How to start a YouTube Channel? Become a YouTuber in easy steps

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How to start a YouTube Channel? Become a YouTuber in easy steps

Quick & Easy Tips to Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube, the pioneer in internet video entertainment, has more than a billion users. The Google-owned video platform serves as a unique space to make, share, and watch hundreds of video content. YouTube’s expanse also reaches far and wide as it is easily accessible on mobile devices, generating billions of views.

Thus, the wide reach makes YouTube one of the best platforms to promote your blog, business, or talent. However, many content creators shy away from creating their YouTube channel due to the perception that video-making is harder than creating a blog post.

Video-making is becoming easier though, with the advent of new devices and equipment to support creators. Below are the basic steps to help you create a YouTube channel allowing you to tap into this huge opportunity to take your business to the next level.

So if you have been wanting to get started on YouTube or have experimented a little and not yet found your hold, this post is for you.

The Basics of Setting up a YouTube Account

YouTube is primarily synced to your Google accounts, allowing you to watch, like, share, or comment on videos. However, it does not create a YouTube channel automatically. Creating a personal YouTube channel requires a few extra steps.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Signing Up/Logging In

Open the website in your search bar. Once the page is open you will behave to either Sign-In or Sign-Up. Click on the relevant option and log in using the credentials of your Google account.

2. Open YouTube Settings

Click the settings icon and move the cursor to the right corner of the screen where the profile icon is located. Click on the profile icon and select “Create a Channel” in the subsequent dropdown.

3. Create the Channel

Once you have clicked on the “Create a Channel”, you’ll see the option to create a personal channel or create a channel using a business name.

4. Naming your Channel

One of the most vital steps in creating a YouTube channel is to give it a name. Make sure that the name is unique yet catchy, grabbing the attention of viewers instantly.

5. Customize your Channel

Once the channel naming has been done, you will have numerous options to customize your channel. The following customisations will appear:
- Choosing and uploading a profile picture
- Writing a nice, fun, and catchy description for the channel.
- Adding social media or website and blog links. This could include Instagram or Twitter links.

6. Creating the YouTube Channel Art

YouTube Channel Art is one of the first things that any viewer would notice when they open your channel. Thus, it is important to choose a customised art or image to define your brand and its personality with your audience. A few vital tips to create the perfect YouTube Channel Art are:
- Make Sure that all text and logos are within the 1546 x 432-pixel space at the center of the YouTube channel art template as this is the area that is displayed when the YouTube channel is opened on computer screens.  The areas outside this space tend to be covered or become illegible.
- Keep the brand name, taglines, or any relevant text within the safe space as well, to ensure that they are always displayed along with the channel art across devices.
- Add the right links to your YouTube channel. These links are displayed at the bottom right corner of your page, superimposed on the channel art. Keep in mind to avoid adding logos or other important information in this area of the channel art.

Growing your YouTube Channel

Once the channel has been set up, you must also take certain steps to enhance your channels reach amongst the target audience. A few steps to increase viewership for your channel are mentioned below:

1. Optimize the Channel Description

YouTube provides a space on the channel to add something about your brand and the genre of content that you share on YouTube. This description can contain a thousand characters; thus, you need to be short and witty to garner the right attention.

You can add keywords and CTAs in the opening line to get the description indexed in search engines.

You can add links to your blog or social media to the channel. There is a provision to add five links to your YouTube channel’s banner. The first link is expanded on the channel art while the rest of the links appear as small icons.

3. Add a Trailer for your Channel

Give your viewers a sneak-peak into your channel by creating a channel trailer. Make sure that the trailer embodies the real essence of your channel. So, as soon as you have a visitor on your channel, they can get an exact picture of the type of content that you will be sharing and subscribe to your channel to check our future videos. Create a short and to-the-point trailer that contains all the prominent features of your channel.

4. Add your Contact Details

If you are using your YouTube channel as a content creator or a business, it is necessary to add your contact details for anyone who would be interested in your product or wants to collaborate with you. There is a section provided on each YouTube channel to list down the contact details. This can be found under the “About” section of your channel. Just go to your channel homepage, click “About” from the navigation and then scroll down to “Details”, to find the option to share your email address.

Once you are done with the above steps, it is officially time to post your first video! Do thorough research about trending ideas to create your first video. Once you are done with the shoot and the editing of your video content, upload the video on your channel using the ‘Upload’ button on the top right corner of the account. Fill in the title, description, and SEO tags to optimize your video to make them discoverable during a YouTube search. Since YouTube is a Google-owned product, the right choice of keywords can also help to integrate your video into Google searches and make it searchable for a greater range of audience, thereby expanding your viewer base.

Well, this was the complete process to create a YouTube channel and give your business a great boost. Vlogging is soon becoming the future of content; thus, it becomes quite inevitable to tap into a vast audience base and find your popularity amongst the masses.

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