What Is a Universal Account Number? How to get your UAN?

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What Is a Universal Account Number? How to get your UAN?

Initially, when any of the individuals start a new job with any of the organisations, they get a new provident account number. But it is not enough for an employee to manage its PF contributions. The whole procedure is very complicated for an employee to evaluate all of their employee provident funds properly. To overcome this issue, UAN is being introduced by the employee provident fund organisation.

The Universal Account number is a 12 digit number that is allotted to the member in their name by the employer. This UAN number never changes till you are employed. If the employee switches over their job, they are provided with the new member ID under the Employee Provident Fund; however, their UAN will remain the same. It is imperative for tracking total EPF contributions, be it the current or previous employer.

A part of your salary gets deducted in the form of an EPF by your employer. It is wise to be aware of the concept of UAN and what is its importance.

  • The employer of the organisation gives authentication of KYC documents of employees with the help of UAN.
  • If the person is holding a valid UAN, in that case, the employer cannot hold back the employees’ provident fund.
  • As an employee, you can always check how much your PF contribution is credited to your account each month. All need to do is register yourself on the EPF portal using a 12 digit universal account number. One can easily download the EPF passbook online either via SMS or through email.
  • It helps in maintaining the genuineness of all the PF accounts of an employee.
  • Centralising all the PF accounts reduces the chances of faulty PF withdrawal or transfer. It makes the whole procedure hassle-free and seamless.
  • As an employee, whenever you change your job, it is a must to link the new Provident Fund account to the UAN. Post that, EPFO will also update the same in its records.

What Are the Documents Required to Get UAN?

  • You are required to submit the bank details like account number, IFSC code, and branch name.
  • You should have a valid identity proof like Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Card to get the valid UAN.
  • Thirdly, you are required to have a valid address proof such as an employee’s state insurance Corporation Card (ESIC), or Aadhaar Card or passport.

The Process to Activate UAN:

After generating PF for UAN member ID, you are required to follow these steps:

  • Visiting the EPFO portal
  • Click on the ‘our services’ and select the option’ for employees’
  • Navigate the option’ Member UAN or Online services’
  • You are redirected to the page where you are required to provide details like PF member ID, mobile number, and UAN.
  • Enter the Captcha code after entering these details.
  • Click on the option ‘Get authorisation PIN.’
  • You are required to accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the option ‘I Agree’ and enter the OTP sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Your password is set to access the portal.

The Process of UAN Login

Once your UAN number is activated, visit the EPFO portal to log in to your account by entering your UAN in the username field, and set up a new password.

  • Once you log in, both the employee and employer can track all these PF related activities:
  • Downloading of Passbook or UAN card
  • You can check your PF linking status and also know about all the member IDs
  • Check your PF transfer claim status, system-generated claiming status, or even file transfer status
  • Editing of personal details including email ID and mobile number
  • Uploading of KYC documents
  • Updating of KYC information
  • Viewing of the helpdesk contacts

Here are the different ways to check your EPF balance:

Using the EPFO portal

Visiting the EPFO portal, one can easily view their account balance. All that is required is to log in to the website by entering the UAN number. Post login, click on the option ‘Our Services’, then click on the ‘member passbook’.

Giving a missed call

Another way through which an employee can check their PF contribution or balance details is by giving a missed call on this number 011-22901046. To avail of this facility, you should make sure to link UAN with your Aadhaar, PAN, or bank account number.


If your UAN is activated properly, then you can keep track of your PF balance or PF contribution using the EPFO’s SMS services. You are required to send an SMS on this 7738299899 from your registered mobile number. The content of SMS should be in this format “EPFO UAN”. The first three characters of the preferred language in your text is a must to mention. For instance, if you are willing to receive the message in English, then your SMS should be: “EPFOHO UAN ENG” to 7738299899.

Making use of the Umang App

You can check your PF balance by downloading the Umang App. This is free of cost and will help the employees to do all the PF activities via phone.

What Are the Advantages of UAN for the Employer?

As we have already written above, UAN is very helpful for the employees to keep track of the activities related to the provident fund. Even employers get a lot of help in managing employee’s PF with the help of UAN. It keeps them up to date regarding PF and other essential tasks.

The Universal Account Number helps them in keeping track of all the employees, whether it is a new or existing one.

Online one can easily avail of UAN facilities. There are many facilities available in the UAN e-Sewa portal which helps in doing easy EPFO transfers and EPF withdrawals. It makes the whole process smoother.

The role and dependence of the employer in managing the EPF account become limited. There is no need for an employer’s signature whenever an employee wants to make a PF withdrawal or transfer. It reduces the workload of the employer to some extent.

How Can Employees Benefit from Knowing UAN?

Employees enjoy numerous benefits of having a Universal Account Number:

  • If you have a valid UAN, you can easily keep a record of your EPF balance by visiting the EPFO portal.
  • UAN also allows them to have an easy withdrawal and transfer of EPF funds. There is no need to take the help of an employer for doing provident fund transfer. You can make easy communication with the Employee Provident Fund organisation authorities to process the PF transfer request.
  • Since the UAN number remains with the employee even after changing the multiple jobs, it makes the transfer of PF easier and smoother. UAN gives employees the authority to transfer the PF yourself using the online platform.
  • UAN helps in safeguarding your PF contribution. The reason is that the employee is not liable to access or withhold your PF money all the time. They can keep track till the time they are working with the same employee.
  • UAN makes you enjoy the added benefit of an employee pension scheme. With the implementation of UAN, both the EPS and EPF accounts are interlinked to each other. It makes it possible to make the automatic transfer of funds which results in getting a higher lump sum post-retirement.

How UAN Made It Easy to Transfer Funds from the PF Account?

When the employee changes their job using their UAN number, they can easily make funds transfer. Here are the steps:

  • Easy linking of all the PF accounts with your UAN
  • You need to share your UAN with the current employer.
  • Easy managing of the PF account, once your KYC account is verified
  • You will receive the monthly updates regarding your PF deductions and outstanding PF balance
  • There is less involvement of employee if your PF account is linked with UAN

Know about UAN helpdesk

There is a separate help desk that is being created for the convenience of UAN members, under which there are different sections to clear all their queries and doubts. There are two broad segments in the UAN help desk like claim and help. The section ‘help’ caters to the queries of employer and employee. If we talk about ‘claim’, it caters to various claim forms.


So, suppose you are making a PF contribution. In that case, your UAN number must be activated as you can get the benefit of all the facilities available under EPF in a hassle-free way if you are holding a valid UAN.

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