How to start a food business in Bangalore?

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How to start a food business in Bangalore?

The food business is the best business to start in Bangalore. The majority of people consist of young people and IT graduates. Not many students make their breakfast in the morning. So, it is a perfect opportunity to start more food businesses in Bangalore. The food businesses are always in high demand.

If you like cooking or baking, you can start a food business from home. A food business doesn't require a large amount of investment. You can start a food business with a minimal or low investment of INR 50,000. There are various food businesses, like catering businesses, snacks shops, restaurant businesses, food trucks, small food businesses, etc. You can select the type of food business as per your preferences. Let us now discuss how to start a small food business at home.

How to start a food business from home?

The food business is considered one of the best Bangalore business ideas. Starting a food business requires various steps. Want to know how to start a food business? The following steps will help you:

1. Food business plan:

The first step in starting a food business is to create a food business plan. A plan is essential for day-to-day activities and business operations. A business plan is a detailed summary of the next steps of the business. It allows you to stay focused on your mission, goals and objectives. It also helps you streamline the business activities for future growth.

A business includes various components, like target audience, restaurant-style, finances, budget, capital, investment, operations costs, inventory costs, suppliers, food menu, brand, logo, slogan, name, etc. If you have a business plan, you can look at the business plan and see your next steps. It makes the business structure more systematic and effective.

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2. Choose a name for your food business:

The next step is to select the name of your food business. A name defines the purpose of your business. Select a name that is catchy and attracts your potential customers. If your name is complicated or is bland, it would be hard to attract customers. So, choose a name that is both simple and catchy.

A logo and a slogan are also essential elements for your business. Every food business has a slogan that defines its goals and purpose of the business. Your slogan and logo must match with the name of your business and explain the same purpose differently.

3. Investment and capital:

Every business requires an initial investment. However, many people don’t have personal funding for the funding. Even though you don’t have personal savings or funds to start the business, there are many ways to raise capital. One of the most common ways is to take a loan from the bank. You can take a loan, small or large, as per your business requirements.

Other than that, you can ask for money from your relatives, families or friends. You can also find money from outside investors that are interested in your food business. You can also use crowdfunding to raise capital.

4. Choose your location :

A location is one of the essential factors of the food business. The tastes and preferences of people change. So, choose a location that can be converted into different themes as per the customer’s preferences. Also, you need to find a place that is easily accessible to the customers.

A place must have enough space for parking, a garden, outdoor seating, and picturesque places. You can find various luxurious places at a reasonable price in Bangalore. Bangalore has many elegant and beautiful restaurants. So, you check their interior and understand what type of places your target market goes to. It will give you an idea to decorate your place.

5. Select the suppliers:

The next step is to select the suppliers. A supplier is an individual or a company that will supply you with the day-to-day inventories, food supplies, machinery, etc. You need various suppliers for different requirements of your business, such as POS systems, furniture, decoration, machinery, equipment and tools, coffee machines, kitchen appliances, food items, etc. So, you need to select a supplier that will provide you with all the inventories at a reasonable price.

6. Licenses and permits :

A food business requires various licenses and permits. It is essential to start your business legally. You cannot work without proper licensing and permits from the local government. The licenses and permits include the following:

  • Shop and Establishment Act License
  • GST Certificate
  • Trade License
  • Fire and Safety License
  • NOC from the Food and Health Department
  • Trademark Registration
  • Signage License
  • Eating House License
  • Environment Clearance

7. Hire the employees:

The next step is to recruit the people for your business. Running a food business requires employees. So, hiring employees is another essential aspect of the food business. You need various people like cleaning staff, bartenders, hosts, waiters, chefs, sales managers, accounting managers, accountants, marketing people, HR managers, etc. Select highly professional and experienced people that can help with the growth of the business.

Once your business grows, you will be required to maintain all the records of accounts and cash flow of the business. OkCredit will help you store all the relevant information about the business conveniently in one place. With the help of OkCredit, you can store all the information about staff, revenues, profits, sales in one place.

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8. Advertising and marketing:

The last step is to advertise your business. Advertising helps you to reach more customers and potential targets fast. There are many ways to market your business. You can hire marketing companies to promote your business. You can also use social media channels for promotion.


To conclude, we can say that the food business is the best business in Bangalore. You can start the food business by following the steps mentioned in the article, i.e., business plan, location, name, investment, licensees, employees and advertising. There are many steps but, if you do it right and systematically, you can create a successful food business in Bangalore.

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Q. What documents are required to start a food business at home?

Ans. The documents required to start a food business at home include ID proof of the applicant and address proof. And for the business, you need a NOC from the owner, fire and safety department, TAN, PAN card, passport size photos, water quality report, food category list, site plan and layout of the premises, bank account statement, GST certificate and other licenses and permits required for a food business.

Q. How to start a catering business?

Ans. The steps of starting a catering business are as follows:

  • Make a proper business plan
  • Get a location and decide the rent for your business
  • Source out your capital
  • Equipment and machinery requirements
  • Source the vendors
  • Get licenses and permits
  • Decide the cost of the food
  • Hire adequate and proper staff
  • Market your business
  • Use technology to take and manage orders and stocks

Q. Are food businesses profitable?

Ans. Food businesses are considered profitable compared to other businesses. The profits depend on the scale, management and customers of the food business. Large scale businesses have more profit margin compared to small-scale food businesses. The average annual growth of a food business can range between 25% to 35%.

A large-scale business can yield up to 30% to 50%. If you have good management of the food business, it is more likely to exceed the profits. Customer satisfaction also plays an essential role in the profit margin of the food business.