Best Business Ideas after Lockdown [In India]

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Best Business Ideas after Lockdown [In India]

COVID 19, one of the most lethal viruses, has wreaked havoc on families and markets worldwide, causing massive slowdown and deflation. Unfortunately, Coronavirus is here to stay for the foreseeable future; but do not let this infection prevent you from performing to your utmost abilities during this tough time. We cannot lose faith and optimism while being inactive and waiting for life to return to normal. Accept the reality that it would likely take months, maybe years, to normalise and things to settle down in the current scenario.

In this situation, we can all concentrate on seizing the current job openings created by the COVID 19 lockdown, maintain a healthy dose of motivation, and hope to preserve our social, economic, and physical wellbeing.

Keep up with the Trend- Looking at the present situation of uncertainty and unemployment, one must focus on the bright side and identify possibilities created by the lockdown.

Following are the imperative choices and the new business ideas that can be optimally used for psychological, social, and economic growth:

  • The first factor to remember is consumer demand. Because of the lockdown, not all are essential, and we must set aside the luxuries and comforts. Supplying essentials and the high demand for them drives the economy and generates innovative business concepts.
  • Technology and online job opportunities are on the rise, and one can stay up to date on the trending options to choose the best business idea to start under the present circumstances.
  • Education, banking, agriculture, furniture, design, gifts, weddings, food, taxes, finance, and manufacturing are some small business ideas to focus on.
  • We must prioritise technology as a key component to creating career, new business ideas and opportunities.

Most Successful Small Business Ideas to Start After Lockdown

It is critical to establish digital relationships, build tactics, and employing successful techniques to research the marketplace and implement these unique business ideas.

1. E-learning

One of the sectors that will never stop functioning is education. Even Coronavirus cannot prevent young minds from being educated. To reach out to the large number of students who crave a thorough interpretation and comprehension of unexplained topics and completion of academic syllabus, one can engage in online video lectures, online tuitions, special classes, webinars, or online teaching apps.

2. Healthcare Items

Since the series of lockdowns began, the production of small-scale or hand-made masks and hand sanitisers has seen a meteoric rise to meet the growing demand for these health care items. Numerous manufacturers, self-employed technicians, small business owners, SMEs, and MSMEs have ventured into hand sanitiser and face-mask production instead of closing down their current operations during the lockdown.

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3. Doorstep Delivery

During this lockdown, doorstep delivery has proven to be one of the most dependable market models. Customers would increasingly opt to purchase vegetables, wet market supplies and other essentials digitally rather than from the store in the immediate future. 'No contact delivery,' in which the delivery personnel leave the product at the consumer's doorstep without any direct contact with the customer, is trending these days.

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a man order a food online in his tablet

4. Food Delivery

Can't go to the restaurant? Let the restaurant come to your doorstep. With the help of online platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy, ordering food online has become a simple procedure. Numerous startups are also offering food delivery services. As a result, starting a food delivery service is a good business idea after the lockdown in India.

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5. Cab Service

The lockdown has placed many constraints on transportation services. By focusing on this constraint, one may earn a decent living by operating a taxi service for people to commute for work or travel for personal reasons. The ease of commute is the most sought after solution during the lockdown, and hence a cab service can be the most successful small business idea.

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6. Blogging

This is an excellent way for individuals to communicate their ideas and perspectives to the general population, providing them with a more informed viewpoint on various topics. This is usually beneficial for individuals who like writing but are plagued by it. A blogger has a large audience and will raise a lot of money from sponsored and affiliated blogs and advertising.

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7. Social Media Management

Social networking, as a highly influential and efficient communications tool, should be incorporated into every business idea. Maintaining a social media presence is important for businesses to remain connected to their clients and audience. Social media administrators are in charge of a company's presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social media management is a good business idea to focus on after the lockdown.

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8. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most successful business ideas to implement during the lockdown. It can be done in the form of tweets, blogs, images, or even podcasts; content is a significant factor in digital marketing. The recent ban by the Indian government on 59 Chinese applications that had a monopoly on the Indian content industry has created opportunities for Indian developers and marketers to create and introduce Indian content applications.

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9. Youtubing

Many individuals have opted for the YouTube marketing small business concept scheme and have begun monetising the enormous website. YouTube videos are catching on and have become a household item for people who are bored at home who have a lot of time on their hands. People can create and post videos on YouTube in a variety of genres, including gardening and cultivation, dance and other arts, architecture, and cooking. The volume of likes and subscriptions they get will help them make a good living from this medium.

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10. Art Work

Staying put indoors has given everyone plenty of time to work on their creative propensities. Needless to say, it is the best opportunity for artists to indulge in their craft. Once they have the necessary materials/ resources, they only need to create a virtual gallery digitally to sell their work and then send it to the customer's address. Virtual art exhibitions can be conducted to make their presence felt in the target market.

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11. Renewable Energy Sector

The world is seizing this chance to transform into a more environment-friendly, prosperous, and digitally connected. As a result, it is reasonable to assert that players in the renewable energy market have significant prospects. If you join the renewable energy sector now, you will find a plethora of demand-side prospects.

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To halt the virus's propagation, India and other countries have imposed lockdowns, in which all but critical facilities are temporarily halted. Although the difficulties we face through this process must be understood and addressed, numerous opportunities and small business ideas are generated with a wealth of untapped entrepreneurial potential.

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Q. Is it essential to have Internet banking to start a new business?

Ans. Yes, Internet banking is mandatory, as physical payment is not an option in the current scenario.

Q. How numerous video call apps help in lockdown?

Ans. Zoom meetings, webinars, google meets, etc. are suitable for holding more immersive sessions that include extensive audience involvement or the division of the audience into smaller classes.

Q. Can I sell handmade items online?

Ans. You can sell hand-made goods online from your own store founded on a website such as Shopify, third-party marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, and social networking platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Q. What is online marketing?

Ans. Online marketing is the process of using web-based platforms to communicate with potential customers regarding a company's brand, goods, or services.