Best Small Business Ideas For Women

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Best Small Business Ideas For Women

All Budgets Small Business Ideas For Women In India

  1. Have you ever thought about becoming your boss?
  2. Have you ever thought about starting your business and running it successfully?
  3. These are some questions that might come to your mind often; But, when it comes to planning a business, you may feel stuck!
  4. Running your own business and being independent certainly feels like bliss and is not rocket science!
  5. A business plan includes certain aspects that are essential for the business.
  6. You may find these tips helpful if you are an aspiring businesswoman!
  7. Here are some business ideas that you can consider for your venture!


  1. If you are good at content curation and writing, blogging is a good way to build your brand!
  2. Emerging trends in social media platforms have made content creation a top choice for a lot of people!
  3. To start your own blogging business, you can start as a Freelancer and register yourself on websites like Freelancer. in and Fiverr.
  4. If you wish to begin your blog, you can use websites like Blogspot and WordPress.
  5. Your blog can be about something that interests you or something you are passionate about, like food blogging, fashion, lifestyle, healthcare, etc.

FAQ’s about Blogging

Q. How to publish content on a blog?

Ans: You can either use a free publishing platform, or you can build your publishing platform. Blogspot and WordPress are the best platforms for blog creation.

Q. What are the requirements for starting a blog?

Ans: You need to have a digital device like a phone or laptop and other equipment like cameras and recorders if you wish to document your content in the form of a picture or video.

Q. Are blogs free or paid?

Ans: It depends on the kind of domain names you choose. If you wish to personalise a domain name, it might cost you some money. The prices may vary for every platform.

Graphic Designing

  1. If art and creativity are your areas of interest, graphic design is a perfect fit for your venture!
  2. If you know how to use editing applications like adobe and canvas, logo and brochure designing can be your go-to-options.
  3. It would help if you had a knack for aesthetics and creativity to design graphics for your clients.

FAQ’s on Graphic Designing

Q. What do graphic designers use to come up with unique designs?

Ans: Graphic designers can use hand-drawn illustrations and digital illustrations for designing.

Q. Can someone become a graphic designer without having any prior knowledge or experience?

Ans: There are a lot of online courses available that can help learn graphic design. Platforms like Coursera and LinkedIn learning are good for learning graphic designing.

Q. How much does a graphic designer get paid?

Ans: If you work as a freelancer, the payment may depend on the project.

Home Baker and Tiffin Services

  1. If cooking and baking take all your blues away, why not turn them into a business opportunity?
  2. You do not need to be a professional to start your home-based bakery or kitchen setup.
  3. For creating your home-based kitchen, you need basic equipment and a deep understanding of flavours.
  4. A successful food business thrives on good taste and quality. Home-baked and artisanal products like cookies, cakes, and brownies are trending these days.

FAQ’s on Home Baking/Tiffin Services

Q. How much investment is required for starting a home kitchen?

Ans: Heavy investment is not required. If you want to start a home-based bakery, you will have to invest in an oven or microwave.

Q. What kind of platforms can be used for selling?

Ans: Platforms like Swiggy and Zomato have a huge customer reach and can be used for selling. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are good options too.

Private Tuitions

  1. With increasing competition in education, many parents prefer personal tutors for their children.
  2. Home tutors are chosen over group tuitions because children tend to get individual attention in private tuitions.
  3. The prerequisites of becoming a home tutor are considerable teaching experience and specialisation in a particular subject or subjects.

FAQ’s on Private Tutoring

Q. Where can students be found who need private tutors?

Ans: Personal contacts can be helpful. Market places such as UrbanPro can be beneficial if you wish to take online tuitions.

Q. How many working hours should be devoted to this business?

Ans: The best part about being a private tutor is that you can choose your timings. It is up to you when and how much time you want to dedicate.

Event Planner

  1. Are you someone who enjoys planning parties and important events? If yes, then you can start your own event planning business.
  2. A lot of people throw theme-based parties these days, which requires a lot of creativity and planning!
  3. If you have planned a lot of birthday parties or any other events in the past, this could be your calling!

FAQ’s on Event Planning

Q. Where can clients be found?

Ans: You can leverage your contacts initially. You can also tie-up with platforms like ShaadiSaga, Wedding Wire and get your business listed on them.

Q. What kind of investment is required?

Ans: For theme-based events, an investment may be required in specific decorations. Decorative items are also available for rent.

How to plan your Finances?

  1. Finance and funding are the most crucial aspects of planning a business.
  2. The size and scale of operations will determine the kind of budget you will require.
  3. Even though it may seem complicated initially, when you start planning your costs and revenue streams, you start getting a clearer image of what your finance structure may look like.

FAQ’s on Financial Planning

Q. How are small businesses financed?

Ans: Traditional banks and personal contacts are the preferred sources of funding. But the Government, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Fintech firms are alternate sources to conventional financing.

Q. What kind of industries can seek funding?

Ans: Every industry can seek funding depending upon the scale of business and operations.

Q. Are there loans available for small businesses?

Ans: There are loans available for small businesses. The rate of interest may vary from bank to bank.

Importance of Marketing

  1. Another factor that determines the success of a business is marketing.
  2. Often, people tend to go wrong with the marketing of their product or service.
  3. Business owners need to realise that if they do not communicate their product or service’s values properly, they might not retain their customers.
  4. Over the years, the world of marketing has experienced multiple transitions.

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Here are a few marketing tips that can help you in expanding your reach:

Content Marketing

Blog posts and articles that compliment your product or service are effective ways of communicating your brand’s value to the customer.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

Using the right keywords that match the customer’s intent effectively expands your reach.

Social Media Promotion

  1. Social media platforms are a no brainer for engaging users.
  2. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have introduced paid advertisements, which help you reach potential customers at low costs.

FAQ’s on Content Marketing

Q.What is the best way of marketing a product or service?

Ans: The choice of marketing may vary from person to person. For platform businesses, digital marketing is the most effective channel. For brick-and-mortar businesses, word of mouth, print media, email marketing, and digital marketing are effective marketing channels.

Q.How much does marketing cost?

Ans: Every mode of marketing has a different cost. Digital marketing platforms usually have packages for their services.

Q. How much budget should I assign to marketing?

Ans: The budget for marketing may vary from person to person. It is important to keep the importance of marketing in mind and assign a substantial amount for it.

Tips for Planning A Small Business

  1. Understand your customer’s needs and cater to them. Ask for feedback and work on grey areas to improve your operations.
  2. Choose a niche- Avoid stepping into multiple markets at the beginning. Observe and expand eventually.
  3. Offer an experience- Customers tend to remember experiences more than anything. Give your customer a customised experience.
  4. Omnichannel presence- Since customers are not restricted to a certain channel, try to make your presence felt across various channels.
  5. Data is the key- Use analytical tools like google analytics to make efficient use of data.
  6. Build a team- A diverse team that can cater to various business requirements is an essential determinant for a business’s success or failure.
  7. Passion is the key- It is important to stay true to your business and contribute to its growth with utmost determination and dedication.

Things To Know Before Applying For A Business Loan

  1. Explore sources of financing and choose wisely.
  2. Check the instalment plans and repayment methods before applying for the loan.
  3. Keep all the documents handy, and make sure that they are authentic.
  4. Understand your eligibility and apply accordingly.
  5. Keep your repayment duration and methods in mind.
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