Essentials to Keep Ready for Small Business Owners during the PANDEMIC

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Essentials to Keep Ready for Small Business Owners during the PANDEMIC

Tips to stay healthy

The pandemic has affected millions of families, and various small businesses have also seen the brunt of this global catastrophe. While restrictions have increased in every state, businesses are finding it very difficult to make profits. However, with the rising technologies and innovative efforts, various solutions have been developed to cope with the pandemic.

It has become crucial for small business owners to take the necessary measures to increase sales and profits. While business is important, it is also crucial to understand how to keep healthy in this pandemic. One should be very careful in conducting business even if they are doing it from home.

How To Stay Healthy In This Pandemic?

Work from home has become the new norm for various small businesses. Various businesses have come to a halt, and the economic crisis is not welcomed. If you want to continue the business, here are some tips to stay healthy at home that should be prioritised at all costs.

1. Follow all the Covid guidelines strictly. Always wear masks and face shields when interacting with vendors or delivery persons.

2. Provide sanitised packages for delivery. Keep a good supply of sanitisation products at all times.

3. If you are working from home, allocate a space for all the work. If you have to send packaged goods, you should work with gloves and masks and sanitise all the products before sending them out.

4. Set fixed time slots for delivery. It will help you manage your time, and you will be able to focus on all the necessary steps in a better way.

5. If you have to travel, use private vehicles and avoid public transport.

6. If you are working with employees, ensure their safety and health as well. Have them check their temperatures and pulse rates to make sure that they are healthy and not showing any symptoms of Covid-19.

7. Follow all the above instructions during business but also focus on having a healthy lifestyle. Have a good nutritious diet to keep your immunity strong. Exercise regularly and keep your home clean and sanitised.

Essentials To Keep At Home

You must stock up on your essentials if you are working from home during a pandemic. Every person should know how to keep healthy in this pandemic due to various reasons. First of all, your state or area may have a lockdown on any day because of the rising cases. You may also have to self-quarantine if you have travelled from a high-risk area. The same goes if you start noticing any symptoms of the infection. Here is a list of essentials to keep ready at home for all times-

1. Food items

Keep a minimum stock of 14 days ready at all times. You can get dried and canned foods that are easy to store for long periods of time. Soup, canned fruits, and frozen foods are easy to store for a few weeks and can be consumed easily. You should have pasta and rice in good stock. They are easy to cook and can be used in a variety of recipes.

Dried fruits and nuts can be a great snack for evenings and mornings. Peanut butter, jams, and breakfast cereals must also be kept in stock. Get dairy products in tough tetra-packaging to last for a long time.

2. Medical essentials

You may want to make a first-aid kit if you don’t already have one. Painkillers and fever reducers should always be kept handy. Have a thermometer and pulse meters to keep track of symptoms that may arise. Cough medicines are also essential during Covid. Get a good stock of tissues, handkerchiefs, and face wipes. Body-hydrating drinks or ORS should also be kept handy. Obviously, have a good stock of face masks and face shields for all the times you need to go out.

3. Cleaning supplies

There should be plenty of home cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products. Hands should be washed frequently with soaps and sanitised at all times. Use supplies that have a good amount of ethyl alcohol that acts actively to remove the virus. The house should be cleaned regularly to avoid possible contamination due to touching and other factors.

4. Prescribed medications

If you or any of your family members have been diagnosed with any condition like diabetes, lung disease, or heart disease- get your refills as soon as possible with your prescriptions. It’s ideal if you use mail orders rather than contacting the chemists personally.

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5. Baby supplies for new mothers

If there are babies in your house have a good supply of diapers, wipes, and other medicines that are baby-specific. Ensure that you get at least a 2-week stock. You may also get some toys and puzzles to keep the kids occupied at home.

It is not recommended to overstock unless you are doing business with these supplies. In any case, having a personal stock of 2 weeks should be enough. You can replenish your stocks in due time when you feel the need. It’s best to get home delivery if they are available. If you have to go out, make sure to be completely covered to avoid any risk of infection due to exposure.

How To Maintain A Business From Home?

If you are doing business from home, keep your eyes open to research online and find out new developments. Online researchers are still going on about how to stay healthy during this pandemic. Recent technologies, including online delivery apps and meeting platforms, have been developed to conduct businesses smoothly from home with minimum risk.

teenage work at home with laptop prepare product in parcel for customer


It’s true that the online medium is a great boon but try not to overstress yourself. To understand how to keep fit and healthy at home- you should be mentally fit and physically healthy. The pandemic has been taking a toll on everybody, even if they are sitting comfortably at home. Take a good amount of breaks to exercise and have personal care sessions to stay fit and healthy. Spend a good amount of time with your family if you live with them. If you stay alone, make sure that you have ample face time with your friends and family.

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Q. Is it safe to do business from home during a pandemic?

Ans. It can be safe to do business from home if all the restrictions and guidelines are followed in the state of the pandemic. You should know how to keep healthy at home. Always wear a mask and a face shield while interacting with employees or delivery persons. You should be careful of any personal interaction while conducting the transactions. You should frequently sanitise your products and your work area to reduce the chances of spreading infection. You should also guide your employees to follow the safety measures at all costs.

Q. How can I start an online small business during COVID?

Ans. You can start a small business from home with the help of online apps during Covid. You should be careful of following all the guidelines to maintain safety and sanitisation during all the procedures. If you deliver items, you can use online delivery platforms to deliver your parcels with minimum interaction. You can promote your business online to get customers through social media or SEO. All the payments can also be done online.

Q. What kind of small businesses can I continue during the pandemic?

Ans. There are a variety of small business ideas that you can continue during the pandemic. You can be an online reseller in which you can receive orders online on your platform and sell them to earn profits. You can start a courier service or a platform to deliver essential items like food and medicines. You can also start teaching and counselling online if you have professional skills.

Q. How can I start a business to sell essential supplies during pandemics?

Ans. Essential supplies like packaged food and medicines are very important during the pandemic, and you can start a small business to provide them for those who may need them in emergencies. You will have to get in touch with a wholesale store to get your supply and then resell them through your platform. You can use local delivery apps to deliver the goods.