Why Do Businesses Use Social Media?

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Why Do Businesses Use Social Media?

Social media started as a trend, but now it has become a necessity. Social media is not at all the same as it was during the early 2000s; now, it has completely transformed, evolved, and advanced to become an important aspect and everyone's life, including our business. Social media is popular among businesses because it works for the betterment of the business.

Statistics show that social media has a positive effect on business and its sales. Companies that tend to use social media have more satisfied and loyal customers. Social media helps businesses to create a sense of community engagement with their customers as well as users’ publicity.

Social media helps businesses in the following ways:

1. Targeting customers

Earlier, the advertisements you posted on social media were visible to anyone who wasn't even your targeted customer, which led to wastage of money and time. With the advancements in social media, targeting has become easy for businesses as the target group you wanted to reach is possible in a fraction of the seconds. In this way of targeting, you are not wasting your time, money, and energy on a group of people who won't be interested in your business or are not useful for your business. For example: If your business produces a certain product or service for women of the age group of 20-35, then social media marketing allows you to target them through a funnelling process. You select the advertisement you want to show, tick the gender and age group you want to target, and reach what you are looking for. In this way, you are reaching out to people who are suspects for your product and might become prospects after watching the advertisement.

2. Attractiveness and visibility

What will you prefer to buy a product with a beautiful outer cover or a product with a plain white outer cover? A product with a beautiful outer cover attracts your attention, and you feel more confident buying that product. The same is the case with social media; companies that tend to have social media pages and post attractive pictures and videos of their products are more likely to be visible and bought by customers. Social media has changed how customers connect with the product; now, they experience it, feel it, and are even a part of the product community. Attractiveness allows you to increase your product reach, visibility, and sales.

3. No marketing limitations

Social media allows you to post and update your customers from anywhere and anytime; from your office or your home; social media has no limitations. Using social media allows you to educate your customers about any new product launch, new features, or new exciting scheme launched by the company. It enables you to stay in touch with your customers 24 hours a day.

4. User markets for your product

Most exciting benefit of social media is that it allows users to market your product at no cost. It helps create a marketing chain for your product, which would have heavily charged you. By each comment, like, or share you get on social media by your customers, they are providing you with mouth to mouth publicity at no cost. Social media marketing chains can be explained with a simple example: Suppose a user of your product posts about your product and even tags you, and that post gets around 1000 reach. Out of those 1000, approximately 100 start using your product and even post about your product, which further gets 1000 reach each. This process keeps on continuing as a chain and reaches multitudes of people.

5. Allows you to generate useful leads

Social media allows you to reach many potential customers and might be interested in buying your product or service. Many social media platforms offer this paid service for lead generation, which allows you to collect leads for your product by increasing your advertisement visibility. Lead generation, this way, using social media is far better than traditional lead generation techniques as it provides better results and even the cost of lead generation is lesser.

6. Partner with some top influencers and celebrities

Social media is home to many top celebrities and influencers in every field like Virat Kohli, Akshay Kumar, Neha Kakkar, and many more. So, keeping in mind your product's usability, you can easily partner with any of the influencers or celebrities and use their reach and following to promote your product and boost your sales. Many celebrities have more than 100 million followers on their social media platforms, so you are making yourself visible to millions of potential customers by partnering with any one of them. For example: If your product is related to sports or energy, you can partner with any sports-related celebrity to promote your product. This way, you can easily reach a lot of potential customers. This promotion method usually costs a lot of money, so calculating a budget allows you to select the best influencer to promote your brand.

A man is using laptop and it's display showing about social media

7. Helps in crisis management

Crisis is the worst situation that a company can imagine but being ready for the worst is always better. Social media has always been a saviour for many companies in handling crises. Being silent is never an option in crisis management; it is very important to speak and communicate with customers who could even be an apology. Social media allows your apology or your point of view of a crisis to be spoken. Nowadays, every company needs to have a crisis management team and a well planned social media strategy to come out of the crisis; otherwise, the worst might happen.

8. Stay updated and top in the business

Competition is tremendous in every business, so it is very important to keep an eye on competitor's strategies and position. Social media allows you to be updated with new trends which you can always use to stay ahead of the competition and be the top in the business.


Every business needs to be visible on social media to communicate and engage with their customers. Every business should use social media for the number of benefits it offers, including transparency, promotion and crisis management. You should have a dedicated team to handle social media channels rather than a single person. Create user-friendly content and regularly post on social media channels to communicate offers and promotions to users. Social media requires less efforts, but the results are enormous, which can definitely change the scenario for your business. It is no longer a platform related to friends and family; it is a whole new marketplace for your business.

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Q. Do I need to pay anything to social media platforms?

Ans. No, social media channels are completely free if you just want to start a page and communicate with your users. But if you want your business to be more visible, you might choose their advertisement package where you pay for higher visibility.

Q. How to start a social media business page for my company?

Ans. There are a few steps for starting a social media page:

1. Select social media platforms
2. Register with those social media platforms
3. Select a username that will be visible to users
4. Start posting on the page and connecting with users of your products

Q. Which social media platforms can I register my business with?

Ans. There are a lot of platforms that are available for your business to engage with customers like:

1. Instagram
2. LinkedIn
3. Facebook
4. Telegram
5. WhatsApp Business
6. Twitter, and many more.

Registration on these social media platforms are completely free, but you might have to pay for using some specialised feature of the platforms.