Business Ideas under Rs. 10000 [How to start]

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Business Ideas under Rs. 10000 [How to start]

Unique idea + investment = Successful business. This mantra or formula has been derived by not one but many small-scale entrepreneurs of the 21st century. A business just needs a brilliant idea and some investment to have that roaring success ringing in the entrepreneur’s ears. The idea you work up can be million dollars-worthy, but the investment you can make can’t be that much always. So, should minds boggling with sparkling ideas just let them go? Not at all.

It’s not always right to say that only a heavy investment leads to a successful business. One can generate the best business under 10 thousand rupees of investment too. We know you might not believe us, so let’s get started by outlining ideas for a best business under 10000 rupees. We can state not one but many unique business ideas that can be brewed into a successful venture with just 10000 rupees in your pocket.

We shall explore these small scale business ideas and understand the pros and cons of each of them in detail.

  • Dropshipping
  • Pickle Business
  • Creamy Cakes & Cookies Business
  • Candle Lights Business
  • All Service Centre
  • Social Media Agency

1. Dropshipping

This is one of the new business ideas that are taking the market by storm. It’s known for creating soaring profits for small-scale business professionals. Dropshipping is basically creating an online store without a warehouse or an inventory. All you need to do is contact manufacturers or suppliers for whichever product you are passionate about or interested in and just ship it across to the customer in need. So you act as the middleman between the manufacturer and the customer.

This idea can work well very within the Rs. 10000 limit. As you don’t have to buy anything, all you need to do is market it well with free social media platforms. And that’s it—you can slowly grow by providing quality and prompt service.

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2. Pickles

When an idea is pickled for long, it tastes even better, just like the next idea we wish to share here: handmade pickles, sauces, and chutneys. Every Indian household loves to savour one or many flavours of pickles and chutneys. A meal can never be complete without a tangy pickle or spicy chutney on the platter.

But with the increased number of working women in the country, it has become highly difficult to make homemade pickles for the family. Thus, this can be counted among the good small business ideas from home, especially for those looking to start a business with a low investment. All one needs is organic and fresh raw materials, a grandma’s perfect recipe, and some packaging material. With the help of word-of-mouth and good marketing in place, your venture can soar.

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3. Creamy Cakes and Cookies

If you have the heart of a baker and a soft corner for creams, this is one of the best business ideas you can think of. When passion turns into a profession, you work tirelessly towards making a mark for yourself, and it pays off really well. This holds true for almost all small profitable business ideas.

A tasty online bakery can get that beaming smile on a kid’s face when he sees his favourite Harry Potter-themed birthday cake baked specially for him. Endless possibilities for customisation and global flavours can take your USP a notch higher. If you think this is the perfect idea for the best business under 10 thousand rupees, all you need is perfection in baking, good-quality raw materials, fine equipment, and reliable contacts. Once a friend or a relative orders a cake from your bakery, they should sing your praises loud and clear; that’s all you will need for marketing your brand.

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4. Candle Lights

Handmade candles have always been in demand, not only in the country but also across the oceans. Spa and massage centers, handicraft emporiums, home decor showrooms, and millions of homes can be the target audience for your aromatic candles. The raw materials you will need to materialise this unique business idea are wax, wick, moulds, fragrant oils, etc. You will also need good equipment to make beautiful candles that can woo your customers—an oven, thermometer, pouring pot, melting pot, weighing machine, etc. With the ever-growing demand, candle-making stands to be one of the most profitable small scale business ideas that can be started with an investment of 10000 rupees only.

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5. All Service Centre

This novel idea can be innovatively executed with a capital of Rs. 10000 only. An all-service centre provides all services to customers under one roof. What can a household need in terms of service? The list is endless; to name a few—plumbing, carpentry, electrician, security services, maids, grocery vendors, vegetable and fruit vendors, pet food vendors, etc.

So what you can do is simply open up an online store displaying the availability of all these services under one brand. Now, all you need to fetch and maintain is good contacts in all these verticals and people who can help you offer these services. Good cordial relations with vendors and prompt and affordable pricing with individual clients can bring quick success for sure. This idea can be further explored by tying up with gated communities, groups, and societies. Staying directly in contact with the secretaries of these communities and groups can get you clients easily.

man holding phone in hand and using laptop with other

6. Social Media Agency

If you are a social media freak and are updated with all the algorithms that run behind the scenes, then running a social media agency can be one of the profitable small business ideas for a budding entrepreneur. With minimum investment, one can start an agency that provides branding and marketing solutions to small-scale businesses and individuals. All you will need is a good social media presence of your brand on various platforms. These platforms work as your brand showcase as well as mediums to fetch clients.

This trendy business is gaining popularity worldwide due to its salient features. These tough times have shown us the true value of online businesses like never before. So, make the most of this opportunity, and transform yourself into a social media expert. Needless to say, this business idea will be accommodated within ten thousand rupees for sure.

Other than the brilliant low-investment options stated above, we have some more ideas that can be considered with a capital of just ten thousand rupees in hand:

  • Handmade decoratives
  • Handmade paper bags
  • Organic soap-making
  • Incense stick-making
  • Organic farming of vegetables and fruits
  • Organic oils
  • Knitting
  • Freelancing
  • Share market consultancy
  • Online dance/art classes
  • Online kids activity center, etc.

All the ideas, with the steps involved, described above can be easily fitted into a limited budget of Rs. 10000 or less.


Your pocket being heavy or not doesn’t matter as much anymore. What matters the most is an innovative idea. An idea has the power to change lives. Every business tycoon today was a small-scale business person a few years ago. A success story comes into the limelight only after tremendous years of hard work, perseverance, diligence, and patience. It is rightly said, ‘A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.’ So don’t just dream big, do big too, and start your business with your unique budget requirements without haste!

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FAQs on Business Under 10000

Q. What business can I do from home?

Ans. Blogging, dropshipping, freelancing, consultations, etc., are some of the options in the long list that can be explored right from the comfort of your home.

Q. What is the best business for stay-at-home moms?

Ans. A stay-at-home woman can consider becoming a social media consultant or a  freelancer. More importantly, they can start a vlog or blog to inspire, motivate, and share their parenting tips and tricks with other new moms worldwide.

Q. What is the best business for beginners?

Ans. Starting a bakery or catering service is one the best and upcoming ideas for beginners wishing to start their venture with a low investment.

Q. Which business has the best potential in the future?

Ans. The need of the hour in terms of business services includes medical and healthcare services, online service providers, freelancing, affiliate marketing, social media consultation, etc. These can become highly lucrative business ideas in the near future.

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