Top 10 Business Ideas for Jaipur [Best Ideas]

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Top 10 Business Ideas for Jaipur [Best Ideas]

Over the years, businesses have shown significant changes. Now, there is no need for heavy investment to start businesses; you can easily grow your business with good ideas and little efforts. If you ever dreamt of having your business but do not have enough funds, then small business ideas and local business ideas offer the best solution to your problems. They have gained a lot of importance due to the introduction of the internet for business activities. So now, you can easily start a small business in Jaipur with fewer funds. There are many benefits of starting a business in Jaipur, and the following list covers a few:

  • The demand for local and traditional handcrafted products have increased a lot, and nowadays, tourists prefer handicraft products over factory-made products.
  • Primary business ideas are easy to set up, and it does not affect your full-time job.
  • The cost of maintaining a small business in Jaipur is less.
  • Jaipur attracts a lot of tourists, so the chances of business growth are high.

This article will provide you with the best business ideas in Jaipur. It will also help you with tips and tricks to effectively manage the best businesses in Jaipur.

1. Textile Business

The textile industry is one of the best growing local business ideas in Jaipur. Jaipur textile has always been Rajasthan’s biggest tourist attraction, and a lot of tourists like to buy traditional clothes from local stores. The return on investment completely depends upon the initial investment that you plan to make in this business. Following are few tips to start and grow a textile business in Jaipur:


  • There are various business models to choose from in this industry. So, choose the business model very carefully, keeping in mind the initial investment you can make.
  • You can start your textile business in Jaipur as a wholesaler by sourcing various fabric materials and then selling them to local textile shops in Jaipur.
  • Focus more on handcrafted and traditional clothing as tourists like buying traditional materials in Jaipur.

2. Traditional Beads Jewellery

This is another small business idea that attracts a lot of tourists. Traditional and local business ideas like bead jewellery are always on the shopping list of tourists. This business is where you have to keep yourself updated with recent fashion trends in the market. You can easily make jewellery pieces like earrings and necklaces using beads and other stones and sell them through local shops. There is a lot of demand for artificial jewellery in Jaipur.


  • You can keep yourself updated with newer trends using applications like Google trends.
  • Always keep some local traditional touch in the jewellery pieces as such pieces are preferred by tourists.
  • Size is one of the biggest barriers in the jewellery business, so it is advisable to create traditional jewellery out of elastic strings to allow everyone to wear these beautiful jewellery pieces.

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3. Sweet Dishes

If you are a good cook or chef, then such small business ideas are perfect for you. People in Jaipur have a sweet tooth, and they love eating local sweets like barfis, laddoos, etc., so this is a high return business. You can easily start a sweet shop in Jaipur to attract tourists and local visitors. Though the competition in the sweet business is high, still the profit is in your hands, i.e. better the taste of the product, more the profit you make.


  • Complete all necessary legal documentation with government agencies.
  • Complete registration with any food inspection agency to certify the safety of your products.
  • Use attractive packaging materials to attract customers to buy your products.

4. Paintings and Arts

If you are a local artist or painter, then this is a perfect business for you. There is a high demand for paintings and other art pieces by the visitors in Jaipur. This business's profits are completely dependent upon the quality of precision in paintings and art pieces. This business will help you become famous and earn a good amount of money.


  • Traditional portraits and paintings are preferred a lot by both tourists and the local crowd.
  • You can even collaborate with art galleries to sell your paintings and art pieces.
  • You can collaborate with any customised printing store to put your art pieces on products like shirts and mugs. This can help you earn more money.

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5. Blue Pottery

One of the most successful local business ideas in Jaipur is selling beautiful blue pottery. It is one of the oldest traditionally recognised handicrafts of Jaipur, which is made of cobalt blue dye to colour the pottery pieces. Due to its unique colour and texture, it is often in high demand by tourists and visitors. This business involves creating unique and beautiful pottery pieces like vases, flower pots, cups, bowls, etc. It is widely used in every local household, thus, ensuring regular demand for blue pottery. This is a high profit making business if the products are of good quality.


  • Like other primary business ideas, this business can also be started as a wholesaler to supply blue pottery products to local shops.
  • Keep enough variety of designs in the shop for tourists to choose from.

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6. Traditional Handicrafts

Many people in Jaipur often collect traditional and local handicrafts like clothes, footwear and traditional goods. If you are good with craftsmanship, selling these items won't be difficult. It is always advisable to keep various varieties of local and traditional handicrafts in this business.


  • Add a local traditional touch to every product as a lot of tourists demand such traditional products.
  • Use high-quality raw materials to produce handicraft products, as this will allow your business to grow efficiently and effectively.

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7. Candles

Candle businesses are one of the small business ideas with very high demand, requiring very few investments. Candles are required for many reasons like religious occasions, birthdays, etc. There are many niches under candle businesses, so you can easily select the best target niche and make candles accordingly. This business involves stocking various varieties of candles with unique scents and colours.


  • It is important to meet the government's safety standards to protect yourself from any legal cases that may arise because of safety issues.
  • You can sell candles in specific areas to increase sales, like outside religious places, etc.

8. Automobile Service Centres

The automobile sector is developing in Rajasthan, especially Jaipur. Being a tourist destination, Jaipur is continuously experiencing growth in the number of commercial and local vehicles. However, the place has very few numbers of service centres to take care of vehicles. Starting a proper automobile service centre is a profitable business in Jaipur.


  • Try opening a service centre in a high-traffic area like near a petrol pump to attract customers.
  • Keep yourself updated with new vehicles in the market and keep the spare parts of all the vehicles.
two people playing guitars

9. Music Centre

Traditional music is the heart of Jaipur, and local people like to indulge in learning music and instruments. So, opening a music school in Jaipur is a high return business idea as local people would love to involve themselves in music-related activities.


  • You need to hire some traditional music artists to teach students.
  • Music school, accompanied by local musical instruments like a sitar, is always preferred by students.

10. Travel Business

Jaipur attracts many tourists every year, and these tourists often hire travel agents to book hotel rooms, flight tickets and visit local tourist attractions. Travel business is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Jaipur due to the constant support of the Rajasthan government and ever-increasing visitors.


  • Build an online website for your agency as most of the visitors make the bookings online.
  • Collaborate with local shops and restaurants to add stoppages while travelling.

These are only a few business ideas that you can start in Jaipur. Always look for a business idea that matches your skills and passion so that you can provide visitors and the local crowd with high-quality products. There are plenty of local business ideas to start in Jaipur. Jaipur is an untouched market with a lot of potential, so choose a business very carefully.

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Q. Which business is the best to start in Jaipur?

Ans. Any business related to weddings is a good business to start in Jaipur because of the families' spending capacity.

Q. Do I need to have a physical store to start a business?

Ans. With the introduction of the internet, nowadays there is no need for a physical store. You can quickly start an online business before investing in a physical store.

Q. What is the average cost of maintaining a small business in Jaipur?

Ans. The maintenance cost of the business is dependent upon the industry or the nature of the business. The cost of maintaining a business in Jaipur can be as low as 5000 per month, including rent and other permanent expenses.