Online Business Ideas You Can Start Quickly

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Online Business Ideas You Can Start Quickly

Nowadays, a lot of customers prefer ordering using their laptop or mobile phone through an online store or site so you should start an online business if you want to go with this trend. Online companies have a lot of advantages over some physical store or offline business:

  • There are no geographical boundaries for your business. Your store is open to the world if it has an online presence.
  • There is no rent or infrastructure required to open an online business. You need a good internet connection and a laptop or mobile device to operate your business, unlike physical stores where the infrastructure cost is high.
  • You have plenty of new customers to attract, unlike physical stores where you can not attract new customers beyond a geographical location. If you have something useful to offer online, then you can attract customers around the world.
  • Your online store timings are not at all restricted. It is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, even on public holidays.

Above mentioned points clearly stated that online business is far better than physical stores, so here we present some online business ideas that you can start quickly and earn money.

1. Sell your art and paintings online

If you're an artist or art is your hobby, then you should go through this way of turning your hobby into a source of income and an online store. Artist not only means painters even if you are a musician, photographer or sketch artist, then this is your time to build a masterpiece and start earning. If you are a painter, then you can directly open an online painting store to sell your paintings around the globe. If you are a musician or a photographer, then you can sell your masterpieces online to different companies or online websites.

Why should you sell your art online?

  • It helps you get recognition and online presence around the world.
  • Online business provides you with a platform to showcase your masterpieces to the world.
  • There are a lot of people who are fond of art pieces and would love to buy your art. This way, you can earn a fair amount of money.
  • As an artist, this is the best way to turn your hobby into an earning opportunity and maybe even a potential living career.

2. Build an online course and start teaching

Teaching online courses does not require high investment, while the returns are high. You just need to record videos of yourself explaining the concepts of the online course to your target audience. If you build a fascinating and good quality online course, then no one is going to stop you from making high amounts of money as people will continuously enrol for your courses.

To build an online course, you first need to come up with an exciting topic, trending and a topic you are familiar with. Divide the learnings into small manageable videos to teach students the subject from scratch. You can either build an online website and put your online course over there so that people purchase it and start learning or you can put your online course on some reputed online courses website or application.

Why should you build an online course?

  • You are not required to keep a check on this business after you are done uploading your online course as people will purchase the course and start learning on their own.
  • As you are not required to keep a check, so you focus on some other business or work after uploading your online course.
  • It allows you to reap the benefits of the business continues as people continuously enrol for your online course even after weeks of uploading the course.
  • It is a way of showcasing your knowledge to the world and teaching people a new skill.

3. Build a new dropshipping store

Building an online store and selling products is not at all an easy task as you have to take care of packaging, inventory, shipments, order placements and many other things. However, opening a dropshipping store allows you to get away from all these headaches. Just open an online store, source some pre-existing products from different manufacturers and they take care of all the after order details while you earn a good amount of profit.

Dropshipping stores allow you not to worry about sales as you are not purchasing anything but sourcing some other supplier of the product who will take care of the shipment and packaging. Even if you make sales after a week, you are only earning profit without actually spending anything.

Why should you open a dropshipping store?

  • There is no inventory cost as you are not purchasing anything in advance and place an order only when you receive a sales order.
  • You need not worry about shipment and packaging as it is taken care of by the manufacturer or the supplier of the product.
  • The amount of commission depends upon you, if you can persuade people to buy products at a higher price, then you can earn a higher amount of commission on the product’s sales.
  • You just need a laptop and a good internet connection to start this business. As you need no warehouse or place to store different products, you can operate your store anywhere.

4. Start your thrift store

If you have a habit of looking for best deals online and buying products, then opening a thrift store is a perfect online opportunity for you. There are a lot of online stores, auction houses and second-hand stores that sell their products online. You look for exciting developments, buy them and put that on sale on your thrift store.

Many people want to buy such products but don't have enough time and knowledge to search for such items. Thrift stores are different from drop shipping stores as here you are responsible for the delivery of the product, and you buy the product first and then put it on sale, unlike dropshipping stores.

Why should you open a thrift store?

  • Once you buy a product for your thrift store, then you can put it on sale at any price, so you have an opportunity to make a significant profit on sales of products.
  • Items that you will be selling are unique and maybe vintage, so you can easily find collectors to make sales.
  • Since you will purchase vintage and unique items so even if you are not able to sell them immediately, the value of the products would never drop but only rise.

5. Start writing blogs with premium subscription and advertisements

Blogging is the best way to put your heart out and at the same time, earn a good amount of money. Nowadays, you earn by writing blogs through adding third party product details, hosting company advertisements and selling your products. For earning from a blog, it is essential to build a group of the loyal target audience so write on exciting and engaging topics that attract maximum people.

You can write blogs on any topic starting from new music albums launched, educational blogs, financial markets, current affairs and many more. You should keep in mind your target audience and write accordingly in layman's language so that people understand every bit of your blog. Once you have a good number of loyal readers, you can start hosting advertisements and selling third party products to earn a commission on them. You can easily convert this idea into a very successful business opportunity.

Why should you start writing blogs?

  • There is no limit to growth potential in this field. You can quickly expand to eCommerce, advertisements and any other online business store.
  • You can even start a premium subscription service for your audience where you can provide them with blogs on specific topics or your views on current affairs.
  • There is no life period of blogs. They are available on the internet forever until and unless you delete your blog. Writing blogs is a long term process where you might not get satisfying results in the short term but should not lose hope.


If you have decided the online business idea, then here are further steps of the process:

  • Perform market research and find your target market.
  • Develop your business idea, product or service.
  • Work on the business finance areas.
  • Find third party suppliers or manufacturers.
  • Start your own online business by building a website.

It is the right time to start your online business and create money out of it. Start small and expand when required and necessary.

All the Best!

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Ans: Yes, some online businesses require government approval while some need some unique association's support. Before opening an online business, do go through necessary legal requirements.

Q. Can I open an online store while continuing with my offline business too?

Ans: Yes, you can open an online business for your offline store maybe by posting your products on third-party websites or by selling through your website.