How To Start Tour And Travels Business In India?

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How To Start Tour And Travels Business In India?

Table of Contents:

1. Tour And Travels Business In India

2. Tours And Travels Business Plan

3. Why Curate Tours And Travels Business Ideas?

4. Tours And Travels Business Ideas

FAQs On Tours And Travels Business Plan

1. Tour And Travels Business In India

A highly workforce-centric industry, tours and travel business require a lot of hard work as well as a passion for exploring and offering more. When the customers are in a relaxed state of mind, their expectations from the service provider are maximum.

A tour and travel business involves coordinating between local vendors and tour guides, booking for travel through land, water, or air, documentation processing as well as identifying and retaining a pleasant tour guide who will be the face of the company.

2. Tours And Travels Business Plan

To start a tour and travel business in India, the business plan should have the following important components:

1- Target group of customers

The tours and travel business can cater to a niche group of customers like school and college students for educational tours or can have its tours business spread across to cater to the family for general vacation or religious tours. Tours and travel business plan starts with defining the target segment. After this is defined, a core team having interest and expertise in this travel business needs to be put together.

2- Area to be covered

Based on the core team's expertise and the defined target audience, the tour and travel business plan can proceed to the next step of defining their geographical area of operation.

a bag full of famous monument with passport
Tour And Travels Business In India

3- Allied service providers required

All tour and travel business operators can't provide end-to-end service. They may be specialists in one part of the operations or may specialise in several components of the business spectrum. Accordingly, they might have to outsource allied services.

4- Scale of operation

This component is flexible depending upon the vision and mission of the tours and travel business. If the owner wants to look at it as a small-scale business idea, then he/she can start from a small geographical area initially and expand later on. On the other hand, if a well-established business is looking for new business ideas or unique business ideas to expand their conglomerate, then this tours and travel business offers both variety and different scales of operation.

3. Why Curate Tours And Travels Business Ideas?

Having decided on the above, the steps involved in starting a Tour And Travels Business In India is-


Analyse the potential of your chosen area of operation in terms of profit-making opportunities, market growth potential, etc. The required business-related registrations must be put in place. One needs to explore the various schemes brought out by the government of India to facilitate the growth of small-scale businesses.


Have your marketing communication in place well ahead of the planned dates of the tour. Make a compelling offer for your target customers to join the tour. It could be the dynamic and energetic TV personality who is the host, the number of places that you offer to show, the star-studded hotels that you have in the itinerary. This USP of yours must be something that your target audience is hearing for the first time. This will allow you to get the first group of customers.


Most of the tours and travels operate on the inflow of capital from customers, which is taken as advance. Most of the ancillary service providers also allow the tours and travel business operators to avail services on credit. Networking and relationship management with vendors go a long way in the tours and travels business to be successful. The initial capital investment required can be acquired as a loan from Government and Non-Government sources after due diligence.


Tours and travel offer excellent services to the first few groups and diligently follow up for good customer feedback. Use referral methods and offer repeat customers a discount or loyalty programs to generate your customer base. Keep exploring new add ons that you can offer to the tours that you are running, as well as explore options for new itineraries and tours that you can conceive.

Innovation and dynamism are the keywords to succeed in the tours and travel business. Hence unique business ideas survive and grow in this sector. As we talk of Innovation and dynamism, the role of social media in boosting your tours and travels business can never be undermined. Potential tourists extensively search on social media platforms before deciding on a particular tour operator. Hence monitoring your active and passive presence on the web is very important.

4. Tours And Travels Business Ideas

Over the last two decades, more and more people have started traveling for a specific purpose as well as the number of tours they undertake has increased. Hence tour and travel business is one of the best small-scale business ideas if you want to start small and test the waters. Another reason why this is one of the best business ideas is the number of fields available under the new business ideas in this category. This sector also offers unique business ideas since the customised offerings in a tour and travel business plan may be under the following segments -

1- Adventure tourism

Millennials are the main target customers driving this sector, but it can turn into a goldmine if the tour and travel operator approaches the business with creativity by offering unique adventure sports as well activities to the youngsters.

2- Religious tourism

India is a religious country and home to a lot of religious rituals and beliefs. Monumental pieces of worship along with the Indian belief in divine intervention have fuelled the growth in religious tourism. The tour and travel business specialising in these fields operates following local festivals like the Char Dham Yatra, Khumb Mela, etc.

Word Travel written on the sand near the sea
Tours And Travels Business Ideas

3- Wellness tourism

Modern-day lifestyle calls for intermittent resting of body and mind, and this is where the unique business idea of wellness tourism fits in. From detox camps to rejuvenating centers, a whole array of offerings defines this landscape.

4- Rural tourism

This sector caters to travellers who want to be close to nature and experience the beauty of rural hinterlands. Rural tourism has created a niche in the tour and travel business. The local cuisine, farm and vineyard visits, and trying your hands on local crafts like pottery are some of the offerings from the stable of a rural tour and travel operator.

5- Heritage tourism

India is a land of abundance when it comes to historical monuments and buildings. Indian tourists, as well as foreign tourists, are keen to explore the same, and the tours and travel business catering to this need is seeing a boom, with UNESCO recognising many sites in India as World Heritage Sites.


There is a growing demand in the tours and travels business. People travel for work and pleasure. They also travel locally as well as globally. Hence a tours and travel operator can identify the requirements of his target audience and can use effective marketing communication through social media to grow his business.

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FAQs On Tours And Travels Business Plan

Q. Can I change the specialisation of my tours and travel business at any point in time?

Ans. Yes, tours and travel business owners need to continuously look for opportunities to diversify or integrate new components in the travel itinerary.

Q. What is the most important component of a tour and travel business?

Ans. A skilled and semi-skilled workforce required to handle the different components of the tour and travel business is the important component of a tour and travel business.

Q. Is wellness tourism similar to Yoga tourism?

Ans. Yoga tourism can be considered a type of wellness tourism.