13 Best & Affordable Places to Advertise Your Small Business

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13 Best & Affordable Places to Advertise Your Small Business

What Is The Most Effective Advertising For Small Business?

  1. Small businesses looking to increase their consumer base and earnings rapidly should invest in advertisements.
  2. Your small company should explore various advertisement approaches to promote and sell your product to a bigger audience.
  3. An adequately executed ad campaign can help you generate enormous inquiries for your business.
  4. Investing appropriately in advertisements for your small business will also give you new clients with a good ROI.
  5. In the past decade, how business owners approached marketing their business and drawing publicity has changed drastically.
  6. The major shift is into digital ad spending.
  7. It is a wise move to allocate some of your advertisement spendings to a web-based promotion, no matter how limited your budget or how you want to disburse it.
  8. You must target various popular sites for digital advertisements, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, to conduct efficient promotion of your business.
  9. When you start examining all the potential places to advertise your business, it may seem like a jungle out there, but we’re here to direct you through this confusing situation.

13 Best Places to Advertise a Small Business

PPC Ads On Search Engines

  • Google is the best place to give ads for small businesses.
  • It may seem that Google provides you with useful information and resources like Google Docs, Gmail, Calendars, etc.
  • However, it offers multiple efficient options to ensure that your client sees your commercials.
  • One of the unique advantages of PPC advertising is one needs to pay only when users click their ads.
  • The ability to target and test particular markets and run niche campaigns helps in significant growth in conversion.
  • The competition from other firms in the same sector is possibly the only drawback for the PPC campaigns.
  • The most successful markets have many advertisers competing for the top spot because of the ease of access to Google Advertising.
  1. The financial driver that powers major social media platforms are cost-efficient options for advertisements.
  2. We all have gotten accustomed to the notion of seeing advertising in the feeds of our social media pages.
  3. Many people skip them, but their instant visibility results in the creation of recall value.
  4. Tools like Facebook paid promotions, Instagram advertisements, etc., have extended the ways marketers can access their market.
  5. Also, if you compare it with other media, the advertisement cost on Facebook is much lower.
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Influencer Marketing

  • A reasonably new and somewhat untested advertising model has developed from the growing power of social media influencers.
  • Influencers, popular on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, are people with a dedicated set of followers.
  • Marketing using influencers will help to expand the visibility of your brand and accelerate your sales.

Email Marketing

  1. Up till a few years back, you might have opened emails as soon as you received them.
  2. The odds of opening all of your emails have plummeted today.
  3. While the open rates for emails have fallen dramatically over the past ten years, the average opening rate is still substantially high if compared with similar media.
  4. Sending emails to customers can always be a viable choice, depending on your business.
  5. Email campaigns, when used as part of a broader strategy, can help to keep your products and services in the mind of customers.

Video Advertising

  • Video as a platform has evolved to become the world’s most popular promotional platform since the launch of YouTube in 2005.
  • YouTube not only offers the ability to advertise on its site, but the video format is also a perfect way to build credibility with your audience.
  • Video viewers will have greater consumer engagement with businesses compared to other media.
  • Also, video production costs have fallen significantly.
  • A firm can set up an in-house studio for less than a lac rupees and start making high-quality videos.
  1. The growth of digital media and content platforms has led to a decline in print media and TV and radio.
  2. But print media and traditional promotion channels also offer great opportunities for small businesses.
  3. After finding a product in a catalogue or print ad, many customers are more likely to visit a website.
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Press Releases

  • To create attention, PR is an effective medium for any small business.
  • It is easy to arrange for a press release to the local and vernacular newspapers any time your organisation does something newsworthy.
  • With free dissemination across trustworthy news sources, more individuals see it and are likely to engage with it.

Podcast Ads

  1. With the growth of podcasts over the past few years, there are various ways for advertisers to tap into an engaged audience.
  2. The significant advantage of ads on podcasts is that the listener has a high degree of confidence in the individual running the promotion.
  3. Podcast advertisers are also referred to as sponsors because they allow podcasters to remain in business.


  • Asking for support from those you know is one of the best ways to grow your business.
  • Contact relatives, colleagues, former employers, non-profit organisations, schools and universities, and even other companies that may need your services for referrals.
  • Explain your passion behind doing the business and ask whether they can explore your products or services.
  • You should also ask them to advise those who need your products or services.
  • It may look like a simple strategy, but many of the best business deals can happen this way.

Live Television & Radio

  1. Owing to the huge advancement of digital marketing, it might seem that the traditional media forms such as television or radio are not worth advertisement.
  2. Live television numbers are not as usual as they once were, with the rise of streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.
  3. However, many people still watch TV and can be affected by advertisements, despite the growth of OTT platforms.
  4. These media are used by many customers and should be explored for the promotion of your small business.
  5. Ads on television or radio may seem costly compared to other media.
  6. However, if you select local channels, the range can be more cost-effective.


  • The marketing of your organisation is all about putting your deal in front of the right individuals.
  • One of the best ways to do this is to identify the clients that suit your product and part of the target market.
  • A perfect strategy to do this is to work with non-competing firms that market to the same individuals as you.
  • Find resources that could bring value to your clients, and you can support their clients with your services.
  • Co-promotions are a great way to raise brand visibility and revenue.
  • The co-promotion scheme helps you to leverage the authority and loyalty of the partner company.
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  1. You will attract your target audience and gather their contact details for potential follow-up by providing an introductory webinar or online workshop.
  2. You should first check where your target group hangs online and then easily advertise for your events and register people.
  3. Some people don’t attend the event as a live audience, but can still view the video later.

Being A Speaker At Local Events

  • Although talking in front of an audience can seem daunting to you, it is also one of the quickest ways to expand your network and establish authority.
  • You can also join as a speaker in different industry conferences, volunteer organisations, and small business groups.
  • These events will help you get recognition, making new friends, and better exposure.

Final Words

  1. Bear in mind that you need to measure the rate of return if you are paying for ads.
  2. As a small business owner, you should always prefer to get better exposure.
  3. But it might not be worth it if the advertisement cost does not add value to the business.
  4. Think of the ideal media consumption of your potential customer.
  5. However, be prepared to explore all possible media for running a successful business.
  6. Remember, you need to keep testing new strategies to promote your business for quick success.

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