Jewellery Shops in Delhi [Top Jewellery Stores]

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Jewellery Shops in Delhi [Top Jewellery Stores]

In India, wearing adorned pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings is an element of pride for women and men. It is also considered a good investment option for some people.

Thus, one needs to know various shops displaying the most elegant jewellery.

And when it comes to our favourite Dilwalon ki Dilli, plenty of shops are available to bestow people with natural bling. The main goal of this article is to make the customers aware of the nearby jewellery shops in Delhi. It will help them purchase jewellery at the best price.

10 Best Jewellery Shops in Delhi

Following are the traditional stores selling jewellery that can amplify the glamour of your jewellery box.

  1. Kalyan Jewellers
  2. Amrapali Jewels
  3. Mehrasons jewellers
  4. Shree Raj Mahal jewellers
  5. Gandaram jewellers
  6. PC Jewellers
  7. Champalal Jewellers & Co.
  8. Khanna Jewellers
  9. PP Jewellers
  10. Punjab  Jewellers

Let’s check out the details of these jewellery shops:

1. Kalyan Jewellers

You all are familiar with Kalyan jewellers. One can find stunning wedding jewels at very affordable prices. They sell fine quality jewels you can wear daily.

Kalyan Jewellers have jewellery shops in Delhi at several locations. Some of them are:

  • Sector -11, Dwarka NCR, New Delhi, Tel: 09910198533
  • Pusa Road Near Karol Bagh Metro Station, Tel: 01125733533, 01125733633
  • D-5, South Extension Part II, (ground and first floor), Tel: 9971118408
  • Netaji Subhash Place, PP Trade Centre, Tel: 01127352533, 01127352433

2. Amrapali Jewels

Amrapali jewellers have been the most luxurious brands of ornaments and gems since 1978. They personify the inheritance of India from its elegant and graceful pieces of jewellery.

These outlets keep valuable and semi-valuable pearls and gems. And every piece reflects a different sort of story through their unique designs.

Amrapali is well-known for buying modern and time-honoured jewels, particularly in silver. You can find Amrapali Jewels at 39/39A, Khan Market. And contact them at +91-9811740900.

3. Mehrasons Jewellers

Mehrasons is one of the most famous jewellery shops in Delhi. It has been in this industry before India's partition. Thus, they are one of the most trusted jewellery shops in Delhi. Also, their customer service is admirable and offers diversity in the jewellery collection.

Mehrasons has both contemporary and traditional designs to choose from. Their locations in Delhi are as follows:

  • 68, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Tel no. 01145600467.
  • A-5/26, Mandir Marg, Krishna Nagar, Pushp Vihar New Delhi, Tel no. 01145600473.

4. Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers

Shree Raj Mahal has been a renowned brand of jewellery since its launch. They follow three pillars of commitment- virtue, authenticity and undivided craftsmanship.

They make a blend of designs that are more than unique, well-crafted masterpieces. And each has its compelling tale. You can find them at Block F of South Extension I, New Delhi. Or contact them at 01140354035.

5. Gandaram Jewellers

Gandaram jewellers is also a popular place to buy an incredible collection of pearls. They have been operating their business since 1942.

Gandaram jewellery store has plus 50 million satisfied customers. All because of their 100% Hallmarked jewels. That includes four signatures of the Bureau of Indian Standards too.

Moreover, they give cashback facilities for a lifetime to their regular buyers. You can find them at Shop no. 1 Veer Savarkar Marg Central Market Lajpat Nagar II, Contact: 098116 75235.

6. PC Jewellers

PC jewellers started in Bengal in 2005 and now, has become one of the most renowned jewellery shops in Delhi. They are well-known for their excellent designs. And a prominent collection of gold and diamond jewellery.

PC jewellers also give a fascinating scheme to customers in which they can deposit EMIs and buy ornaments at the year-end. They have many sites in Delhi.

One site at F-47, Block F, South Extension I, New Delhi. Contact: 01149714971. Another location at Vikas Marg, Shankar Vihar, Preet Vihar. Contact: 01149714971.

7. Champalal Jewellers & Co.

Champalal jewellers bring an elegant array of diamond, gold, and Polki jewellery. They also sell semi-precious adornments that you can give as gifts.

Further, their craftsmanship gets reflected in the incredible detailing of their gems. You can find them in Delhi at M-49 Greater Kailash I. Tel: 09891499401

8. Khanna Jewellers

The pleasing atmosphere of Khanna jewellers is enough to persuade you to pay for fabulous gems! This shop has exhibited a wide variety of gold and diamond designs since 1953.

Moreover, these designs serve the jewel needs of all ages. They trade in Polki, a diamond type that originated in India. Their locations are:

  • Block 35M, Beadonpura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi. Contact: 01145910000
  • A-14, Vishal Enclave, New Delhi, Contact: 01145920000

9. PP Jewellers

PP jewellers deliver their buyers' outstanding designs, especially, in gold, diamond, and gemstones jewellery for years. They offer satisfying services to their customers.

Furthermore, the faculty is very generous. And they give you decent advice when you are less experienced shoppers. Their location in Delhi is PP Tower, H-5, Netaji Subhash Palace, Pitampura. Tel no: 01145161090

10. Punjab Jewellers

Another jewel store from jewellery shops in Delhi is Punjab jewellers. They have been offering trustable help since 1926. And own a tremendous number of faithful buyers. Their compilation consists of five categories:

  • Traditional gold as Zewar
  • Polki jewellery as Jwaharaat
  • Gold for daily wear as Gehna
  • Diamond as Tresor
  • Everyday use diamonds as Bella

All are aiming to create your shopping adventure hassle-free. Where to find: 161,162, Block no. 34P, Beadonpura Karol Bagh, Delhi, contact 09891254321


Please visit the above-mentioned list of the jewellery shops in Delhi. These will enable you to buy authentic gems for every special occasion.

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Q. What type of jewellery is suitable for sensitive skin?

Ans. The more the karat, the more the gold to alloys ratio. Any jewel below 14k is at least half-formed from other alloys. That could be brass or copper.

Further, gold-plated jewellery contains nickel alloys that can harm certain skin types. So, start using 14K, 18K, 22K, 24K (yellow gold or rose gold) instead.

Q. How can you identify fake jewellery?

Ans. The easiest way to check fake jewellery is by using a magnet.

Apart from this method, most real jewel items have hallmark or Ct markings. That will show how many gold karats are there in the product.

Another way is to check the rust. Original gold never rusts whereas platinum and silver start getting dark with time. Likewise, fake diamonds have gold plating to increase the shine.

Q. How do I know my ring size?

Ans. You can measure ring size with these simple steps:

  • Take a string or paper and wrap it around your finger.
  • Next, mark the point with a pen where the ends meet.
  • Measure the string or paper size via a ruler.
  • Select the nearest measure on the ring-size chart. You can measure it 3-4 times for accurate results.

Q. How to store jewellery for a long time?

Ans. These are the ways that can help you to keep the jewellery for more time:

  • Sweating can change the colour. So, before storing, wipe off all the sweat from the pieces and keep it in a jewellery box.
  • Make sure you use airtight boxes or zip locks to preserve the polished jewellery. You can also wrap them in a soft cloth. That helps maintain the pearls' shine and quality. Also, this can avoid scratching.
  • Another important thing is to store your jewellery in separate jewel boxes. That will prevent them from getting broken.
  • Avoid wearing delicate ornaments while swimming and doing household chores.
  • Keep them away from heat and light exposure as gemstones can fade.
  • Wear your jewels after using make-up, perfume and lotions. That will avoid damaging delicate items.
  • Rinse your jewels with warm water, liquid soap and soft scrub in a glass container. Dry it before conserving it back. You can use a metal polishing handkerchief to extract damage.

Q. Does custom jewellery cost more than a ready-made jewellery piece?

Ans. It all depends on jewellery design. The jeweller can carve a piece with selected metals and gemstones by keeping in mind your budget.

In most cases, custom-made jewels will be more affordable. That means you might be paying a little extra as labour charges. So, buy custom-made jewellery. And flatter it among others during special occasions.