How To Use Sales Navigator For Your Business?

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How To Use Sales Navigator For Your Business?

What Is The Best Way To Use Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn, as we all know, is a career and employment-oriented website. One of the premium features extended by this site is the ‘Sales Navigator’. As the name suggests, it is a feature that can help you improve your overall sales reputation by generating better leads. You can also use this tool to reach your target audience efficiently. In this way, you can establish proper communication with them with just a couple of clicks. More than 200 registered nations and 610 million professionals are connected on LinkedIn, enhancing the B2B potential of its features. Let us now understand the Sales Navigator feature of LinkedIn and how it can benefit your business.

What Is LinkedIn's Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is an added feature that is provided by LinkedIn in its premium usage plans. This can help your business by simplifying how a search is done and easing the process of establishing connections with prospective customers or clients. Leads can be generated in an enhanced manner by your business, eliminating troublesome manual processes. Thus, with just a few clicks, your business can connect easily with your target audience or prospective customers. LinkedIn provides this feature in three different variants, namely:

  • Professional variant
  • Team variant
  • Enterprise variant
  1. It is to be noted here that this feature might not be for you if your business is small.
  2. The feature comes at a substantial price, making it very cost-inefficient for small business owners.
  3. If you are unsure about using the feature with its high price-tag, you can consider the 30 days’ trial provided by LinkedIn.
  4. You will gain a clear idea about its applications, based on which you can decide whether to use it or not.
  5. This is one-of-a-kind business tool that you can consider if you want that extra edge in your operations.

Applications for Business

There are several features integrated in LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator that can be particularly helpful for your business. With this, clients can be reached very easily while also increasing your overall output. Moreover, you can connect with prospective buyers in a timely manner. This is the kind of kickstart you really need to consider for your business to register exponential growth.

Some of the features of Sales Navigator have been detailed below.

Lead Building

  1. Now, you can build links and reach out to your target customers more precisely.
  2. Several filters can be used to best suit your company’s objectives and prospective customers.
  3. This makes the lead search highly advanced, and you can easily target the most specific groups and be assured of better sales.
  4. This will ultimately translate to greater profitability, especially if you are into niche products that require the patronage of specific customer groups.

Leads Can Be Saved

  • With the Sales Navigator, you can easily save leads.
  • Thus, you can eliminate the hassle of going through the same process repeatedly.
  • This saves time and provides your business with essential leads that will be useful for its operations.
  • This feature ensures all leads are stored in a more accessible location of your choosing.
  • Your business can surely increase its efficiency in no time by getting back to leads that were generated earlier.

In-Mail Feature

  1. This feature is also quite useful and helps in promotion and reaching out to potential customers via mail.
  2. However, there is a limitation to the number of emails you can send each day.
  3. You can still aim to get all your essential messaging out daily.
  4. This can include promotional mail or any other mail related to your business.
  5. This way, your customer retention will improve significantly.
  6. Using this feature, new updates can be provided to your customer base in no time.

CRM Amalgamation

  • CRM amalgamation is also possible with the Sales Navigator.
  • CRM can act as a good link between customers and the business, and integrating the same can provide additional benefits to your business’s operations.
  • Hence the level of productivity and efficiency of your operations will rise significantly.
  • You can also better communicate and collaborate with your sales and marketing teams.

Team Feature

  1. This is a useful feature for your business operations, especially if your marketing team is present on LinkedIn.
  2. This can help your marketing and sales teams collaborate better to ensure timely completion of work.
  3. This will boost the reliability and efficiency of your operations.

Should You Go For Linkedin Premium?

There are ample benefits of using Sales Navigator’s features, but it does come with a premium price tag and subscription fee. So, the next logical question is ‘should I consider the paid feature of an otherwise free business tool and platform?’ To aid your decision, a list of features and benefits of going premium has been discussed below.

1. Unlimited Access

  • The premium feature gives unlimited access to LinkedIn business profiles.
  • This will help you generate better and high-potential leads.
  • You won’t lose any of your searches, which will make your process seamless.
  • You can enjoy all the business tools provided in the package of Sales Navigator, thus providing that extra boost to your operations.

2. Unlimited Connection Requests

  • This is another feature your business can benefit from.
  • The premium account of LinkedIn will give your business the ability to access different clients and connect with them instantly.
  • The Sales Navigator feature will immensely aid your business operations, making it better and reliable over time.
  • You can send about 100 connections in a day to be on the side of legal compliance.
  • The user base of LinkedIn is vast and still growing, and thus your business will be able to connect with all potential customers.

3. Dedicated Customer Support

  • This will aid your business in case of any benign issues faced.
  • This can also help improve the profitability of your marketing and sales teams, which will benefit your entire operations.
  • This can even assist you in case you don’t understand the application of a particular feature.
  • With a premium account, you can be assured of a speedy and prompt reply from LinkedIn’s customer support group.

The Bottomline

  1. Undoubtedly, Sales Navigator is one of the best business prospecting tools on offer.
  2. It has immense benefits which can be utilised by your company to boost its sales.
  3. However, because of its numerous features, it is a bit expensive.
  4. You might wonder, is the high cost worth it?
  5. Well, in case you have the capital, you should invest in the Sales Navigator.
  6. Given all the benefits it provides, your business can grow at an unprecedented rate.
  7. This will give you all the leads you need to generate for your sales.
  8. Your advertising and marketing campaigns can be to the point, targeting only the preferred and specific customer base.
  9. However, before investing in the tool, you should take the trial period to see whether it suits your business needs.
  10. You might discover that the benefits of the Sales Navigator are indeed well worth the cost.

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