How to Be a Freelance Software/Web Developer?

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How to Be a Freelance Software/Web Developer?

The definition of a successful job is not just about working for a known corporation or having a stable 9-5 pm job. Many people opt for a freelancing opportunity to chase job satisfaction. While there are renowned and successful web developers out there who are working as full-time employees, freelancing has become equally profitable. There are high chances of success to become a freelance web developer. The comfort of home, the freedom to work, and the variety of available projects are winning over the freelancing industry.

Becoming a freelance web developer has its perks. The fresher can get practical experience and gain in-depth knowledge. This field offers the freedom to work flexible hours and manage the workflow at your convenience.

With the increasing demand for online business ideas, in this article, we will learn how to become a freelancer in web development and make it a profitable venture. But before that, it is essential to understand the role of freelance web developers, the advantages and disadvantages.

Who Is a Freelance Web Developer?

A freelance web developer turns the vision of the client's website into reality by designing good-looking home pages. With in-depth expertise in different computer languages, the pathway in this field has not always been easy and straightforward. They develop websites of various forms such as WordPress for blogging, e-commerce for shopping, etc.

The whole process of developing software includes identifying, testing, designing, and installing. It consists of internal programs that help the organisation to be more effective with digital tools.

Key Responsibilities of a Software Developer

The roles and responsibilities are an essential part of any job. Here is an extensive list of some of the critical responsibilities of a software developer.

  • Web developers must have the knowledge and skills to use more than one software language. They must be a part of technical designing and know the basic norms.
  • They must know how to update the existing software to meet the company's policy requirements and standards.
  • Web developers must have strong problem-solving abilities. It will help them solve immediate problems without the help of any professional.
  • They must pay attention to every small detail of the process.
  • They must know how to design, test, and install software to meet users and clients' needs.
  • Have the ability to produce efficient codes.
  • Must have analytical and critical thinking skills to solve concerned problems.
  • A web developer must have communication skills in both written and verbal processes.

How to Be a Freelancer?

1. Learn More and More Technical Languages

Web development is not an easy job. It is a technical field, and it is essential to know more than one programming and developing language. The more you know, the more you will grow in this field. Suppose you are thinking about how to start freelancing in this field. In that case, the first step is to prioritise various languages such as Python, JavaScript, etc., and continue to gain experience over time.

2. Set up Your Logistics

Once you master languages, the next step is to set the boundaries of your logistics business. There are various steps involved in establishing a freelancing business as a web developer, which is as follows:

  • Contact a professional to design the best structure for your business.
  • Next, you must register your business name in the city or state you currently live or work in.
  • Secure insurance, if it is required.
  • Get your hands on the equipment and software you need to set up your workplace at home.
  • Write down your business plan because it is vital to understand the vision and mission of your venture. Form your objectives and measure the goals you achieve.

3. Design Your Freelancing Website

It is one of the most challenging jobs. One of the essential factors is to create a strong and impactful portfolio to show to your clients. And for this, you must have a website showcasing your experience, knowledge and skills. It is important to educate your clients about your skills, passion, and who you are to build loyalty. Tell them why they should effectively choose you.

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4. Promote Your Services

To promote your business, first, you should find who your audience is. Being a web developer, you must know your audience to educate them about business. Many local businesses and organisations do not have an online presence yet, and you can promote your business to them. You can also target non-profit organisations, sales companies, etc., to help grow your business.

5. Stay Active

It is never too late to gain more knowledge in web development. You can continue to work and still choose to learn new technologies and web development languages. You can use your time to earn additional certifications. You can also subscribe to various publications and newsletters to continue gaining knowledge in this field.

Advantages Of Becoming A Freelance Web Developer

1. Flexible Hours

One of the significant advantages of becoming a freelance web developer is that you can work at any hour of the day. You can create your home set-up or choose to work from a local café or public library. Other than that, places, where you get internet access, can become your office.

2. Choose the Projects You Wish to Do

The best part about freelancing is that you can choose the projects, companies, and people as per your preference. If you do not feel okay working with some company, if you feel something is unethical about their standard policies, you do not have to say yes. As a freelancer, you can choose the project, which is suitable for you.

3. Be Your Own Boss

As a freelancer, you are your boss! You do not need to worry about judgments, expectations, and misconceptions. Choose to work with the flow and be your own master.

4. Work on More Than One Project

The one advantage of being a freelance web developer is that you can choose from a wide range of projects. Most of the employees get tired of working on the same project for a longer period but being a freelancer; you can work on several projects.

Disadvantages of Becoming A Freelance Web Developer

1. Not-Fixed Financial Stability

The biggest concern of being a freelancer is that you do not know where your next income will come from. Financial stability is one thing that is not fixed in freelancing. Someday you can earn less and other days you can end up earning good.

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production against grey background

2. More Than Web Designing Skills

Website designing skills are not enough; many other skills are also required to maintain the business. Some of the essential skills required in this field are communication skills, managing skills, leadership skills, critical thinking, immediate problem-solving ability, etc. You need to be sufficient enough to handle the business.

3. Hectic Routine

Working alone can be very hectic, as you have to look after multiple factors such as deadlines, meetings, proposals, websites, etc. Working on your own can become challenging sometimes.

4. No Security

When you are at the initial stage of your freelancing journey, you can face a challenging environment as many other web developers provide the same services as you. Freelancers do not get full-time job security, and big companies generally hire freelancers who are reputed and have a great portfolio.


Becoming a freelance web developer has its advantages and disadvantages. However, no job is easy and has its challenges. What matters is how you tackle it. It is a good field to specialise in, and it has a lot of scope for all the website designers out there. Besides, you can also choose to freelance for the initial stage of experience. The best way to expand in this field is by developing more and more skills, learning new languages, and staying current. Think about how you want to work and where do you see yourself in the next few years.

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Q. Is freelancing in web development a good career for me?

Ans. Yes, freelancing is a good career, especially for a fresher who wants to gain experience in the field.

Q. What are the skills needed to become a successful freelance web developer?

Ans. A freelance web developer must know multiple coding languages, have the ability to solve critical problems, good communication skills, time-management skills, etc.

Q. How do freelance web developers work?

Ans. If you are planning to start a career in freelancing, create a website and upload all your previous work to show reliability and skills to your future clients.  

Q. Is it difficult to become a freelance web developer?

Ans. No, you can start your career in this at your convenience, as long as you have the basic skills and knowledge of the field.