Business Ideas For Tiffin Service [Best Businesses In 2022]

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Business Ideas For Tiffin Service [Best Businesses In 2022]
  • People who are good at cooking, and love it beyond the scope of an everyday chore, can easily turn it into a great business opportunity, such as a tiffin service.
  • All you need to have are the resources and some brilliant business ideas to monetise your skill.
  • A business like a tiffin service still does not have as much existence, but has a lot of demand.
  • Whether one is a private sector employee or the public, it is a headache for everyone to pack lunch every day.
  • Outside food or the office canteen are convenient options, but not very healthy ones.
  • One cannot have that every day.
  • A nearby tiffin service will solve this problem for many office goers who cannot or do not have the time to fix themselves a home lunch before going to work daily.

Some Business Ideas for You

You can capitalise on your cooking skills for a tiffin service in multiple ways. Here are some of the best business ideas for that.

1. Monthly Subscription Tiffin Delivery Service

  • This one is the most common and the easiest of the lot to start and find success in.
  • You can get your customers to pay for a monthly subscription in exchange for tiffin delivery right to the office for all the working days of the week.
  • The menu is usually flexible in these cases, and left up to the service’s discretion, meaning you.
  • All it needs to be is home-cooked and delicious, which you would have to take care of.
  • You will have double the revenue and subsequent profit if you can tap into the market of daytime workers and night shift employees.
  • To get more clients, you can sometimes give promotional offers, such as a one-month free offer for a 12-month subscription, or a percentage of discount if they subscribe for a whole year at once.
  • You can also pitch to several office groups for this business and see if you can get bulk subscriptions for multiple employees in the same office.
  • It would help you make a lot of profit by saving on logistics expenses.

2. App-Based Tiffin Delivery Service

  • If you want to extend your business to a wider radius of customers, then it would be a smart move to launch an app for your service.
  • Hire a reputed app development agency to build a comprehensive application for your business.
  • Be clear and transparent about all the features and additions you want in the app.
  • With an app, you have the opportunity to offer different packages for your customers under the same roof.
  • You can give them the option to get a monthly subscription or place an order when they need it in real-time.
  • With an app-based tiffin delivery service, you can also offer your customers the freedom to choose their dishes.
  • However, remember to keep the menu homely yet delicious.
  • If you want to add some spunk to it, you can go with a couple of different cuisines rather than sticking to the same old.
  • For example, you can keep Middle-Eastern hummus and pita bread, Chinese home-cooked noodles, and Indian Dal and Roti—all under the same roof.
  • Stick to the cuisines and dishes you know about.
  • If you are working alone or with a team of two, keep the number of options limited to what you can do in a stipulated time.

3. Home Food Delivery Service

  • You would be wrong if you think that only office goers order from tiffin service.
  • A lot of people would rather have food ordered in than cook.
  • For them, you can deliver goods to homes as well.
  • Your target audience’s demographics for this type of service are likely to be working parents, college-goers, older people, et cetera.
  • To tap into this market, you would have to add another layer to your usual tiffin service.
  • It is possible that these customers will not take a monthly subscription.
  • So, the presence of an app becomes essential to increase your reach.
  • If you are not focusing on any particular neighbourhood and delivering all over the city, you will need more delivery personnel for this as well.
  • With this one, you might have to deliver on weekends as well.
  • For that, you can keep something different like ‘Weekend Bonanza Chef’s Special’ and send some of your best dishes to them as a surprise meal box.
  • These things will keep your customers’ attention, have them continue using your service, and recommend it to their friends and family.
  • Everyone needs a good tiffin service in today’s world.

4. Healthy Diet Tiffin Service

  • You can chart a different path for yourself and diverge from the regular route by using a more fitness-centric model.
  • There are many people on a diet, be it to lose weight or for any other health condition, but they are not in a position to invest the time and effort it takes to prepare healthy dishes as per the diet chart given by their dieticians.
  • You can set up a business that helps people follow a healthy diet.
  • For this, you would need a bit more expertise and workforce.
  • However, if you can pull it off, it has the potential to become highly successful.
  • An app is necessary for this service, or at the very least, a website.
  • You can ask your customers to upload their diet chart, and you can deliver their day’s meal right to their doorstep.
  • Want to take things further? Hire a dietician yourself and help people find a reasonable diet chart to get back in shape.
  • The doctor can take care of the diet chart, and you can take care of the cooking—your customers will not have to go anywhere else.
  • The pricing for the latter type of service should, of course, be much more.
  • Do market research and make an informed decision before you invest in anything.

Marketing Ideas For Tiffin Service

1. Research

  • Before you set up the menu or location, make sure you check what the market demands on their plate for lunch.
  • It is very crucial to understand the market with proper research and homework.
  • Learn what is the favourite cuisine in the neighbourhood you are going to sell in.
  • You can capitalise on your cooking skills for a tiffin service in multiple ways. Here are some of the best business ideas for that.

2. Cooking Space

  • If you plan to cook from home, you must have a bigger and spacious kitchen that serves at least 50 meals every day.
  • Usually, when you start the business, you will get 10 orders at least in one day.
  • Business hours will get you more orders than weekends, and gradually the number will lead to 40 to 50 in number.
  • If you do not have a spacious environment to cook, convert a part of your house for cooking services.
  • Space should be big enough to accommodate the utensils, groceries, and packaging you will provide.
  • Another option you can opt for is to get into a commercial space for your tiffin services.
  • The rental cost will then add up in the recurring cost.

3. Financial Aspect

Before adding up the cost, get a clear idea about the financial requirements. Your most common expenses are likely to be –

  1. Raw materials
  2. Salaries of cooking and cleaning staff
  3. Delivery service
  4. Safety and hygiene maintenance
  5. Commercial rent, if you are hiring a place
  6. Marketing and digital support

Wrapping Up

  • We are already in a world where startups are abundant and have way more access to resources than before.
  • Investors are always looking for the next best unique business idea to get behind.
  • The fresher your idea, the better are the chances you have to pitch successfully and get funding for your business.

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