20 Unique Brick-and-Mortar Shop Ideas

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20 Unique Brick-and-Mortar Shop Ideas

Are you someone who believes in the power and profitability of having a brick-and-mortar shop? Even during a pandemic, the brick-and-mortar business ideas will continue to thrive. Although numerous online businesses are slowly creeping into everyone's lives, people cannot leave their favourite unique business ideas. Opening up a shop is a big venture but is also scary in the beginning. Further, there are many innovative business ideas to put forward for the shops. The shops can be anything you would prefer, right from groceries to boutiques. These ideas resist all the changes even by surviving future tech needs.

Unique Brick-and-Mortar Shop Ideas

1. Automobile sales

The selling of cars is possible through video chats; people don't find convenience unless they visit stores—the reason physical stores matter is dependent on the size of the purchase. The larger the transactions made, the more significant customers' curiosity to touch the vehicle for inspection.

Consumers want to see a new or used car online but would ultimately like to see the vehicle before buying it. The best businesses to start as a brick-and-mortar shop are automobiles, which are emotional purchases. Test driving is one more important reason why brick-and-mortar showrooms are relevant for vehicle purchase.

2. Pet supplies stores

There are numerous new business ideas to start, one of them is a pet supply brick-and-mortar store. Pet supplies are growing in retail as even during a pandemic, people have not stopped purchasing them. Consumers think of pets as part of their families and buy the best products for them. However, they usually prefer to buy from an authentic brick-and-mortar store.

The pet stores, whether small or large, are best for the personal connections of shoppers. Many even host events such as adoption drives.

3. Healthcare stores

Healthcare stores are older ideas turning into the latest business ideas. Besides, the brick-and-mortar business ideas also thrive in the online world; it includes pharmacies and drugstores carrying essential stores. For instance, online ordering of emergency medicines and other medicines or ointments is not possible. In case of medicinal needs, people can easily walk to the drugstores and buy them.

4. Food and grocery stores

Although online grocery stores are becoming widely popular, consumers still love going to the store. Moreover, it turns out to be a hot new business idea, especially for purchasing meats, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. These brick-and-mortar business ideas are suitable for emergency purchases. If you run out of milk, you can go to the physical store and purchase it immediately.

5. Optical stores

Another area still requiring personal services is the prescription of glasses. Moreover, when purchasing glasses, customers need correct prescriptions and then try the fitting and look of the glasses. It is an innovative business idea when you keep many frame options available. People walk down to the stores to carry out all the fittings.

6. Home furnishings and décor

People are emotionally attached to their furniture and like to visit a store to purchase. Delivery of furniture to all the locations is not feasible many a time. When buying furniture, people usually want to sit and feel it before the purchase. While visiting the stores, they also get discounts.

7. Photo studio

The subject must be physically present to get photographed. To be professionally done, the person has to go to a photo studio themselves. It is one of the unique business ideas and will never perish. Any photographer who wants to make it big in the industry needs a studio. Having brick-and-mortar business ideas put him ahead of others providing financial stability.

A young woman chooses lipstick in a cosmetics store

8. Cosmetics shop

People generally prefer buying cosmetics online in the modern world. However, they have to rush to the store in case of emergencies. People even today hit the stores to purchase products; they prefer to personally check and buy the products. They can also compare the brands and ingredients before purchasing.

9. Bridal gowns shop

One innovative business idea is to have brick-and-mortar bridal stores. Likewise, weddings are essential in a woman’s life, and she will want her dress to be perfect and the right fit. It is possible only if she wears it. The alterations, if any, can be made when the brides visit the physical stores themselves. Despite the online business thriving, brides still go to brick-and-mortar stores to find the perfect wedding outfit.

10. Home appliance stores

Appliances are very close to people's hearts and are hot new business ideas to pursue. Further, people prefer to visit the stores to check the devices and see if it fits in their home or not. For example, returning a washer post its delivery is difficult. When you choose online shopping, there are no guarantees provided with the machines.

With physical stores and receipts provided to the customer's hands, claiming a warranty is not a problem.

11. Parlours

Waxing studios, as well as salons, are another niche under the brick-and-mortar business ideas. These studios are where people come to get their grooming, makeup, and waxing done. It is one service that is not yet popular online. You are free to make the bookings online and later fix an appointment at the shops.

12. Tailoring shop

Tailoring business is regarded as one of the top new business ideas to start easily. Further, this business thrives since clothing requires alterations before being called perfect. Clients can bring in their clothing for various alterations and stitching to reduce body lengths, add zippers, buttons, etc, as per their liking. They would rather come to a brick-and-mortar shop than get the alterations done online.

13. Mobile repair shops

This is yet another innovative business idea to start. Mobile phone repairs have a lot of demand; you can set up a store upfront for people to come with their broken phones or cracked screens. Moreover, people can mail their devices to the shop during a pandemic. Hence, a brick-and-mortar shop is required to run a mobile repair store.

14. Coffee carts and cafés

The coffee cart business is thriving. You can easily take your coffee cart to crowded places for people to order coffee and snacks; an online presence for the shop is not even a requirement. Additionally, cafés are known for selling bakery products and coffee. Many visit cafés early in the morning on their way to work. These businesses have to be brick-and-mortar shops. Online facility is also available, but nothing beats having coffee while sitting at the café.

15. Convenience stores

A Convenience store is yet another brick-and-mortar store that will always stay relevant. Furthermore, it is called a convenience store because all essential products such as bread, cereals, milk, butter are available there. These products are usually needed urgently, and customers cannot wait to get them delivered online. Thus, this keeps the business relevant.

16. Wood workshop store

A wood workshop store is where furniture is manufactured. It falls under the hot new business ideas category where you make furniture like chairs, tables, beds, prams, etc. You can create these things and sell them online; however, people prefer to first inspect these products before purchasing. There has to be a brick-and-mortar shop where the products will be kept on display for sale.

17. Staffing agency

A staffing agency is similar to a hiring agency and has to be a physical store. Besides, applicants can send their forms online but will still be called for interviews. Only after a face-to-face interview does the hiring process gets completed. One cannot trust a hiring agency without a physical office.

18. Gas stations

The majority of the cars still run on gas and hence require constant topping off. This way, they continue running on the roads. Likewise, gas is something you will not be able to order online. Gas stations will forever be brick-and-mortar shops.

19. Pet shelters

Pet shelters are the place where owners take their pets if they have to go somewhere on an urgent basis. These shelters care for the pets as well as feed and keep them as their own. The business does need a physical location and falls under the latest business ideas.

Worker washing red car with sponge

20. Car wash services

Car washing shops are essential because they are to be cleaned every day. Moreover, this is one business that does not need any online presence. Stay in a visible location and people will bring their cars for washing.


After opening a brick-and mortar-store, ensure to keep all the supplies ready. Train the employees to interact with the customers for it to be a successful venture.

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Q. What is the cost of a brick-and-mortar shop setup?

Ans. The general cost of a setup varies in the range of 5 lacs to 10 lacs, and it depends mainly on the business size.

Q. Which are the commonly profitable shops?

Ans. Some of the profitable shops include the following:

  • Sports stores
  • Mobile stores
  • Perfume stores
  • Stationery and bookstores
  • Customised gift shops
  • Kids stores
  • Grocery stores

Q. How to start a brick-and-mortar shop?

Ans. The basic steps to start a brick and Mortar shop are as follows:

  • Choose your product or service wisely
  • Have a business plan
  • Get some basic funding
  • Choose a premium location
  • Insure licensing and other legal formalities
  • Decide on the lease
  • Obtain a reasonable amount of supplies and equipment
  • Get the adequate staff

Q. What are the advantages of brick-and-mortar shops?

Ans. Some of the advantages are listed below.

  • It offers a personalised shopping experience
  • Customers can easily preview the products before buying
  • It provides a quick and hassle-free shopping experience
  • The return policy is easy
  • The customer service is quick and simple
  • Customers can immediately take the products home