Unique Business Ideas In 2022 [High-Profit Businesses]

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Unique Business Ideas In 2022 [High-Profit Businesses]

When you start a new business, it is essential to ensure that the area of business you choose interests you. However, it is equally important to have selling and unique business ideas that set you apart from your competition and make your business a success. There are more chances of success when the business idea is unique because there is less competition and the market is not saturated. If the right strategies are implemented, you can take the business to greater heights. In the article, we will discuss some unique business ideas to get you going.

If you are interested in baking, then a cookie dough cafe is the perfect unique business idea for you. Although the business may start small, it has high growth potential, and you can leverage it as you go. This business is not much known to people, and you can use it to your advantage. All you need is a passion for the food business, and you all are set to thrive. You can turn this into a partnership venture with your friends or relatives to begin. Once you get the taste of the business, then you can scale it to new heights.

As a business owner, you can earn sweet profits as the market for baked goods is always hot. Begin by making a detailed plan and find the right resources to start the business. You can get advice from experts on how to go about this online. The minimum investment required to start a cookie dough cafe business would be Rs 18 lakhs, and the profit margin would be between 5 to 10%.

2. Olive Oil Store

An olive oil store is another great unique business idea for you to consider. You can start a retail store that exclusively sells olive oils. Olive oils are in high demand in the market, and people use them for varied purposes like cooking, skincare, healthcare, etc. The profit margins of selling olive oil are high, just like its demand.

As an olive oil store owner, you can conduct seminars, workshops, and programs to educate people about the uses and benefits of olive oils. There aren’t many retail stores that focus on olive oils, and this is a good chance for you to come up with something unique and make your mark in the business world. It will require a good amount of investment on your side to find a location with good traffic and then open a store. But the returns will be encouraging. The minimum investment required to start an olive oil store business would be Rs 2 lakhs, and the profit margin would be between 12 to 20%.

3. Sea Salt Business

If you can access sea salt or make it, you should consider this unique business idea. The business requires upfront costs such as the machines to filter the salt and knowledge regarding the tides and seasons. Once equipped with all these, you can start your own sea salt business. The startup cost for this business is low as all you require is some jars and the machine to filter the salt, and the demand for sea salt is high. Make sure you set up the shop in a retail area to get customers.

If you are living close to the sea, then there is an added advantage for you. The sea salt business is definitely worth trying if you want to start your business, and the profits you make can be huge. The minimum investment required to start a sea salt business would be Rs 1.5 lakhs, and the profit margin would be between 15 to 20%.


Startup Cost


      Cookie Dough Cafe



          Olive Oil Store



      Sea Salt Business



  Indoor Trampoline Park



      Party Bus Business



  Dried Flower Business



      Vintage Toy Store



4. Indoor Trampoline Park

Some people love to spend their time doing exciting and fun activities, and starting a trampoline park is a good business idea for such adventure-seekers. It can be a large indoor space where people and families can come together and spend time together and make memories. The scope of the business is huge, and the growth potential is also high. If you have the interest and passion, then definitely give it a thought.

You need to have good marketing skills for this business. The startup costs are high as you need the space, equipment and facilities. But the return on investment and the profit from this business can be high as people love trampoline parks and very few places offer this service. The minimum investment required to start an indoor trampoline park business would be Rs 13 to 25 lakhs, and the profit margin would be around 23%.

5. Party Bus Business

Another exciting and unique business idea is to start a party bus business. Here, all you are providing is a party bus for people to come together and have some fun. People have different requirements when arranging a party, but having fun is a common element. If you have a party bus, people will book your business, which can be very lucrative. You can also start an online website where potential customers can book party buses, making it very convenient.

A party bus is well decorated and arranged with some exciting and adventurous themes and lighting, and the party starts as soon as they come aboard. Only a handful of businesses offer party busses, so this is a promising venture to explore. The setup cost is not high as all you need is some attractive settings and facilities. The minimum investment required to start a party bus business would be Rs1.50 lakhs, and the profit margin would be around 15%.

6. Dried Flower Business

Starting a dried flower business is an excellent option for someone starting in the business world. If you like gardening and love flowers, this is a good business for you. The startup cost is low, and you can leverage the business internationally as well. The market is huge, and the demand for dried flowers is growing day by day. If you are interested in this field, then definitely do consider this unique business idea. Also, the export opportunities for the business are high, meaning you can leverage it in the long run.

This business idea has good potential for growth, and the income can be great. The minimum investment required to start a dried flower business would be Rs 50,000, and the profit margin would be around 20%.

blurred interior of a toy store

7. Vintage Toy Store

A vintage toy store is a good business idea for someone who likes collecting toys and wants to develop their hobby into a lucrative business. Toys are in demand at all times and especially among children. You will need marketing knowledge to sell the toys to the target audience. Also, the location of the toy store is important; people should be able to see the store and explore it. So make sure the store is at a place with high foot traffic.

The startup cost is moderate with the space and the inventory. There is also an option to start the business online and slowly expand it to the retail space. The minimum investment required to start a vintage toy store would be Rs 1.50 lakhs, and the profit margin would be around 15%.

Advantages of these Unique Business Ideas

  • Less competition
  • More customers
  • Selling idea
  • More market coverage
  • Low cost
  • High returns
  • Freedom to expand


Unique business ideas are challenging as well as exciting. In this article, we have discussed some of the unique business ideas that you can consider starting. Being a business owner is a rich experience, and you will learn many things as you move on. Besides passion and commitment, financial planning is crucial. Reach out to our experts at OkCredit to make the launching of your business a worry-free smooth sailing process.

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Q. Are there any unique business ideas available to start?

Ans. Of course, there are many unique business ideas for one to start, irrespective of the investment it takes. But it would be best if you had thorough research and planning before you start the business. The opportunities are endless. All you need is the right mindset and the resources.

Q. Can I succeed with the unique business I start?

Ans. The success of a unique business depends on various factors. It depends on your mindset, resources, skills, marketing insight, budget, business location, the business idea itself, the competition, and many other factors. So success is not guaranteed. But if you do careful research and planning and have a high passion and interest, you can be successful.

Q. Is it costly to start a unique business?

Ans. It depends. The cost of starting a unique business depends on different factors and market changes with respect to the business. There are low-cost businesses and high-cost businesses. You need to chalk out a budget you can comfortably manage. Then you need to select a unique business idea in your area of interest.

Q. What are some of the things I need to do before starting a unique business?

Ans. Before starting a unique business, you need to study the market for the business and target audience. These are very important. Also, you need to have a good understanding of the marketing options for the business. Also, you need to plan and study the competitors and their challenges.

Q. Is it better to start a unique business or a well-established business?

Ans. Well, both have their advantages and disadvantages. But starting a unique business has more potential for growth, and the competition will be less. You can do innovations, and when you start getting customers, you can leverage it and take it to the next level. Since the business is unique, more customers will be attracted to it.