Business Ideas In Rajasthan [Best Businesses In Rajasthan]

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Business Ideas In Rajasthan [Best Businesses In Rajasthan]

Rajasthan, “The Land of Kings,” and one of India's major tourist hotspots and is also prominent in the international tourist circuit.

Today, the largest Indian state is synonymous with tourism and home to millions of dynamic entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. With hundreds of startups, several incubator and accelerator groups, the state has a thriving entrepreneurship culture.

Rajasthan has emerged as one of India's leading investment destinations, attracting foreign capital in various sectors. Well-established law and order, investment-friendly climate, and excellent infrastructure favour business in Rajasthan. Along with the capital city of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur have emerged as the prime business hotspots in the state.

The state government also has taken several conducive steps to nurture entrepreneurship and small business in Rajasthan. If you are looking for a great business idea to give wings to your entrepreneurship dreams in Rajasthan, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have compiled some of the best business ideas in Rajasthan. Read through our list to find your dream venture.

Business Ideas In Rajasthan [2022]

  • Online Rajasthani Fabric Boutique

  • Ethnic Jewellery Store

  • Fast Food Café

  • Online Blue Pottery Store

  • Rajasthani Spice Store

  • Wedding and Event Planner

  • Rajasthani Sweets Shop

  • Candid Photographer

  • Customized Tourist Services

1. Online Rajasthani Fabric Boutique

Rajasthan is the land of colour and rich culture. The state is home to dozens of indigenous fabrics like Bandhni, Leheriya, Sanganeri, Barmeri, Kota Doria, and Bagru. You can set up an online boutique that ships local Rajasthani fabrics to the rest of India and even overseas.

Investment Quantum: Small

Business Tips: Before you set up your boutique, you need to find the right fabric suppliers. Get in touch with wholesalers in your locality, or visit local markets to source fabrics at affordable prices.

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2. Ethnic Jewellery Store

Rajasthan is famous for beautiful handmade jewellery. Rajasthani jewellery is intricate and renowned for the level of detail and exquisiteness. You can find jewelry fitting a wide range of budgets, from affordable sterling silver jewellery to exclusive gemstones and diamonds. You can set up an ethnic jewellery store and showcase handmade jewellery directly from Rajasthani artisans.

Depending on where you set up shop and the type of jewellery you sell, the investment needed for this small business idea will range from medium to large. You can also consider selling jewellery online to reach a broader audience.

Investment Quantum: Medium to High

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3. Fast Food Café

Thanks to the thriving tourist crowd in Rajasthan, the state is home to several trendy cafes and hipster fast food places. If you're interested in food and beverages, this is an excellent business in Rajasthan for you.

Investment Quantum: Medium

Business Tips: You can start a theme-based café to stand out from the numerous eateries sprouting across Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and other tourist destinations.

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This is one of the most popular upcoming local business ideas in Rajasthan. The state is well-known for its jewels, handicrafts, and fabrics. But, not many know that Rajasthan has a vibrant art community.

You can set up a local art gallery showcasing artworks by talented local artists. You earn a commission on every sale you make. This is a low-fuss, easy-to-start business in Rajasthan. The prime requirements are a network of local and upcoming artists, a prominent space preferably with plenty of footfall in a touristy area.

Investment Quantum: Small

Business Tips: Besides the gallery, you can also use the space to host workshops, exhibitions, and handicraft fairs, thereby generating a side revenue.

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5. Online Blue Pottery Store

Blue pottery is one of the oldest and most recognised souvenirs from Rajasthan. These stunning pottery designs are created using cobalt blue dyes. The actual pots are made from a local blend of Multani mitti, powdered glass, and quartz stone. A labour-intensive art, no wonder blue pottery from Rajasthan is famous globally.

You can set up an online pottery store selling a wide range of products like bowls, plates, coasters, vases, flowerpots, trinkets, etc. This is a great small business idea, especially if you have an eye for aesthetic designs. All you need to do to make your business profitable is to set up an online store and market it on social media and search engines.

Investment Quantum: Small

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6. Rajasthani Spice Store

Spices are one of the must-buy items for every traveller who visits Rajasthan. With lip-smacking cuisine, it's no surprise that Rajasthani food has fans all over the world. You can set up an authentic Rajasthani spice store selling hand-blended spice mixes and other local spices. If you're looking for small business ideas with a potential for large returns, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Investment Quantum: Small

Business Tips: Be creative and offer unique spice blends to distinguish your brand from the others in the market.

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7. Wedding and Event Planner

If you love organising weddings and other events, this is a great business idea for you. Rajasthan is home to destination weddings. From A-list celebrities to young professionals, everyone loves a fairytale wedding. With hundreds of grand resorts, ancient forts, and enchanting landscapes, a wedding in Rajasthan is a dream come true. Not just weddings, Rajasthan is also a favourite destination for corporate galas and team events.

Starting a wedding and event planning business in Rajasthan is an excellent low-investment but massive profit-generating business idea. Attention to detail, creativity, organisational skills, and marketing abilities are sure to turn this venture into a grand success.

Investment Quantum: Small

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8. Rajasthani Sweets Shop

Rajasthan boasts of a royal tradition, and each meal in this state is royal. Desserts occupy a prominent place in the traditional Rajasthani meal. After a heavy, spicy meal, who doesn't like to indulge in desserts? Kheench, Dilkushar, Rabri Ghevar, Balushahi, Laddoos, Mawa Kachori, Malpua, Moong Dal Halwa are top famous Rajasthani desserts. You can set up a traditional Rajasthani sweets shop selling the region’s famous delicacies.

Investment Quantum: Medium

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sketch of a photographer holding camera in his hands

9. Candid Photographer

If you have an eye for photography, we’ve got the best business idea for you. With hundreds of destination weddings happening in Rajasthan, there's a massive demand for talented local photographers who can scout unique venues for photoshoots. Besides photography, you'll have to invest in digital marketing and build an online portfolio to attract clients. While this may seem like a low-investment business in Rajasthan, the initial cost of photography equipment – DSLRs, drones, filters, etc., makes it a mid-scale investment.

Investment Quantum: Medium

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10. Customised Tourist Services

If you love the hospitality business and connecting with people, we've got the best small business idea. Offer customised tourist packages for visitors to the state. To stand out from the thousands of tour operators in the state, you need to develop creative and personalised services.

Investment Quantum: Small

Business Tips: Glamping, desert tent stays, wildlife vacations, desert staycations, cycling tours are unique services you can offer to clients.

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Wrapping Up

The home of royals and vibrant culture, Rajasthan has always embraced and encouraged entrepreneurship. There are plenty more small business ideas apart from the ten listed here: Rajasthani toy boutique, luggage delivery services for tourists, dairy farming, local art and music classes, chocolate making, traditional soap making, etc. Get together with your business partners, brainstorm the best business ideas in Rajasthan, and fulfil your entrepreneurial dreams!

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FAQs on Best Business In Rajasthan

Q. Are there any resources to guide me on how to start a business in Rajasthan?

Ans. There are plenty of resources available on the internet. We suggest that you start by checking the official web portal of the government of Rajasthan ( for more information on how to start a business in the state, special economic zones, business registration, etc.

Q. I have a capital of Rs. 10 lakhs. Which is the best business idea in Rajasthan for me?

Ans. There are several profitable businesses you can start with a capital of Rs. 10 lakhs. Some popular business ideas include wedding and event management, tourism operator, apparel, accessories, footwear, pickles, handmade candles, toy shops, etc.

Q. Is it profitable to start a hotel in Rajasthan?

Ans. As it is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, starting a hotel in Rajasthan has its perks. But there are specific challenges to overcome: stiff competition and a highly saturated market. If your heart is in the hospitality industry, give it a try. Try to define a USP that sets you apart and builds a loyal following right from the start.