What is the Patanjali Franchise Cost in India? [A Complete Guide]

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What is the Patanjali Franchise Cost in India? [A Complete Guide]

A franchise is a kind of business where the owner gets the legal licenses of its products and branding business operation. A franchisor is a parent company that allows franchisees to sell their products and services under their trademark and techniques under a fixed fee agreement. Franchise business has set new business models in the market. Companies are setting individual policies in their business patterns and getting control of their franchise business.

For people like us, starting a franchise business is more like getting a good movie script that can revolutionise the market, develop the customer buying experience, or renew the people's expenditure style. You can not chalk out a list of how the innovative franchise businesses have unknowingly become a part of your life for years till now. Brands like Patanjali still have some flexible guidelines to open an outlet in the city. Here, in this article, we’ll explain the process of setting up a Patanjali franchise in India along with its cost and requirements.

Patanjali as a Franchise

Patanjali is one of the leading brands of India, solely developed in India. It has given tough competition to the naming forage brands in the country. This company has helped many farmers while taking the raw materials directly to produce Ayurvedic medicines and has had many employees since its start.

This company has the most incredible brand that is yoga guru Baba Ramdev. He has changed the lives of people with his knowledge and become a trusted household name in India. Baba Ramdev has enormous followers and has massive support for the household brand Patanjali. Thousands of people have opened Patanjali outlets in every corner of the country.

Whether in an urban area or rural area, people greatly reverence the brand and trust the products. Patanjali has massive customers worldwide, helping the franchise spread its network in every city of India. Patanjali has been on the track of growth since the beginning.

Even in the pandemic wave, the company followed a robust business model in the market. It has become the choice of many who want to open a Patanjali store in their city. The company has plans to add more dealers, distributors, and more franchises to the current network in the market. Let's get into the details of the franchise procedure of the company.

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Patanjali Franchise Cost in India

Patanjali is the most trusted Indian brand of all your Ayurvedic solutions and medicines. The brand has become very popular over the years and earned revenues of over 200 crores. You can opt for this franchise with a minimum investment of 7 lakh Rs. and generate your income. Sometimes sustainable brands can help you make profits for a very long time. It is one of the economical brands in the latest franchise opportunity in India. The product line has increased from Ayurvedic items to beauty products, food products, personal care, etc.

How to start a Patanjali Franchise store?

There are over 1000 outlets of Patanjali all over India. If you want to open a Patanjali franchise store in your city, then get the details of the whole procedure and apply for the distribution to the company. Every company has some break-even period that helps the store set up in the city and earn huge profits later.

With your effort and hard work, you can minimise the break-even period and the period will end eventually and help you earn huge profits. There are a few requirements which you should know before applying for the franchise, such as

  1. Required Shop Area:- 300 to 2000 Sq Ft.
  2. Required Investment/ Franchise Cost:- from a minimum of Rs. 7 Lakhs up to Rs. 70 Lakhs
  3. Break-Even Period (expected):- can be around two to three years
  4. Where to apply for the franchise:- Visit the official website of Patanjali online.
  5. You will need to submit a security deposit (which is refundable) of Rs. 5 Lakhs in two parts, as in Rs. 2.5 Lakhs the name of Patanjali and Divya Pharmacy separately.
  6. The company has different franchise stores according to the city and locations it gets in the area. The Patanjali Mega Store gets an allocation only in the 'A' class cities with prime locations or in the centre of the market.
  7. The Mega Patanjali Store must have a location within 1km distance of the existing Patanjali Chikitsalaya.
  8. You will have to submit some legal documents like Pan card, Aadhar card, address proof, ownership, identity proof, rent deed, copy of sales registration, along with 5-6 photographs of the location and six passport size photos of yours attached in the application form.
  9. The franchise store has the products of Patanjali Ayurveda and Divya Pharmacy. The Patanjali institute gives approvals for all the products. The seller will not have permission to sell any other product in the Patanjali store.
  10. The applicant must have a significant position in the market and be a respectful person, have any court conviction, and not have any sentence from the court.
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If you plan to open any of the above franchise businesses, then collect all the details of this business and the history of brands. Understand a franchise properly and know all the basics and their regulation. Many franchises such as CureFit, UClean, Patanjali, Lenskart, Honey & Dough, and DTDC courier can be a tremendous beginning of your business career. Every brand has been on the list of the latest franchise opportunities in India.

We hope that our article on the Patanjali franchise cost helped you in your research. We are in a new world with every new business idea and startup. There are some great and creative businesses that nobody ever thinks to become a reality. People are more eager to start a franchise business now. Everyone loves innovative products and services to remove their workload in daily life. You can also make your beginning with the Patanjali store in your city and earn lavish profits from selling the company products.

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Q. Can I earn profits in Patanjali Franchise Store?

Ans. Yes, you will earn significant profits in the Patanjali franchise business. The company is remarkable in opening its franchise stores everywhere and gained a deep trust of people in the products manufactured by Patanjali. It is generating huge profits every year. It can be a fantastic decision to apply for the Patanjali franchise.

Q. How does Patanjali achieve higher profits?

Ans. Patanjali is a big brand and has a unique business model. That's why the company gathers all the raw materials and products directly from the farmers, eliminating the middlemen and agents from the process. It is the prominent feature of the company and lets it achieve higher and higher profits. It makes Patanjali the best option to start a business with a successful franchise in India.

Q. Does Patanjali sell Ayurvedic medicine in other outlets?

Ans. Patanjali starts with medical products in their stores. The best part is that they give franchises near their Patanjali chikitsalaya, making it easy to sell Ayurvedic medicines in the Patanjali stores. The company also sells out its product on Patanjali Arogya centres and swadeshi kendras.

Q. Is it easy to apply for a Patanjali Franchise Store?

Ans. A few years before, it was tough to get a franchise of Patanjali stores in any city. But the company has amended its policies and come up with the brand new idea of opening the Patanjali Mega Store in all the big cities of India. The company has generated many opportunities for the distributors. It is the perfect time to beg for the opportunity as early as possible.

Q. Do the Patanjali stores provide high turnover and margins in the products?

Ans. There are over 5000 Patanjali franchises in India, and the number is increasing day by day. The retailers have seen notable growth in Patanjali stores and claim to generate a daily turnover of Rs 25000. It means that you can get 15% profit margins in the entire range of Patanjali products. It shows how Patanjali is achieving benefits in the business.  

Q. Can anyone apply for a Patanjali outlet?

Ans. Yes, anyone can apply for the franchise store of Patanjali. You have to log on to the official website of Patanjali and fill out all the requirements for the application. Read out the above points mentioned in the checklist before applying for the franchise. Then, deeply study their business model and get ready to start your franchise business.