What is the Best Way to Market My Decorating Business?

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What is the Best Way to Market My Decorating Business?

You may have chosen interior decorating as a career because it is something you enjoy doing, but owning a company requires you to do promotional and administrative work as well. Having the skills to design stunning living spaces is just the first step toward establishing a strong reputation.

The interior design company must also be marketed to potential clients. You must set aside time to concentrate on marketing your company in addition to visiting client homes and markets for purchasing material for your decorating business.

Fortunately, to generate significant marketing buzz, you don't need a large budget. We have developed some unique marketing tips for small business to enhance the exposure of your brand. These marketing tips for small business will help you understand how to find customers and get your interior decorating company the publicity it deserves in no time!

1. Know how to attract customers

Are there as many people in the neighbourhood who buy a house that needs repairs and decorate it with modern design? Are there many young families in the area who can afford to renovate or redesign their homes? What types of styles are they drawn to?

That's the kind of thing you ought to think about while thinking about how to attract customers to your decorating business. Once you know the answers to these questions, you will understand how to find customers and reach more people who currently need your services.

2. Focus on online marketing

In today’s world, if your decorating company isn't online these days, it won't last long. Are you unfamiliar with the internet? Don't be put off by the technology. It's simple to list your interior design business, and there are even websites dedicated to interior design and other contract services!

See also how many other design firms there are on your market since competition may cost you jobs. The company that ranks first in a consumer’s search results is much more likely than a company that ranks lower, especially if the rating is high. It's important to get positive feedback in Google My Business or other local listings. A ranking system also serves as an opportunity for decorators to do their best work from the customer's viewpoint.

3. Create engaging content for your audience

Having an influential presence on your website and social media accounts is one way of getting people to pay attention to their business – the higher it is, the more exposure you get. Your business should close to the top of the search results when people look for interior designers in their city.

You'll create more share-worthy material on your social media accounts if you consistently produce content related to your company and sector. Create targeted content for your blog and social media pages.

Interior design and décor are common among Pinterest and Houzz users. Many people visit the sites searching for decorating ideas and DIY projects, the things you're undeniably good at. You only need to create a few contents and slightly repurpose them while reposting them through your various channels and marketing resources. The trick is to send a brief message suitable for your advertising platform is one of the best business marketing tips.

Think of your content beyond the box; it must not be restricted to blog posts. From behind-the-scenes images to 5-minute vlogs from main conferences and interior design events you're attending, you should post anything interesting. You must continue to treat clients and potential clients with compassion, consideration, and focus.

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4. Create designs that reflect your decorating style

The importance of cohesion cannot be overstated! Ensure that the look and feel of your website are updated regularly, matching with the latest trends. People may assume you're out of business or, worse, that your decorating style is out of date if it's outdated.

You must use a template that represents your decorating style on your website and business materials. Your focus should be on creating an elegant and modern website.

If you want people to pay attention to your content, make sure it demonstrates your abilities and imagination!

5. Seek referrals from your existing clients

Everyone enjoys a positive experience. Although all customers may not want to decorate their homes every year, some will. As basic as it might be, a referral program is a great way to contact old clients while still connecting with new ones. Referrals that come in regularly mean work that comes in on a regular basis!

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on your customer referral program. Make a list featuring customers who passed a name to you and offer them discounts on a future service. Discounts for new customers may be combined with a referral scheme to benefit both parties.

6. Offer special offers at the right time

You can generate a sense of urgency when you set a time limit for a promotional service, discount, or promotion, leading to increased sales during the days leading up to and on the final day of the special service offer. The aim is to persuade clients who are undecided about paying for your services to do so. Even if they don't buy, you'll have increased brand recognition by driving more traffic to your website.

Plan your exclusive deal, flash sale, or discount ahead of time, but make it available on the spur of the moment. Make sure you figure out how much time and money you'll need so you don't get caught off guard if there's a sudden surge in consultation requests.

You'll also need to avoid holding frequent special deals at a deep discount—not only would you be unable to benefit from giving away your services, but you'll see also the audience will lose interest. The goal isn't to minimise your work’s importance but to make your bid stand out from the crowd.

Consider using big holidays and festivals as a theme for your sales. People think about renovating homes during festive seasons, and you should target those times.

7. Do co-branding with other business owners

Working with both offline and online companies can help you to find potential customers.  Find out where your customers go to get the additional information and try to build a network. Though major retailers are unlikely to do so, small business owners understand the importance of word-of-mouth marketing.

A business owner recommends your service to a business owner who respects and wants it, especially if you are ready to reciprocate. Consider providing pro bono services to a local non-profit. Not only it assists in the planning of a fundraiser, a generous gesture, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to network while highlighting your services.

Increase your profit margin by co-branding with different designers and other related service providers. You should provide more comprehensive services to your clients—do you find that most clients want to decorate their room while also improving their home's exterior. If you team up with or associate yourself with a skilled contractor, you can expand your business further. You'll both benefit from sharing clients and promoting each other's services.

Please remember to select some business that has an interest in interior decoration services.

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8. Try to feature yourself as an environmentally responsible decorator

Many consumers today appreciate fair trade, recycling, and sustainable environmental practices. If your company seems to be reckless somehow, or if you are unable to verify the origin and specifics of your goods, the news will spread quickly. This can impact your market significantly. Why turn away potential customers when you can have environment-friendly alternatives.

People do not have to sacrifice comfort or elegance to obtain the ethical designs that they can be proud of. You can also help your local economy by purchasing goods made in your country, which will reduce demand for emissions-intensive imports.


By now, you must have how to find customers for your decorating business and tips to attract customers. The above-mentioned marketing tips for small business help you expand your business and make it a well-known brand.

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Q. Which are the platforms one could use for online promotion for decorating business?

Ans. You could use Google Adwords and display ads to promote your business if you have a website. If you don’t have a website, then you should reach your customers using the Facebook advertisement.

Q. Is email marketing an effective tool for lead generation for decorating businesses?

Ans. Email marketing can be an effective model for lead generation and nurturing old leads. You could use platforms like Mailchimp to create an email campaign for your decorating business and do regular email marketing.

Q. Does Pinterest helps in featuring the design and attracting customers

Ans. Yes. Pinterest will assist you in promoting your design and attracting potential clients to your services.