents are signed, you and your team would be able to get training sessions directly from the team of Subway. Within these sessions, you would know how to do the production of Subway food items, how to deal with customers, manage your accounts, and many more such things.

Subway franchise cost in India:

Although there are no exact details where it's mentioned about the Subway franchise cost in India, you would require an investment of around 25 to 30 lakhs for starting a Subway franchise in India.

Of these 25 lakhs, 6.5 lakhs is the franchise fee, and the Subway franchise pays 12.5% every week, from which 8% is for the royalty fee and 4.5 is the advertisement fees.

Moreover, it is asked to have around 170 sq ft of space for setting up the Subway franchise in India and must have around 8 persons working in it. The operational cost of a Subway franchise is around 1 lakh per month.

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Marketing & Advertising of franchise:

Subway offers you guides with the help of which you can easily carry forward the marketing and advertising of your franchise. Once you have applied for the franchise, the head from the Subway office would help you out in the marketing and advertising of your franchise so that you can market yourself and fetch some attraction.

Tips for running your Subway franchise successfully:

  • Make sure to precisely follow all the tips and tricks that you will get during the training session by Subway. With the help of those tips, you would be able to do quality business while following all terms and conditions.
  • To build a great customer base, pursue excellent customer service.
  • Always pay attention to the quality of food you offer. Request feedback from your customers; it ensures any issues with consistency in quality are identified and tackled without delay.
  • After a few days of starting your Subway franchise, you would know how much bread you need daily. So from that time on, make sure to bake that much amount of bread only with the help of which you can reduce the food wastage.
  • You can also participate in company-sponsored marketing campaigns with the help of which you can promote your franchise.

Are you looking forward to learning how to open a Subway franchise and Subway franchise costs in India? If yes, then this post has everything you need to know. Not only that, but we also had a look at the marketing and advertising sector of your franchise, along with how OKCredit can help us in the management of the work.

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Q. Do we need to invest in starting our Subway franchise in India?

Ans. Yes, you would need to invest around 25 to 30 lakhs for starting a Subway franchise in India.

Q. Is training offered by Subway for learning how to manage your franchise?

Ans. Yes, Subway will offer you a complete training round with the help of which you can learn everything about this business.

Q. Will someone from the Subway team be connected with us after getting started with our franchise work?

Ans. Yes, The head of the local Subway development team will be connected with you for any help.