Best Business Ideas in Chennai [Low-investment Ideas]

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Best Business Ideas in Chennai [Low-investment Ideas]

Do you want to start the best business in Chennai? Chennai is one of the best and business-oriented cities. According to the living Index, Chennai is one of the safest cities in India.

Moreover, Chennai is a city that has a higher literacy rate than other cities of India. Popular IT companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, MNC’s, and Cognisant are established there and open great doors for employment in various departments. At the same time, one can even think about starting a home-based business in Chennai without investment. Looking for a feasible opportunity to start a franchise business in Chennai would be a wise option as well. Your earnest effort will surely give it the potential to be the best franchise business in Chennai eventually.

Here we have shared 6 of the best business ideas in Chennai you can choose from. You can either start a home-based business or can even think about setting up a full-fledged office.

6 Best Small Business Ideas in Chennai

1. Photography Business

If your hobby is clicking pictures, convert your hobby into a part-time job or small-scale business in Chennai. This has huge competition already, so you have to be extra creative and enhance your skills to succeed.

If you think you have strong skills in photography, you can buy a high-quality camera and set up a studio to successfully grow your business in Chennai. At the start, it is necessary to work with clients instead of in your office.


  • High-quality lens
  • Buy the best camera
  • Set up a small studio
  • Lighting
  • Laptop
  • Digital marketing techniques

The average budget would be 1-2 lakhs.

2. Electronics Repair Business

Repairing electronic goods is an on-demand service. It is a profitable business idea in Chennai you can implement easily. If you have experience repairing electronics, then you can go for this business.

It is also a demanding business in the market.  You need skills to solve the technical problem in the electronic equipment. You can start working in the repair shop or get a diploma from a recognised college or institute to have this knowledge.

If you have extra skills like repairing laptops or other electronic accessories, add that service to your business. This is one of the small investment businesses to start in Chennai.

The main essentials include a shop, tool kit, and the different types of machinery required. The average monetary investment would range from Rs. 50,000-Rs. 1, 00,000 approximately.

3. Gift Shop

One of the truly profitable businesses is starting a Gift shop. This is one of the unique business ideas you can choose from the given list.

You know that success and failure are probable both. There are plenty of gift shops that are not running successfully. It can either because of lack of planning or not planning at all.

Many visitors come to Chennai and explore gifting items for making memories. This might be an expensive business, but once it starts running, you will get successful.

You will need a shop area with good display options to showcase the gifts. There should be various choices of gifts as per different occasions and age groups. An attractive interior decor would be a plus.

Other Requisites

  • Ensure you have all the documents
  • Start within budget
  • If you don’t have money, then ready your finances
  • Choose the best location
  • Do Advertising and marketing

4. Coffee shop

Many foreigners visit Chennai; hence starting a coffee shop or restaurant are also the best business opportunities you can choose from. Many Chennai people love to eat spicy, yummy food along with a cup of coffee or tea on the roadside.

Chennai is a tech-oriented city where many workers are linked in the tech field. Thus they need a cup of coffee to cool their mind. Additionally, starting a coffee shop is a profitable business idea with little investment. Once you start seeing the results with your business, you can expand it accordingly.

You will be required to invest in a shop space, coffee making equipment, essential ingredients like coffee -beans/powder, milk/sugar/creme/chocolate, gas, table/chair for seating, staff members, coffee mugs, cups and saucers, tall glasses, spoons along with other utensils and crockeries.

The average budget would be Rs. 1, 00,000- Rs. 5, 00,000

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5. Maid Agency

If you are looking to start a home-based business in Chennai without investment, then starting a Maid agency in Chennai is the best idea.

You know that every busy city has a shortage of maids. Thus, many women face difficulty, and they have to manage their job and the home itself.  If you have the power and knowledge of finding the right person, this is the best small-scale business idea in Chennai to start with.

Now the question is how to find maids?

Visit the underdeveloped areas like slums and villages of Chennai.  There you will find many women who need work to run their lives.

Ask them for work and offer a monthly salary. We are sure you will find 10-15 ladies in a week. Once your business becomes successful, you can start your online portal by creating a website for reaching more clients (who need a maid).

Approximately, you can earn Rs. 30,000 per month with this business.

hands typing on the laptop keyboard

6. Computer Training Center

You know that Chennai is the second-largest exporter of Information technology. So, why not work on this idea?

If you are a tech expert and have vast knowledge about computers, giving training to the learners can generate maximum revenue. You can start as a trainer by giving knowledge to beginners, learners, and advanced.

Additionally, if you are an expert in Java and other computer languages, this is another business idea to start in Chennai.

Once your business rises, You will aspire to have the best franchise business in Chennai at multiple locations.

Investment required

  • Office in the market
  • Expertise in your field
  • Computers/laptops
  • License
  • More common facilities: water cooler, table, chair, etc.

The average budget would be Rs. 1 lakh-5lakh

These are the best small business ideas in Chennai; you can start with low to moderate investment. Choose your best that fits your skills and budget. Make sure to implement business ideas only when you have knowledge about it; otherwise, they will fail. Starting a small scale business in Chennai is relatively easier. Are you operating any of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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Q. What are some best startup business ideas in Chennai?

Ans. The most profitable startup business ideas in Chennai are as follows:

  • Maid agency
  • Gift shop
  • Photo studio
  • Coffee shop

Q. What are the best business ideas in Chennai near Marina beach?

Ans. These are the most profitable business ideas you can opt for near to Marina Beach:

  • Vacation rentals
  • Become a guide
  • Boat and tours essential rentals
  • Beach Photography
  • Painting
  • Ice cream parlour
  • Food corner

Q. What business can I start within Rs. 10,000?

  • Tea shop
  • Candle making
  • Home-based computer classes
  • Dance classes