Business Ideas For Tiffin Service!

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Business Ideas For Tiffin Service!

How To Set Up A Tiffin Service Business?

  • People who are good at cooking, and love it beyond the scope of an everyday chore, can easily turn it into a great business opportunity, such as a tiffin service.
  • All you need to have are the resources and some brilliant business ideas to monetise your skill.
  • A business like a tiffin service still does not have as much existence, but has a lot of demand.
  • Whether one is a private sector employee or the public, it is a headache for everyone to pack lunch every day.
  • Outside food or the office canteen are convenient options, but not very healthy ones.
  • One cannot have that every day.
  • A nearby tiffin service will solve this problem for many office goers who cannot or do not have the time to fix themselves a home lunch before going to work daily.

Some Business Ideas for You

You can capitalise on your cooking skills for a tiffin service in multiple ways. Here are some of the best business ideas for that.

1. Monthly Subscription Tiffin Delivery Service

  • This one is the most common and the easiest of the lot to start and find success in.
  • You can get your customers to pay for a monthly subscription in exchange for tiffin delivery right to the office for all the working days of the week.
  • The menu is usually flexible in these cases, and left up to the service’s discretion, meaning you.
  • All it needs to be is home-cooked and delicious, which you would have to take care of.
  • You will have double the revenue and subsequent profit if you can tap into the market of daytime workers and night shift employees.
  • To get more clients, you can sometimes give promotional offers, such as a one-month free offer for a 12-month subscription, or a percentage of discount if they subscribe for a whole year at once.
  • You can also pitch to several office groups for this business and see if you can get bulk subscriptions for multiple employees in the same office.
  • It would help you make a lot of profit by saving on logistics expenses.

2. App-Based Tiffin Delivery Service

  • If you want to extend your business to a wider radius of customers, then it would be a smart move to launch an app for your service.
  • Hire a reputed app development agency to build a comprehensive application for your business.
  • Be clear and transparent about all the features and additions you want in the app.
  • With an app, you have the opportunity to offer different packages for your customers under the same roof.
  • You can give them the option to get a monthly subscription or place an order when they need it in real-time.
  • With an app-based tiffin delivery service, you can also offer your customers the freedom to choose their dishes.
  • However, remember to keep the menu homely yet delicious.
  • If you want to add some spunk to it, you can go with a couple of different cuisines rather than sticking to the same old.
  • For example, you can keep Middle-Eastern hummus and pita bread, Chinese home-cooked noodles, and Indian Dal and Roti—all under the same roof.
  • Stick to the cuisines and dishes you know about.
  • If you are working alone or with a team of two, keep the number of options limited to what you can do in a stipulated time.

3. Home Food Delivery Service

  • You would be wrong if you think that only office goers order from tiffin service.
  • A lot of people would rather have food ordered in than cook.
  • For them, you can deliver goods to homes as well.
  • Your target audience’s demographics for this type of service are likely to be working parents, college-goers, older people, et cetera.
  • To tap into this market, you would have to add another layer to your usual tiffin service.
  • It is possible that these customers will not take a monthly subscription.
  • So, the presence of an app becomes essential to increase your reach.
  • If you are not focusing on any particular neighbourhood and delivering all over the city, you will need more delivery personnel for this as well.
  • With this one, you might have to deliver on weekends as well.
  • For that, you can keep something different like ‘Weekend Bonanza Chef’s Special’ and send some of your best dishes to them as a surprise meal box.
  • These things will keep your customers’ attention, have them continue using your service, and recommend it to their friends and family.
  • Everyone needs a good tiffin service in today’s world.

4. Healthy Diet Tiffin Service

  • You can chart a different path for yourself and diverge from the regular route by using a more fitness-centric model.
  • There are many people on a diet, be it to lose weight or for any other health condition, but they are not in a position to invest the time and effort it takes to prepare healthy dishes as per the diet chart given by their dieticians.
  • You can set up a business that helps people follow a healthy diet.
  • For this, you would need a bit more expertise and workforce.
  • However, if you can pull it off, it has the potential to become highly successful.
  • An app is necessary for this service, or at the very least, a website.
  • You can ask your customers to upload their diet chart, and you can deliver their day’s meal right to their doorstep.
  • Want to take things further? Hire a dietician yourself and help people find a reasonable diet chart to get back in shape.
  • The doctor can take care of the diet chart, and you can take care of the cooking—your customers will not have to go anywhere else.
  • The pricing for the latter type of service should, of course, be much more.
  • Do market research and make an informed decision before you invest in anything.

Marketing Ideas For Tiffin Service


  1. Before you set up the menu or location, make sure you check what the market demands on their plate for lunch.
  2. It is very crucial to understand the market with proper research and homework.
  3. Learn what is the favourite cuisine in the neighbourhood you are going to sell in.
  4. You can capitalise on your cooking skills for a tiffin service in multiple ways. Here are some of the best business ideas for that.

Cooking Space

  • If you plan to cook from home, you must have a bigger and spacious kitchen that serves at least 50 meals every day.
  • Usually, when you start the business, you will get 10 orders at least in one day.
  • Business hours will get you more orders than weekends, and gradually the number will lead to 40 to 50 in number.
  • If you do not have a spacious environment to cook, convert a part of your house for cooking services.
  • Space should be big enough to accommodate the utensils, groceries, and packaging you will provide.
  • Another option you can opt for is to get into a commercial space for your tiffin services.
  • The rental cost will then add up in the recurring cost.

Financial Aspect

Before adding up the cost, get a clear idea about the financial requirements. Your most common expenses are likely to be –

  1. Raw materials
  2. Salaries of cooking and cleaning staff
  3. Delivery service
  4. Safety and hygiene maintenance
  5. Commercial rent, if you are hiring a place
  6. Marketing and digital support

Wrapping Up

  • We are already in a world where startups are abundant and have way more access to resources than before.
  • Investors are always looking for the next best unique business idea to get behind.
  • The fresher your idea, the better are the chances you have to pitch successfully and get funding for your business.

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