Best Commission-Based Businesses In India [Commission Business Ideas]

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Best Commission-Based Businesses In India [Commission Business Ideas]

Many people look specifically for unique business ideas that are high in commission and something that hasn’t been explored. Commission-based businesses are highly popular these days. And has huge margins also. There are many ways to start a business and make a commission. It is essential that you first make a plan and then start your business.

The majority of commission-based businesses fail because they don't make a plan and lack a systematic approach. In this article, we will discuss several business ideas that can help you make a good commission.

Commission-based business ideas:

Want to know how to start a commission-based business? Read the following best business ideas for commission-based businesses:

1. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a trendy commission-based business. It helps you earn a large amount of commission. Dropshipping business is a retail method where a store purchases products and services from third-party suppliers. So, it is a perfect commission-based business.

When a customer purchases a product from the original owners, you will get paid an amount of commission for selling their products. However, it is a competitive business. So, you must choose the right products and services that you can sell.

2. Investment Advisor

If you have a finance or investment background, you can consider being an investment advisor. You can help people manage their finances, schemes like mutual funds, bonds, etc. It is one of the best small-scale business ideas.

Many people struggle with their finances and where to invest the money. So, it is a good opportunity to advise them on investment. It is a profitable commission-based business.

3. Affiliate Sales and marketing

The next business is affiliate sales and marketing. It can be considered as a good commission-based business. It is a new business idea, and many young people opt for it as it is high commission work. If you have a good social media influence and the know-how to drive traffic from one website to another, then it is a perfect business for many.

Many companies hire freelance marketing and sales teams to help them with their marketing campaign and increase sales. You can create a passive income source through affiliate marketing on the content that you have already created.

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4. Reselling Business

Another great commission-based business idea is reselling. You can resell anything on various websites like OLX and make a commission. One of the profitable reselling businesses includes used cars and bikes. You can purchase a car or bike and resell them to the buyers for more and earn a commission. The commission margin of this business is extremely high.

Let us consider an example, you purchase a car for INR 3 lakhs when the prices were down, and the market value of the car is INR 4 lakhs. So, let's say that you resell a car at INR 3.8 lakhs, which is less than the market value. The buyer will be happy, and you earned a commission of INR 80,000. It is a perfect business to start if you are into sales and marketing.

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5. Social Media Manager

Social media plays an essential part in our lives. The majority of people spend hours on social media, so why not get paid for it instead? It is a small business idea that can help you earn large commissions. Many new startups and small companies build online with social media presence and need people to maintain the social media platforms systematically.

They need people to build their brand through these platforms.

If you know how to drive traffic onto their website and how to use social media channels effectively, consider this the best idea for you. You can find the jobs on various job portals, like LinkedIn, Naukri, or freelance portals, like Upwork and Freelancer.

6. Interior Design Consultant

The next business idea to start an interior design consulting business. You can advise people on interior decoration and remodeling of their house, kitchen, etc. If you are interested in fashion, creativity, aesthetics, and décor, this is a good business idea for you.

Many people seek interior decoration advice for their houses and the right texture of stone, marble, granite that will last long. So, you provide them with the right guidance and charge for the same. You can charge either for a project or on an hourly basis.

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7. Web Development

Web development is a trendy business idea and is highly valuable. It is about mastering the art of creativity, experience, and the right layouts of a website. You can design a website for people and earn a high commission. If you have a web development or computer engineering background, you can start this business. It is a great example of a freelance business.

You can start by purchasing the domains and using the pre-existing templates for the website. There are several sites that help you with it.

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A woman working on his scrapbook and on her computer

8. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the best business idea to earn commissions. You can learn the basics of graphic designing online and start this business. There are many websites like Canva and Adobe that help you create a good graphic design from scratch. Many people hire freelance graphic designers to help them with their graphic work and pictures. So, you can start this business in your free time and can earn high commissions off of it.

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To conclude, we can say that commission-based business ideas are in high demand. Many people and youngsters choose these businesses over others as they are profitable. So, if you are looking to start a commission-based business, then go through the business ideas mentioned in the article for reference. It will help you streamline the best business idea for yourself as per your interest.

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FAQs on Commission Business Ideas

Q. What are the most profitable businesses to start?

Ans. There are many profitable businesses that you can start in India. Some of the business ideas include accounting and bookkeeping, website designing, business consulting, courier services, online tutoring, affiliate sales and marketing, cleaning services, mobile business, other IT services, graphic designing, content writing, freelance writing, etc. All these businesses are highly profitable.

Q. What businesses can I start with low investment?

Ans. The low investment businesses include online purchase and sales, virtual trainer, health consultant, freelance writer, DIY crafts, handicrafts and handmade business, social media marketer, marketing business, lawn care, gardening business, cleaning business, etc. These businesses require a small amount of investment.

Q. What are the best business ideas for beginners?

Ans. The beginners have a wide variety of businesses to choose from. Beginners can start a home contractor business, landscaping business, freelance writing, blogging, starting a YouTube channel, virtual assistant, courier services, childcare services, social media consultant, Esty seller, e-commerce vendor, painter, event planner, hairdresser, etc.

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