Best Business Ideas in Telangana Villages [Profitable Businesses]

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Best Business Ideas in Telangana Villages [Profitable Businesses]

Planning to start a business in Telangana? To choose a profitable business, you must understand the basics of their economy. Telangana is driven by agriculture and farming mainly. Most of the people in villages are earning their bread and butter from agriculture. The major industries operating in the Telangana villages include mines and minerals, automobiles and auto parts, horticulture, poultry farming, pharmaceutical, etc. With this in mind, let us look at some of the best businesses in Telangana:

1. Poultry Farm Business:

Poultry farming is a business that one can run through limited sources. The only requirement for starting such a business is taking care of small chickens for some days and then selling them off to the wholesalers. Poultry farming requires an initial investment; returns on investment take time, so a businessman would need a lot of patience. To run a business safely, it is wise to start a poultry farming business on a contractual basis; it will offer dual-earnings to you both from eggs and meat.

2. Fruit/Vegetable Export Business

The major occupation of people in Telangana villages is agriculture and farming. Fruit and vegetable export is one of the best businesses in Telangana villages as the demand for fruits and vegetables remains high through all seasons. The business can easily be extended to the cities as well. The key to run a successful fruit and vegetable export business is being a good negotiator. You can buy fruits and vegetables from a local buyer or even grow fruits and vegetable farming of your own.

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Professional Gardener trimming trees

3. Landscaping Business

With agriculture and farming as the base of the Telangana economy, a person can also think about starting a landscape business. It is one of the best businesses in the agro-based service industry. The best part about this business is that one can operate this business from home with limited capital. The main requirement of the company is proficient knowledge and the excellent communication skills. This could be one of the best businesses to start in Telangana.

4. Fertilisation and Seed Storage Business

Farmers in Telanagna villages mainly rely on agriculture. To earn their livelihood, villagers need to ensure that crop irrigation should take place properly so that they can sell-off with a profitable margin. To help farmers, one can also start providing fertilisation and seed storage services. It is also a profitable small business idea in Telangana.

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5. Livestock Farming

You can go for livestock farming like rearing goats, cows, or hens. Livestock farming can be one of the most profitable ventures for the villages of Telangana since their economy is mainly agrarian, and livestock farming vies well with agriculture.

6. Opening a Grocery Store

Grocery is an indispensable part of the everyday essentials. Every household needs it. Opening a 'Kirana' shop proves to be a profitable venture anywhere and everywhere. To start a business, one has to contact the supplier, take a shop on rent; one can also open the shop from their home.

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7. Transportation Business

Transportation is also one of the best businesses to start in Telangana villages. The importance of this has increased tremendously in recent times. As a state relying on farming and agriculture, farmers need transportation to carry fetch, transport produce to the markets outside the state, and so on. The farmers must use machinery to carry out agricultural activities, and they need a medium to get the machinery delivered to their farms. Providing transportation facilities to such farmers will earn you good profits.

8. Handicrafts and Handmade business

If you are talented and skilled in creating and designing popular handmade items, you can think about setting up a small business in Telangana villages. You can list handmade products on an online platform as there are various online marketplaces available that make it easier to improve the sales of handicraft items. Some of the handicraft's businesses include Pochampally, Dokra metal crafts, Pembarthi metal craft, Bidri, durries, and carpet. You can sell your handicraft items online with the help of social media platforms. The demand for vintage, traditional and handmade objects is increasing day by day. So, it is one of the best business ideas in Telangana.

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interior of a bakery shop

9. Bakery Business

If you have good baking and cooking skills, then you can also open your bakery shop. The best part about this business is that you can start it with a small capital like 5k-10k. The business of bakery has grown a lot in the past few years and has a huge profit margin. There is no need to buy a shop for this business; you can convert your kitchen to a bakery shop. After establishing the business, you can contact people in different parts of the state to sell your bakery items.

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10. Dairy Farming Business

Opening a dairy farm is also a good business idea for people living in Telangana villages. If you have a few cows or buffalos at home, you can start your own dairy farming business. You can sell milk and milk-related products to people all over Telangana and earn a considerable profit. In case you do not have cows or buffalo, you can even contact well-established dairy farms and take a franchise to supply it further. It is an excellent profit-earning business. Taking a franchise of a well-established dairy farm producing company makes it easier for you to sell milk and milk-related products.

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11. Tourism

Telangana has many tourist attractions like Golconda Fort, Charminar, waterfalls, temples and forest, monuments, and historical palaces, one also starts its own tourism business following the guidelines of Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation. It is also one of the best business ideas in Telangana villages that could be started with a limited capital investment like 5K to 10K.

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Businesses in rural areas have great potential. All you need to know is explore the possibilities. These small business ideas in Telangana will further help you to showcase your talents. You can reach many people using social media and earn extra money by doing promotions or advertisements.

We are here to help with the best business tips and financial assistance to start a small business in Telangana. We are also offering many loan options like microloans, small business loans, term loans, and the best business tips.

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Q. Which are the best small businesses of Telangana villages?

Ans. One of the most profitable businesses in Telangana villages is poultry farming or organic farming. Its demand is relatively high, being the fastest-growing sector in the field of agriculture. The consumption of poultry and other protein food has increased immensely over the years. So, if you are interested in farming, consider starting a poultry farming business.

Ans. The most profitable retail businesses in Telangana villages are art supplies stores, bakery shops, home appliances, sports shops, vending machines, handicraft items, milk centers, thrift stores, etc.

Q. What are the primary documents required to apply for a business loan?

Ans. Here is a list of documents required to apply for a business loan:

  • Duly filled business loan application
  • KYC documents of the loan applicant like an Aadhaar Card, PAN card, Voter ID card, or driving license
  • Latest one-year bank statement
  • Must be having an annual business turnover of 1 lakh or above
  • Duplicate copy of business incorporation

Q. What kind of business can I start with a minimal amount of Rs 5000?

Ans. Many small businesses require more skills than money. The businesses that you can easily start with just Rs 5000 are photography business, bakery business, making of mobile apps, curtain stitching business, perfume making, or bread making.

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