How To Find Customers For Furniture Export Business?

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How To Find Customers For Furniture Export Business?

When you are planning to start your furniture export business, the toughest question is how to find customers for business. But there is no need to worry; with the help of the internet, there are plenty of ways to discover new business opportunities overseas. You have to keep a close watch on how to find customers for your furniture export products. It is the most important factor on which the success of your furniture export business depends. You are required to make some local contacts within the countries where you are looking forward to exporting your products. Apart from focusing on legal matters and funding, a furniture exporter also needs the help of an importer to help find the right customers.

How to Find New Customers and Increase Sales?

1. Choose the right market

You should be aware of where you can export your product. The popular countries for exporting furniture products are Germany, Netherlands, USA, India, UK, France, and Germany. All these countries are highly experienced in the furniture business.

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2. Learn the demand pattern

You can only find the customers for your export business when you have clarity in your mind regarding the taste and preferences of the specific market concerning buying and selling of furniture products. It helps make the right export plan and get the cost estimates of the same.

3. Make a product catalogue

Create a high-quality product catalogue with all the information about the types of furniture products you are dealing with. Try to answer all the queries and concerns related to furniture products that the buyer usually asks for before signing any deal.

4. Quality control

Never compromise with the quality and product standard. To avoid facing any issues, conduct a pre-shipment inspection and re-check the design aspects and specifications. As one consignment is shipped, there is no U-turn. A good quality product is the only way of increasing the customer base and the key to the riddle of how to get more clients.

How to Find Customers for Export Business of Furniture

1. Focus on brand awareness

Before you start working on finding the right customers for your furniture export business, it is a must to work on brand awareness. Ensure that your furniture products are visible to your present and prospective export buyers. Create a website providing all information about your furniture export business. Secondly, devise some good SEO strategies to increase the traffic on your website using keywords that are topping the searches. It is one of the easiest ways to find the right customer for your furniture export business. You can even hire a professional PR team for doing brand positioning overseas. Doing all this will help you in understanding how to find new customers and increase sales.

2. Get familiar with the local market need of the customer

For hunting the right customers as an exporter, you need to stay informed about the latest trend in the furniture industry, taste, and preferences of the customer. Check for local forums of the exporting countries. You can even talk with the local importers of the respective counties to decide what kind of furniture trading you should get involved in to attract huge customers.

3. Contact a good export promotion council

How to get more customers? It is the question raised in the mind of each of the exporters. To find customers you can contact the export promotion council for furniture. In case you are new to business, you need to get registered with them first. If you are already registered, you can request them to offer you initial guidance regarding the countries with a potential market for your product. They will share the list of importers of the prospective countries and the data of the previous deals in furniture export. Your responsibility as a furniture exporter is to contact the potential buyers according to the list shared by the export council committee.

4. Foreign Consulates

Another way of finding a customer for the furniture export business is approaching the diplomatic missions of several countries. It is a good source of information when you are starting your export business. Many embassies have a separate trade-selected section for helping the exporters to expand their business. They offer selling tips to the exporters by sharing the data of trade organisations involved in importing or exporting goods and services.

5. Holding of trade exhibitions

Organising trade exhibitions are direct platforms for interacting with international customers. Be it in India or abroad, trade fairs are organised at a vast level. In these fairs, the entire ecosystem, like importers, exporters, and stakeholders, meet and grow their business network. It is a great opportunity to showcase your furniture products. If you are thinking about where to find information about these trade exhibitions, stay connected with the export promotion council of India. These events are a great way to easily identify buyers and importers who can become your international trading partners.

6. Register your company information in export directories

Another way to find the right customer for your furniture export business is by enlisting furniture export company information in the export directories.  You may even take the help of commission agents available across the globe to reach your desired target audiences.

7. Avail of professional data services

There are many research agencies available that offer category-wise and country-wise buyer directories. It will help you in finding the right customers for exporting furniture products.

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8. Try for wholesale export

Once you have sold the furniture products and built up a customer base, request those customers to share customer reviews. You can avail of the advantages of good customer reviews for contacting the wholesalers overseas through whom you can export your furniture products in bulk.

9. Join ABTS International Trade Facebook Group

The easiest way to expand your network is to join the ABTS International Trade Group on Facebook. You can join this group free of cost to connect with buyers and sellers worldwide. Here you get to know about the ways of making clients.


To make your furniture export business a profitable one, always do some research on the market on online platforms. Research related to the countries, economic policies, terms and conditions of doing business in various countries. You get an opportunity to clear all your doubts about the export business on online forums like Facebook or LinkedIn. It will help you as an exporter to get an opinion of people residing in the countries where you are planning to export your products. Do ask about the pricing strategy and taste and preference of people regarding furniture.

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Q. What are the best products to deal with when you are planning to start with an export business?

Ans. There is no one right answer to this question. The product demand differs country-wise. To start with any export business, one must understand the market's demand and the latest trends. The commercial success of an export business depends on your understanding of the favoured commodities in the export market overseas.

Q. Who is responsible for export regulation?

Ans. The International Trade Advisors is responsible for regulating the exports. But you need to keep in mind each country has their own set of rules and regulations to carry out the export and import business.

Q. What are the documents necessary for carrying out import and export?

Ans. The documents like certificate of origin, license, registration cum membership certificate, and commercial invoices are the necessary documents required to do import and export business.

Q. What furniture items demand is high in the export business?

Ans. The demand for furniture items is based on the needs of the customer. Only after discussing with the potential customers can you find out which furniture product’s demand is high in that specific market. As per the research, traditional furniture items like handicraft or art pieces are high in demand among foreign buyers.